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On the Road Again. . . (Continued from Fleeing the Curse)
Mon Dec 19, 2005 13:01 (XFF:

Soradrelle stirred and woke at the sound of his name and a soft touch on his shoulder. He slowly rolled over and looked up, smiling with relief to see Allael whole, alive, and unharmed. She sat down beside him, her answering smile similarly relieved, though it would have been foolish for her to have worried as much about him as he had about her. After all, he had been ignored by the bandits, and the Wind of Nightmares had not affected him. He was rather sure it had affected her, however - she'd still been screaming when the bandits were gone, and he felt guilty. If he could have protected himself from the effects of . . . whatever it was, surely he could have protected her as well. But he remembered nothing of how that particular weave was done, and understood nothing of the Healing weave he did remember.

Finally after several moments of silence, Allael asked quietly, "Sora, did you. . . did you heal me? Have you regained your memory?"

Sora sighed and shook his head with an apologetic smile. Even after all she'd been through, he would still be a burden on her. "I'm afraid I haven't regained my memory, though I did Heal you. I mean, I did remember. . . some things." Sora closed his eyes and shuddered - who was Aisor Kithar? He prayed it wasn't himself. Aisor was so different from Allael, ruthless and arrogant where Allael was gentle and protective. He shook it off, and continued. "But not much of significance. I . . . I did remember how to Channel, though. Or maybe that wasn't something I forgot, because I'm still not sure what it means that I can Channel. But. . . I think I know what it is." Yes, yes he did know what it was, deep inside of him. It was Power. Deadly, terrible, and beautiful. Yes, he did know what Channeling was. "Just not who I am," he finished to himself, in a whisper.

Allael nodded, and sighed. He really was a burden, he thought. But she stood and offered him her hand, and when he took it she helped him up. He would follow her lead, and do as she said, for as long as she would have him, or until he could stand on his own. He remembered bits and pieces of the White Tower, now, but if he had been there. . . why wasn't he there now? Allael interrupted his thoughts once again.

"I see the horses are gone. I prefer walking anyway. Are you up to getting started? I know it's been a difficult day, but the farther we are from this clearing, the better we'll feel. It's like the place is cursed or something."

Sora looked around the silent clearing, and nodded sadly. It was cursed, and what was worse, it was a curse he'd put on it. He, or perhaps the person he didn't want to have been. Aisor Kithar was no Tuatha'an. Soradrelle shuddered. Who was he? Soradrelle the Tuatha'an, or Aisor Kithar, the. . . the. . . . Names came up from the images for Aisor Kithar. Aes Sedai, he'd said, and Winged Lion of Tai Viene. What was Aes Sedai? What was a Winged Lion? What was Tai Viene?

Soradrelle considered all these things wordlessly as he shouldered the packs Allael gave him and followed her away from the clearing. It felt good to be traveling again, though. Moving on. . . there was safety in movement. They could find you if you stayed still for very long, but not if you kept moving. And there were always new sights to see - when the sun set Sora gazed up at the moon and stars. Had the moon ever been so close? Had the sky ever been so filled with diamonds? He almost didn't notice when Allael stopped and laid down her pack, and couldn't have told when the stars in the sky were replaced by the stars he soared among in his dreams.

    • Beauty Needs No NameAllael al'Cantar, huntress, Fri Jan 6 18:14
      Allael and Soradrelle traveled for over a week before anything of note happened. For some time after they had left the clearing, it seemed as though the curse followed them. The forest was... more
      • Dancing in a MemoryRunaway Soradrelle, Sat Jan 7 16:16
        OOC: Thanks to Allael/Dawn for her help in this :) For the first several nights following the. . . events in the clearing, Soradrelle had a hard time sleeping. Partly, he was afraid of being ambushed ... more
        • Two's company, three's a crowdAllael al'Cantar, Sat Jan 14 06:20
          Allael woke in the morning, listening to the bustling sounds of the Tuatha'an getting ready to break camp and begin their day's walking. Turning over with a slight groan, Allael spied Soradrelle,... more
          • Living might mean taking chances, but they're worth taking.Runaway Soradrelle, Sat Jan 14 06:47
            Umm, the other one lost a couple paragraphs in the middle, and the period at the end of the title (I think it was too long). This is the correct version - could an offie please delete the other?... more
            • Adrift in a Unforgiving World...AgainAllael al'Cantar, Mon Jan 16 11:08
              After Allael left Soradrelle and his friend, she went in search of some children to tell a story to. Though she had fibbed a little at the time, if she found some kids and really did tell a story,... more
              • Awakening to RemembranceRunaway Soradrelle, Fri Jan 20 18:50
                And thank you, Dawn. ;) Sora trailed along behind Allael, crying inconsolably. At first, hed cried out of guilt, because of what hed done to the bandits, and even more for what hed done to Allael. ... more
                • Happy NamedayAllael al'Cantar, Mon Jan 23 15:42
                  Soft rays of morning sunshine filtered down through the sheltering trees, lightly caressing the braided blonde hair of the sleeping woman. With a sigh, Allael turned over in her sleep and woke... more
                  • Presents!Runaway Soradrelle, Fri Feb 17 12:39
                    As always, thanks to Dawn :) Soradrelle slipped quietly off into the woods - it was clear his sister needed time to think, to sort through things, but he hadnt lied when hed said he could use some... more
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