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A Small Tour
Thu Jan 18, 2007 09:35 (XFF:

It had been a long time since Kirito had found any sort of company --- outside of Accepted and Aes Sedai --- that didn’t seem to be distracted by his appearance. So, while leading Kaimon around the White Tower, he found himself experiencing a welcome relief. The usual sighs and fluttering eyelashes were not to be found in this particular novice. If anything, she seemed entirely unaffected by his appearance, if not his natural charm.

So she’s from Cairhien as well. He mused, as they walked. The first thing, of course, had been to show her to the laundry bins. “Even the Accepted have to tend to their own laundry, so don’t feel like it’s something you have to do simply because you’re a novice.” He explained, and pretended not to notice the small smile that brightened her face after.

“The White Tower is always confusing at first.” He went on, leading her down the halls. He wasn’t about to go into her lessons with her – he had already attended the majority of the basic lessons for novices – but he did show her the quickest way to each of the classrooms. “It will take some time, but eventually you’ll get used to it. It’s not so much of a maze as it seems.”

Finally, they came back to the great hall, having toured the majority of the White Tower – save for the Ajah’s quarters, but no novice would go there without permission or a message for one of the Aes Sedai. Those, he had pointed out, but not entered.

“Well, here we are.” He said, stopping and turning to face her. She looked flushed, and a little less overwhelmed than she had been a couple of hours before. “Is there anything else I can show you? The lunch bell should be ringing soon, so if you have any questions, we can eat our meal together and you can ask them then.”

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    • A Small Tour — Kirito Lisenth, Thu Jan 18 09:35
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