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Dancing in a Memory
Sat Jan 7, 2006 16:16 (XFF:

OOC: Thanks to Allael/Dawn for her help in this :)

For the first several nights following the. . . events in the clearing, Soradrelle had a hard time sleeping. Partly, he was afraid of being ambushed again, but much more than that he was afraid of himself, and of this Aisor Kithar. Whenever he looked at something that caused the tingling feeling of familiarity, he quickly looked away, afraid of what he might find if he looked below the scattered, surface memories he’d retained. Channeling brought memories, and Sora wasn’t sure he’d like what he’d find.

And as he ignored the whisperings that told him that this was a tree, and that was a squirrel, they faded. He had no need for names or memories. The only thing he needed was a purpose, a way to help Allael, a way to make him worth her time. But even this desire he pushed away, since to know a purpose he would have to know who he was.

But though the feelings did not pass, they slowly eased their hold on him, and he was able to look at the world through eyes that didn’t remember seeing it before. Perhaps he could build a new life, based on what Allael thought he was, and not what his nightmares hinted he had been. So he simply took in the beauty around him, watching for it, and found more than he’d ever imagined. Occasionally in his wonder he’d point out things that Allael must have seen a thousand times, but she never seemed to get impatient with him, and he was grateful for that.

As he was kneeling down to watch a bird dancing around her eggs, Allael spoke. "Aren't they amazing? It's called a Plover. They are one of the only birds who build their nests on the ground. It's distinguished from others by the fact that all the eggs point toward the center."

Sora pushed away the whispers that were telling him of the other kinds of plovers, of the different markings, and after a moment succeeded. “Why does it have to be called anything?” he asked Allael.

A confused look came over her face, and she seemed to be considering what he’d said. Then the wind shifted towards them, bringing with it a gentle, rythmic sound, and he saw her look up sharply. He also glanced in the direction of the wind, the sound, then back to Allael. His brief self-assurance in the correctness of his view evaporated, and once again he was the fawn looking toward it’s mother for direction and protection.

Direction he recieved - a quick motion of her hand for him to stay where he was, and she was gone. Suddenly afraid to be alone, Sora nonetheless remained as she’d ordered, rapidly looking all around him and ready to run at the first sign of danger. The moments she was gone seemed like hours, and when she returned his relief that he was no longer alone was so great he could hardly keep from rushing and hugging her. Apparently there was no danger, since she made no more effort to be quiet.

“Soradrelle! Sora, you won't believe our luck. There's a band of Tuatha'an nearby. I think it might be a good idea to stay the night with them, rather than alone in the woods. Are you comfortable with that?"

Sora was not so ready to abandon his nervousness. Tuatha’an. Perhaps they would be in no danger from them, but. . . if he was supposed to be a Tuatha’an. . . Worse, what if he wasn’t? Actually, he would much rather be alone with Allael - she was the only one he trusted. Still, he was thinking with his heart, since his mind was blank. She, no doubt, knew better. He would follow where she lead. “Sure. If you think we’re safer with them than we would be hidden under a bush.” Perhaps, if the Tuatha’an were as Allael said, they would be. But if not. . . well, she would know.

His comment elicited a brief smile from her, and a confident, “I do,” and trusting her judgement he took up his pack and followed her. When they reached the clearing Allael stopped, and Sora looked all about him. The whispering tingles of familiarity started to come back, and despite himself he tried to follow them back to their source, looking for any sort of memory that would link him to these people. Despite his search, however, all he came up with was more tingles, and he watched the dancing and the vibrant colors with curiosity, and Sora was struck by the beauty of it. Out here, far from any buildings, there was music and life and color.

Allael continued to approach the camp, and Sora followed. Suddenly, however, large, vicious animals were running towards them, growling. Sora nearly turned to flee, but Allael’s calm voice quietly reassured him. “The dogs are only for show. They are as gentle as the Tuatha’an themselves.” He relaxed, but only barely - he was beginning to have doubts about Tuatha’an gentleness. He remembered being Aisor Kithar, and if he was also Tuatha’an, and if these. . . dogs were Tuatha’an. . . Still, the dogs calmed as Allael patted them on their heads.

At the word “Mahdi” Soradrelle’s head jerked sharply in the direction of Allael. He knew that word, though for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it meant. But as he walked he continued to watch all about him in silent wariness, and it seemed that the people around were watching him the same way. As Allael and the Mahdi went through a formal greeting the strange feeling inside him grew stronger, as if he’d heard and perhaps even spoken these words before.

The Mahdi introduced himself and his wife, and waved an arm towards the clearing in invitation. As dinner began, Sora felt as if he’d stepped into a dream, but a much more pleasant and more real dream than the nightmare of the clearing. He remained quiet, having little to say about himself since he knew very little, but he listened to the others and laughed when they did. Before long at all he was completely at ease, hardly even noticing or worrying when Allael excused herself. She was right. This was a safe place.

Soradrelle turned in surprise at a greeting and light touch on his shoulder, only to see a young lady wearing a yellow skirt with a green and blue blouse sitting down beside him. "Soradrelle is it? I'm Adria. Don't you think it's a lovely evening for fall?" She blinked prettily at him, and Sora felt himself blushing, though he couldn't say why.

"Yes, it's. . . it's beautiful." He turned his eyes back down towards his food shyly, but her next words caught him off guard.

“Dance with me!”

Sora choked on his milk. When he managed to catch his breath, he spluttered, “I. . . I don’t know if I know how.”

Giggling, she carefully took his cup from him and grabbed one of his hands. “Please?” Sora hesitated, and she took the opportunity to pull him up and towards the fire. “Come on, it’ll be fun!”

Helplessly, Soradrelle followed her. Smiling at him, Adria held his two hands in her own, and slowly moved from side to side, encouraging him gently to do the same. Feeling that he could do nothing but follow her lead, Sora closed his eyes to better focus on her movements and the music. The feeling that had been growing in him ever since he’d arrived at the camp with Allael seemed to be overwhelming him now. Yes, he’d done this before, even if he couldn’t remember when. The cool fall breeze, this very song, the girl in his arms. . . He’d done this before, just like this. . . and without thinking he moved in closer, and placing a hand on her waist he twirled her in time to the music, eliciting a pleased gasp of surpise from the girl. Sora opened his eyes at her gasp, shocked out of his reverie. Adria moved her hands up his arms to rest on his shoulders and pulled herself up close to his ear. “You don’t know if you know how to dance?”

Speechless, Sora tried to formulate an answer. “I. . . I. . .” He paused to take a deep breath. They were still moving. He was still there. Smiling weakly at her, he decided on an answer. “I don’t remember the last time I practiced.” He wasn’t sure what made him answer that way, but something was holding him back from lying, and telling the whole story would take too long. Shrugging it off, he immersed himself back in the music.

Sora wasn’t sure how long they danced, only that for the entire time he was in a different time, with no cares or concerns. Home. Finally, however, the music slowed and quieted as the various musicians and dancers went to find their beds, and Sora opened his eyes again. Adria was beaming up at him. “I told you it would be fun,” she grinned.

Soradrelle returned her smile sincerely. “Thank you.” Impulsively he hugged her tightly, and felt her return hug.

“You’re a good dancer.” She informed him. “Just so you know. You may as well be Tuatha’an. Goodnight.” She pulled back and smiled up at him. “You’ll have to dance with me again tomorrow night.”

“If I’m here, I will,” Sora promised. “Sleep well.”

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