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Adrift in a Unforgiving World...Again
Mon Jan 16, 2006 11:08 (XFF:

After Allael left Soradrelle and his friend, she went in search of some children to tell a story to. Though she had fibbed a little at the time, if she found some kids and really did tell a story, then it would no longer technically be a lie. Chuckling at her cleverness, she found several small children who were quite eager for a story. Between bites of cheese, bread and fruit she told them about the time she first saw a stag. The children listened with rapt attention as she told them how she and her father had searched through the forest for days on end, following the trails and signs the animal left behind. Then, on the third day they found him. Head held high, majestic antlers seeming to rise into the very clouds, he stared down at them from the top of a cliff. In this version she omitted the fact that the magnificent beast was soon felled by her father's arrow. These were Tuatha'an children after all, she didn't wish to frighten them. They clapped their little hands and shouted with glee at the end of the story, begging for more. But the wagons were now getting ready to move out again, so she promised she would tell them another story soon. Getting up and dusting off her breeches, she turned to find Soradrelle quickly approaching. Adria was hurrying away in another direction, and Sora looked slightly flustered. When he reached her, he swallowed a last bite of his lunch and said,

"Allael? I. . . I think youre right. I want to stay.

Allael smiled, pleased, but also curious as to how he'd come to such a rapid decision. Grinning at him mischievously she asked, "Did you have a nice time with Adria?"

Sora coughed, appearing even more flustered and replied, "I guess. We talked a bit, so we had to. . .eat like chickens to finish in time."

Allael laughed out loud at the strange expression, 'Eat like chickens'. It wasn't one she'd heard before, but she supposed it made sense. Chickens did eat fast. Soradrelle looked slightly embarrassed, but she clapped him lightly on the shoulder as they turned to follow the slow moving wagon train and replied, "Well that's good. You'll do just fine."

The two walked in silence for a few moments, then suddenly Sora spoke up. "Allael, are you sure about this? I mean, are you sure I'm a Tuatha'an?"

"Of course I am," she replied. "You yourself told me you were Tuatha'an, before you lost your memory. Have you changed your mind that quickly? A moment ago you seemed sure that this was what you wanted."

Sora hesitated a moment before answering her. "Of course. I believe you. And. . . . and it is what I want. I just. . . don't want to hurt A. . . anyone."

Allael's amusement rapidly evaporated, and her mind quickly found it's way to what she'd been thinking about just before Adria had come to ask Sora to lunch. He had to be thinking about the channeling, and the things that had happened in the clearing with the bandits. She sighed, knowing that she couldn't allay his fears, because she didn't know herself what had happened. She was scared to find out, truth be told. But she supposed they would have to talk about it sooner or later. "Sora? Do you know what did happen that day in the clearing? Do you know what it was that you did?"

Soradrelle closed his eyes and shuddered briefly at her question. She felt like doing the same. Then he looked at her and answered, "I. . . I was angry. At what. . . what they were doing to you. And I felt the light, the power. And then it was like I was somewhere else. Someone else, even. I was fighting. . . someone, an army, or something, and I, the other person, Channeled. It was called the Wind of Nightmares, and it filled everyone with terror and they ran away from me. I also surrounded myself with fire, and. . . I said. . . I said. . ." His words ground to a halt, and it took several moments before he could speak again. "When I realized where I was, the bandits were gone, and you were hanging unconscious from the tree. I cut you down, and covered you up, and healed you."

Allael walked in stunned silence once Soradrelle finished his side of the story. They had both avoided the subject till now, and she could tell it was difficult for him. She knew the fear and pain and anger that she had felt, and it somehow sounded strange to hear that Sora had felt the same way. "The Wind of Nightmares," she said quietly. She looked at Sora, not wanting to go on but needing to get the words out. "That was what it was. It was like all my worst nightmares from the time I was a child were happening to me. They happened over and over again, and it was like they were real." She could see that Sora was shaking, and his face was already marked with tears. She wished she could embrace him, but following the wagons as they were made that impossible. Then something he'd said penetrated her mind and she asked abruptly, "Another person? You mean your old self? Or someone different?"

Soradrelle was sobbing now, and he shook his head, unable to answer her question. She was about to reach out and pull him to the side of the road, maybe to try and comfort him, when a voice resounded coldly from nearby. "So, the truth now comes out. You ask me to take this man in, when he is a channeler? The taint will make him go mad-in fact, he has admitted it already! He said he was like another person, that that person controlled his actions. You told us that we would be taking in one who kept the Way of the Leaf, but you did not tell us about this other man who controlled him! We will not take that man in, and we are not required to! He does not follow the Way!"

