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Accepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC
Sunshine & Saidar
Tue Jan 23, 2007 10:55 (XFF:

Mery nodded with each fact that Kaimon gave, and though her face remained stern, a hint of approval touched her voice when she spoke again. “That is a great deal of accurate knowledge for someone who has not been in the Tower for long, and all correct.” She paused, considering which fact to address first. It would be better to start with the five elements of the One Power. Learning the difference between the male and the female half of it could always come later.

“Your cousin spoke correctly. There are five elements to the One Power. Spirit, for example, is used in healing, and is also the only element of the One Power that can be used in Tel’aran’rhiod -- the World of Dreams.” The girl looked a bit confused at that last, but Mery knew that she would learn as much about Tel’aran’rhiod as could be learned before too long. It was an integral part of their studies, after all.

“For the most part – though there are exceptions – women tend to be stronger in Air, Spirit, and Water. Men, in Fire and Earth. It is speculated that women are stronger in those three elements of the One Power because we are the gentler sex, less prone to destruction, and that may well be true.” Light, she was starting to ramble. If she didn’t keep to the subject, she would confuse the girl, and that would do nothing for her instruction at all, save for perhaps to hinder it.

“Knowing about the five elements and what they can do is an important part of your lessons regarding the One Power, but today we shall not be focusing on that aspect. Instead, I am going to guide you through the steps to embracing saidar.” The girl practically beamed at that, and Mery could not blame her for being excited. She had been much the same – Light, she still was, sometimes – when she had learned to embrace saidar.

“What I want you to do now, child, is close your eyes and imagine a flower bud. Choose any sort you like, whichever you think suits you best. Focus on that flower bud until there is nothing else in your mind at all, nothing. Focus on it until you know every miniscule detail of it, every inch, until you feel that you are the flower bud.” She drew a breath, and made her voice monotonous. It had been easier for her, the first time, when her tutor’s voice had been little more than a tuneless drone in the background.

For perhaps five more minutes, she repeated the mantra about focusing on the flower bud, staring at the girl as she did so. Kaimon’s face was a picture of concentration, tiny beads of sweat forming on her brow. Had she sweated, that first time? Mayhap.

“You will notice a small light, or warmth, that begins to grow around your flower bud – around you. Imagine the petals of your flower beginning to open, to soak up that tiny sun inside your mind. Embrace that warmth, and make it a part of you…”

On and on. She would know when Kaimon finally touched saidar for the first time. It was only a matter of how long it would take.

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