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Blaze of light
Mon Jan 22, 2007 17:59 (XFF:

The look that Samiya gave her question made Zahava's eyes narrow slightly. Was the Accepted going to laugh at her? She felt the familiar spark ignite within her that said her temper was ready to be loosed if the occasion warranted it. But rather than make a snide remark, the Taraboner led her into an empty room filled with desks. When Samiya indicated she take a seat, Zahava did so, keeping a loose grip on her anger.

Once the Accepted explained a little more about saidar, though, the Novice saw why she thought the question was a touch peculiar. But still she couldn't quite fathom what the other woman meant. She had, after all, touched the One Power a handful of times on her own, and she was pretty sure she'd remember that rush of sensation. She guessed the woman was telling her the truth, though - Madeline Sedai wouldn't send her a teacher that would lie about something this important, would she?

Zahava shook her head slightly to clear away her random thoughts and paid attention to Samiya's instruction. She filed away the information, knowing it would be important at some point if not right now. The next thing she knew, Samiya was telling her about channeling and picturing herself as...a flower? Zahava gave the Accepted a dubious look, but the woman's eagerness made her play along.

"Imagine that you're a flower," Samiya instructed, "whose petals have not yet opened." Zahava closed her eyes and immediately the image of a tightly-shuttered starblaze appeared in her mind. "You should feel an energy; the sun, which is saidar." Faintly, she sensed this warmth around her, but it was still distant, the way the sun was in Saldaea in the middle of winter. "Slowly, you will open your petals and let the sun's warmth fill you. Just let it do that; don't resist it. But don't let too much go in you; it could cause you harm. Once you do that, just hold it for a moment, and then let it go. Make sure that you do not take too much, or do anything with it just yet; that will come later."

The Saldaean barely heard the last part of the instructions, she was so focused on this mental picture. The "sun", as it were, beckoned to her, almost as if it were alive. It danced just beyond her ken, teasing her with its elusiveness. The starblaze tensed up, ready to lash out at the energy when it completely vanished. She opened her eyes with a frown. "Blood and ashes," she muttered under her breath.

"Don't force it," Samiya said gently, seeming to understand her irritation. "You must remain calm, and you must yield to it. It won't come to you if you try to grab it. Instead, it must be embraced."

The Novice sighed, the huff blowing an errant strand of her fiery hair off of her forehead. "Right." She shut her eyes and tried again, with Samiya talking her soothingly through it. And again, she failed. And again. And again. And yet again. As her frustration grew, the more difficult it got to even sense the One Power. Burn it, woman, you can and WILL do this! She took her temper, stuffed inside a tight box and locked it away. Suddenly much calmer, she tried one more time.

The starblaze remained closed, and again the sunlight tickled its bud. Against her nature, Zahava merely sat there and enjoyed the sensation of the warmth on the leaves, the way it sped up the pulse that tingled in its stem. The more she relaxed, the brighter the light became. Then, suddenly, the starblaze flew out, a riot of red bursting open to drink in the sun's rays. With a gasp, Zahava's eyes shot open as saidar filled her. She could see every crease in Samiya's veil as she smiled. She heard the way the woman's braids slid against one another. Light, she could probably count the number of threads in her dress under where she sat!

The overload was too much, and she dropped the One Power like she might a hot poker. Mundanity crashed down around her, burying her back in the normality of the everyday. Zahava found her chest heaving slightly as her breath began to slow. "Light, I see why you claim it's so dangerous. It must be terribly addictive." She looked up at Samiya with her tilted eyes echoing her worry.

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    Samiya could not say that she wasn't surprised by the young woman's question. Her brown eyes widened slightly as she considered the question. She couldn't even reason out why one would think that... more
    • Blaze of light — Zahava Noreed, Novice, Mon Jan 22 17:59
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