Two's company, three's a crowd
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Allael woke in the morning, listening to the bustling sounds of the Tuatha'an getting ready to break camp and begin their day's walking. Turning over with a slight groan, Allael spied Soradrelle, whom she'd come to know as an early riser on their journey, already sitting up and eating some dried fruit from their packs. She smiled and rose to join him, realizing that this had been the first time since leaving the clearing that they had both slept a night through without posting a watch of some kind. Sitting down beside him, she took some dried fruit out of the pack for herself and said cheerily, "Good morning. Did you sleep well?"

Sora looked up and smiled at her. "Yes, thank you. It was a very enjoyable evening. Where were you?"

She hesitated before answering. She didn't wish to spoil his good mood, but it was important that they discuss what she'd spoken to the Mahdi about. "Actually, I'd like to talk to you about that. I spoke to Kadar, the Mahdi. I hope you don't think it too forward of me, but after we ran into this band of Tinkers I had an idea. I thought instead of going to the White Tower, you'd maybe be more at home with your people. I know they seem strange to you now, but perhaps staying with them would help you to regain your memory…So I asked the Mahdi if he would be willing to take you in and he said that as long as you are willing, that you were welcome. What do you think?" Allael finally stopped her rambling, and took a breath. She was pretty sure he would go along with the idea, but at the same time she felt sad. The more she thought about leaving Sora, even though she knew he'd be well cared for, the more depressed she felt.

Soradrelle answered seriously, quietly. "They don't seem strange to me. And. . . I do like it here. But what about you?"

She sighed, wishing she could stay, but knowing she would never fit in here. Sure, it was ok to spend some time with the Tuatha'an-but she could never be one. It was in her to be a hunter, that was who she was. She also didn't know why she felt such a bond to this person she'd only known for a short time, it was strange…but at the same time it felt right. "Well," she replied, "I plan to travel with you for a while, if you don't mind. Just until you get settled. The Tinkers are going the direction of my father's farm, so it wouldn't be an inconvenience. And that way, if you decided you didn't want to stay here, then you and I could continue as we were. I wanted to give you the chance to really make up your mind. It's your future."

Allael watched him, though it was hard to tell his emotions with his face turned down as it was. He seemed to think about it a while, then said, "I'll…I'll think about it." She hoped he wasn't thinking that she wanted to cast him away, that she didn't want him with her. But if this was what was best for Soradrelle…then they would both have to accept it. "Ok," she answered, trying to capture the earlier cheerful tone with which she'd bid him good morning. She thought she was probably failing, but pushed on gamely anyway. Glancing around the camp she could see that even at the Tinkers leisurely pace, they were nearly ready to be off. "Well, we'd better be going." Picking up her bedroll, she busied herself with retying it, then packed up the few things they'd taken out. Soon they were both ready, and they followed the wagons as they made their slow and lumbering passage out of the clearing and back out onto the road.

Allael and Sora stayed quiet most of the morning. That is, they talked, but with the Tinkers and not often with one another. They were a friendly lot, and often folks walked alongside them and chatted, asking about where they were from and what their plans were. Soradrelle seemed to be holding his own, giving non committal answers about his past, of which he knew nothing. But the only one in the band who knew of his memory loss was the Mahdi-and he apparently hadn't told anyone, perhaps as a way to test Sora's honesty.

As the sun neared it's zenith, Allael's mind began to wander more and more toward what had happened in the clearing. She wanted to ask Sora what he knew about the thing that had scared away the bandits, but it was difficult to find the words to even describe what she had experienced. It made her heart race just thinking about. Allael had made up her mind and decided to ask Sora anyway, when she noticed a pretty young girl trying to get Soradrelle's attention. She smiled, and plucked at his sleeve. When he looked over at her, she nodded in the girls direction and said, "I think someone would like to talk with you."

Allael listened with half an ear to Sora's conversation with the girl, whose name was Adria. So, she thought with a grin, Sora's got an admirer. She almost laughed out loud, thinking about how he would handle this one. She wasn't going to help him though-he was going to have to start figuring things out on his own. She noticed Adria's glance at her and heard her say, "I guess you're friend can come too, if she wants." Her tone was obviously reluctant-this girl definitely thought three would be a crowd. Allael agreed with her wholeheartedly, however. Sora needed to get to know these people. He would soon be living with them. When Sora turned to ask her to join them, she stopped him before he could get out more than her name. "Oh that's alright. You two go on ahead. I promised some of the younger children last night that I'd tell them a story at noon meal today. I'd better go and find them." Just before she turned away though, she couldn't resist sending Adria a wink. Allael had to suppress her laughter at the brilliant blush that crept up her cheeks, and then she walked off. It would do him good to have a friend here before she left.

  • Dancing in a MemoryRunaway Soradrelle, Sat Jan 7 16:16
    OOC: Thanks to Allael/Dawn for her help in this :) For the first several nights following the. . . events in the clearing, Soradrelle had a hard time sleeping. Partly, he was afraid of being ambushed ... more
    • Two's company, three's a crowd — Allael al'Cantar, Sat Jan 14 06:20
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        Umm, the other one lost a couple paragraphs in the middle, and the period at the end of the title (I think it was too long). This is the correct version - could an offie please delete the other?... more
        • Adrift in a Unforgiving World...AgainAllael al'Cantar, Mon Jan 16 11:08
          After Allael left Soradrelle and his friend, she went in search of some children to tell a story to. Though she had fibbed a little at the time, if she found some kids and really did tell a story,... more
          • Awakening to RemembranceRunaway Soradrelle, Fri Jan 20 18:50
            And thank you, Dawn. ;) Sora trailed along behind Allael, crying inconsolably. At first, he’d cried out of guilt, because of what he’d done to the bandits, and even more for what he’d done to Allael. ... more
            • Happy NamedayAllael al'Cantar, Mon Jan 23 15:42
              Soft rays of morning sunshine filtered down through the sheltering trees, lightly caressing the braided blonde hair of the sleeping woman. With a sigh, Allael turned over in her sleep and woke... more
              • Presents!Runaway Soradrelle, Fri Feb 17 12:39
                As always, thanks to Dawn :) Soradrelle slipped quietly off into the woods - it was clear his sister needed time to think, to sort through things, but he hadn’t lied when he’d said he could use some... more
                • The Light's MercyAllael al'Cantar, Thu Feb 23 18:49
                  The days after Soradrelle regained his memory seemed to go too quickly for Allael and she took great joy in her brother. As she no longer had to pause and explain the meanings of the simplest things... more
                  • As it Once Was. . .Runaway Soradrelle, Wed Mar 22 18:18
                    The first several days after he regained his memory, Soradrelle simply drank in the moment, thinking of neither future nor past. He knew he would return to the White Tower, eventually, but for now it ... more
                    • There's no place like homeAllael al'Cantar, Thu Mar 23 16:52
                      Allael woke up that morning feeling refreshed, and glad to be home. She'd given Sora her bed, so she'd slept on the floor-but for a person who was used to sleeping out of doors for the last few... more
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