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An Enemy Approaches (attn: Diyari)
Sat Feb 3, 2007 13:21 (XFF:

Khaji sighed audibly, the books in front of her no less after many hours of reading. She was certain that she would never find an answer in here. She had been careful at which books she selected, not wanting the Aes Sedai to be tipped off as to what she was looking for. She needed answers, answers that people would never tell her. She needed to find out who her father was, what Aes Sedai he was bonded to, and any other information she could gather. Do I have any other relatives in the Tower I donít know about? She thumbed through the book in front of her, of course she also was looking for ways out of the Tower, find a reason to be kicked out of the Tower, or escape. She knew she didnít want to stay. Nothing here was meant for her. Yet, the thought of learning about her father intrigued her. Learning why she had been made to bear the curse of channeling.

She slammed the book shut, having no more answers than she did before. The brown Aes Sedai at the desk shot her a glare from the pit of doom. . Khaji cringed, bowing her head and whispering an apology. I need to get out of this library, I think the dust is getting to me She scratched her nose, leaving a dirt smudge across her face. Iím glad I only have morning dishes today, leaves me the rest of the day to study and learn. Her lessons with Pierah had gone stagnate. She had gotten no closer to breaking her block. In some aspects she was glad; in others she was sick of making a daily trip to the Healing wing. All the Yellows knew her on sight and had a cot set aside waiting for her. Each time she went there, they would poke and prode her, Heal her, and ask her millions of questions. Its like they are trying to figure out my mind, get into my head. She was glad they werenít recruiting her. Though, she was strongest in Spirit. She had a feeling they would start recruiting when she was an Accepted, whenever that would be. She was sure Madeline Sedai wouldnít raise her with a block. Even in her research, she knew of no Accepteds with blocks. If there was a note about it, it was broken within the week.

She gathered her books and placed them on the cart for reshelving. Maybe Iíll go visit that stupid parrot. She smiled. The parrot was enjoying the gardens, tormenting anyone who came around. It was hilarious to watch. She decided she needed a break from studying and chores. Thankfully, Pierah gave her the weekends off. Her schedule wasnít like the other Novices because of how much she went through during the week. Daily Healings began to take a toll on a person. Most the other Novices were off in channeling lessons and furthering their education. She however was stuck in a library, reduced to nothing more than reading and writing on the weekends. She knew all the Browns at least by face, if not by name. She saw them just as much as she did Yellows. After supper she had to do some copy work for Carelle Sedai, a brown. The woman was tall and lean and very soft spoken. She rarely scolded Khaji, but always made sure her copying was correct. Khaji didnít really like her, but she had no reason to hate her either.

Once out of the library, her dark blue eyes scanned the hallways. No one was in sight. She smiled to herself, and skipped towards the garden. She would enjoy watching the parrot torment Accepted and Aes Sedai as they meandered through the garden or tried to teach a lesson. She giggled slightly, hearing the echo of her voice in the hallway. She stopped dead in her tracks, hearing the faint footfalls of an Aes Sedai. She knew it was an Aes Sedai because they had a light step that sounded of authority. Novices tended to shuffle hurried and Accepteds tended to rush everywhere. This person was in no rush. She glanced around for a quick exit, because she didnít want to be caught into doing something. The only way out was a cutout area in the wall. It was enough to hide and stay still in the shadows, hoping and praying the Aes Sedai would pass her by. She slipped into the corner and pressed her back as hard as she could against the wall. She willed herself invisible as humanly possible. Her breathing slowed to near nothing and her heart was the only thing she was sure would give away her position (other than her channeling ability).

Finally the Aes Sedai reached her hiding place. Khaji took a moment to peek, and to her surprise found a Novice standing there. She smiled mischievously to herself. The Novice had stopped, confused and looking rather lost. Khaji took the opportunity to jump out from hiding. She growled fiercely, like the Trollocs Pierah has conjured on her. The novice flew out of her skin, and cowered on the ground. Khaji busted up laughing, falling over herself in a fit of hysteria. The other novice, realizing she was the brunt of a joke, glared her honey colored eyes at Khaji. Khaji couldnít stop laughing. She was sure the Novice nearly soiled her skirts. The more the other one glared at her, the more Khaji laughed. What a way to make an enemy. . .

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