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Kamion Drendi
A New Beginning
Mon Jan 22, 2007 15:51 (XFF:

Kamion paced the hall and tried to stand still. It didn't work. The Aes Sedai, mysterious as always, had told her nothing beyond the fact that she was getting a mentor today-which was not exactly reassuring. This mentor would be teaching her how to embrace and channel saidar. Kamion couldn't say whether she was excited or nervous-it was thrilling to think that soon she would be able to touch the One Power, but she didn't know what to expect. Her mentor was also taking an awfully long time to get ready. And if there was one thing Kamion hated, it was waiting. So, Kamion paced.

“You are Kaimon Drendi?” a voice asked behind her. Kamion whirled around, startled. She had not been expecting someone behind her. Turning, her eyes widened even further. The girl that stood in front of her had dark skin that stood out in stark contrast to her white Accepted's dress. She towered over Kamion, like most people. There were elaborate tattoos on her hand, and she stared at Kamion with a faint scowl on her face. A windfinder, Kamion thought with awe. She had only heard of the Atha'an Miere, but had never seen one. Now it seemed she was going to get the chance. Belatedly, she remembered she was speaking with an Accepted, and she swept a curtsy and murmured agreement with the question.

“Good. I am Merycla din Phaedray, and I am to be your mentor.” the girl continued. Kamion stifled a small start of surprise-so this was her mentor. She studied Merycla unobtrusively a bit more. The girl seemed fierce, but underneath it all, Kamion detected a trace of gentleness. She had gotten very good at reading people in Cairhien. With a mental shrug, Kamion supposed she could have gotten worse. After studying her for a few more moments, Merycla turned abruptly and led the way out of the hall. Kamion hurried to follow her.

The Accepted led them to an empty classroom that looked like it hadn't been used in a while. Kamion looked around, and saw that it was fairly empty, save for a dusty desk and some old chairs. It seemed the servants didn't get around to here much. Apprehensively, she watched Merycla, but she seemed lost in thought for the moment. Turning, Kamion perched gingerly on one of the rickety chairs and waited to see what was coming next. This was going to prove to be an interesting lesson.

  • Mentor is Just Another Word for Teacher - Kaimon!Accepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Sun Jan 21 13:27
    Accepted Merycla din Phaedray stared at herself in the small, bubbled mirror, barely able to recognize the face that she had been born with. No, that was not true. The face she recognized very well – ... more
    • A New Beginning — Kamion Drendi, Mon Jan 22 15:51
      • The One PowerAccepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Mon Jan 22 16:39
        More and more each day, Merycla was trying to act as if she were already Aes Sedai. For example, the Aes Sedai walked with a particular glide, as if nothing in the world could touch them. It was this ... more
        • Re: The One PowerKamion Drendi, Mon Jan 22 18:41
          Kamion jumped and nearly fell out of her chair as all the dust suddenly disappeared. For a moment, shock registered on her face. She immediately scolded herself, and thought You're in the White... more
          • Sunshine & SaidarAccepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Tue Jan 23 10:55
            Mery nodded with each fact that Kaimon gave, and though her face remained stern, a hint of approval touched her voice when she spoke again. “That is a great deal of accurate knowledge for someone who ... more
            • Becoming a RoseKamion Drendi, Tue Jan 23 14:29
              Kamion leaned forward and listened intently as the lesson began. She felt a small glow of pride as the Accepted told her that all her information was correct with a hint of approval in her voice.... more
              • River of LightAccepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Wed Jan 24 13:26
                The concentration on Kaimon’s face as she strained to embrace saidar for the first time was obvious, at least to Mery. She continued her quiet mantra as the girl focused, knowing that the best thing... more
                • The Second Time AroundKamion Drendi, Wed Jan 24 17:50
                  Kamion let out a sigh of relief as she was told not to worry. Obviously, this was normal. The Accepted’s voice held a trace of pity, but her face remained as stern as ever. When she suggested taking... more
                  • Where Saidar Goes, the Wind Blows...Accepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Thu Jan 25 22:45
                    I have to admit, the girl has a will to learn. Mery thought, while watching the play of emotions that swept briefly over Kaimon’s face. The glow of saidar had sprung up around her, for just a moment, ... more
                    • A Stormy Gale (not)Kamion Drendi, Fri Jan 26 13:42
                      “It is the first step on your path to become Aes Sedai, child, albeit a small one.” Merycla said. Kamion nodded and smiled. She was beginning the figure out that this teacher was not one of give out... more
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