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River of Light
Wed Jan 24, 2007 13:26 (XFF:

The concentration on Kaimon’s face as she strained to embrace saidar for the first time was obvious, at least to Mery. She continued her quiet mantra as the girl focused, knowing that the best thing for her to do at the moment was to remain outside of Kaimon’s awareness. Eventually, she would be able to embrace saidar without a second thought – almost without any thought at all – but right now she was straining for every inch of control. Mery didn’t pity her, though she remembered what that had been like.

Suddenly, the novice’s eyes popped open, an expression mixed between frustration and pleading on her face. Mery almost smiled as she admitted being unable to embrace saidar -- it was rare that anyone did it on her first attempt, and Mery had not been one of those, either.

“Do not worry, child.” She said, and though she might have sounded gentle, she remained unsmiling. “It will come with practice, and come easier each time thereafter. If you think you are ready for a break, we will take one. Otherwise, I strongly suggest you keep at it.” She nodded, as if satisfied with her own speech, and shifted slightly in her chair.

“Remember that you must embrace the One Power. Only men, it seems, have to wrestle it to the ground. I was told, as a novice, that I must first surrender to saidar before it would come. So do not strain yourself in an attempt to grasp it. When it comes, simply let it flow over you like a soothing river, instead of trying to control it.”

Light, but she wished these chairs were more comfortable! She would have to bring some cushions for the next lesson with Kaimon, it seemed. “Please, continue trying.” She said, and settled back expectantly, arms folded beneath her breasts.

Word Count: 305

  • Becoming a RoseKamion Drendi, Tue Jan 23 14:29
    Kamion leaned forward and listened intently as the lesson began. She felt a small glow of pride as the Accepted told her that all her information was correct with a hint of approval in her voice.... more
    • River of Light — Accepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Wed Jan 24 13:26
      • The Second Time AroundKamion Drendi, Wed Jan 24 17:50
        Kamion let out a sigh of relief as she was told not to worry. Obviously, this was normal. The Accepted’s voice held a trace of pity, but her face remained as stern as ever. When she suggested taking... more
        • Where Saidar Goes, the Wind Blows...Accepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Thu Jan 25 22:45
          I have to admit, the girl has a will to learn. Mery thought, while watching the play of emotions that swept briefly over Kaimon’s face. The glow of saidar had sprung up around her, for just a moment, ... more
          • A Stormy Gale (not)Kamion Drendi, Fri Jan 26 13:42
            “It is the first step on your path to become Aes Sedai, child, albeit a small one.” Merycla said. Kamion nodded and smiled. She was beginning the figure out that this teacher was not one of give out... more
            • The Sweet Taste of Success - Embracing Credit!!Accepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Mon Jan 29 17:54
              Since the first time that Kaimon had embraced saidar , Mery had watched – and felt – the woman grow accustomed to channeling. She knew, without a doubt, that the novice would likely be one of the... more
              • A Short BreakKamion Drendi, Mon Jan 29 20:44
                Kamion felt herself blushing slightly as the Accepted commented dryly on her "breeze." True, it had been a bit strong, but at least she could make it. And she had done it, actually done it. She had... more
                • Identifying the ElementsAccepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Tue Jan 30 14:05
                  Smoothing her skirts, Mery made herself comfortable on the same chair she’d been using before lunch, focusing her thoughts. She remembered well what her teachers had said about the five elements when ... more
                  • Gaining ExperienceKamion Drendi, Wed Jan 31 16:44
                    Kamion listened as Merycla gave a little more information about the five elements, and nodded. They had gone over this before Kamion had started channeling. When Merycla told her that she must be... more
                    • One End, One BeginningAccepted Merycla din Phaedray, MuC, Fri Feb 2 15:53
                      Finally, Mery stood, gesturing for Kamion to do so also. “This marks the end of our lesson, child.” She said, not unkindly. She had realized, somewhere along the way, that Kamion must have craved... more
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