Allael grew angry-she never imagined in a million years that the fact Sora could channel would make a difference to the Tuatha'an. He was one of their own, and now they didn't want him? "He is not mad!" Allael spat back, heatedly. "And he is not dangerous! He is as gentle as you!"

"Gentle?" Asked Kadar. "Does a gentle man fill with terror the hearts of all around him? Does a gentle man surround himself in fire? No. He would be a danger to us all, he must not stay here." Then Kadar sighed, and added, "You may stay if you are willing to follow the Way. But he must leave. I am sorry."

Allael wanted to lash out, but she could tell it would make no difference. Nothing would convince Kadar to keep Soradrelle now. Looking past the Mahdi, she could see young Adria, crying on the shoulder of a friend. How could something that had been going so well suddenly go so wrong? Sora stood there and continued to cry, hiding his face from the scornful looks of the Tinkers. One by one, they all began to turn away, resolutely acting as if Soradrelle didn't exist. Only Adria continued to watch them, tears still streaming unchecked down her cheeks. Allael couldn't resist just one more jab. "Go ahead!" She yelled. "Turn away. Pretend that what you are doing is right. But I won't abandon someone who is in need." Tears now beginning to course down her own cheeks, she took Soradrelle by the arm, a little more roughly than she'd intended, and led him away.

Allael took Sora off the road, and plunged into the forest. The trees surrounded them, shutting out the sounds of the horses as the Tinkers once more began their slow meandering down the road. Allael snorted in disgust at the thought of them. She wanted to get as far away from them as she could. Sora merely followed along, not speaking, but still sobbing quietly. For nearly an hour they crashed through the underbrush, Allael's anger smoldering, until she finally exploded.

With a scream of rage she flung off her packs, throwing them into the bushes. She took her hunting knife and threw it as hard she could into a nearby tree. Then she yelled, "Bloody Tinkers! Bloody Whitecloaks! Damn them all and their narrow minded ways! Neither is any bloody different if you get right down to it!" Then she stopped and turned. The sound of Soradrelle's sobbing had changed, now he was nearly hysterical. He was on his knees on the forest floor and he looked positively terrified. She realized she must have frightened him badly and she quickly ran to him and put her arms around him. "Soradrelle, I'm so sorry. They just made me so mad. I didn't mean to scare you. Will you forgive me?"

Sora clung to her, and she could feel his nod. She sighed in relief, at least she hadn't totally alienated him. He must already be feeling awful about what had happened. She continued to hold him as he cried, and Allael also cried-Soradrelle needed her to be strong, not to be throwing temper tantrums. He was so sensitive, and this new hurt just made it worse. She wondered if he would ever be able to trust anyone again.

After a time, he finally began to quiet down, his sobs subsiding in sniffles and hiccups. Without speaking, she rose and fetched his pack, handing him his blanket and some food. He put the food aside-she couldn't blame him, she wasn't hungry either-and curled up beneath the blanket. In moments he was asleep. Allael sighed, glad that she could finally have a respite. She built up a fire and secured the campsite, checking the perimeter for any signs of danger. But the forest was empty and silent. The day finally slipped into evening, and Allael at last drifted off to sleep, despite her promise to herself to stay up and keep watch. The night birds kept watch instead, as the two slept, and dreamed

Thanks to Will/Soradrelle for your help :)

  • Living might mean taking chances, but they're worth taking.Runaway Soradrelle, Sat Jan 14 06:47
    Umm, the other one lost a couple paragraphs in the middle, and the period at the end of the title (I think it was too long). This is the correct version - could an offie please delete the other?... more
    • Adrift in a Unforgiving World...Again — Allael al'Cantar, Mon Jan 16 11:08
      • Awakening to RemembranceRunaway Soradrelle, Fri Jan 20 18:50
        And thank you, Dawn. ;) Sora trailed along behind Allael, crying inconsolably. At first, hed cried out of guilt, because of what hed done to the bandits, and even more for what hed done to Allael. ... more
        • Happy NamedayAllael al'Cantar, Mon Jan 23 15:42
          Soft rays of morning sunshine filtered down through the sheltering trees, lightly caressing the braided blonde hair of the sleeping woman. With a sigh, Allael turned over in her sleep and woke... more
          • Presents!Runaway Soradrelle, Fri Feb 17 12:39
            As always, thanks to Dawn :) Soradrelle slipped quietly off into the woods - it was clear his sister needed time to think, to sort through things, but he hadnt lied when hed said he could use some... more
            • The Light's MercyAllael al'Cantar, Thu Feb 23 18:49
              The days after Soradrelle regained his memory seemed to go too quickly for Allael and she took great joy in her brother. As she no longer had to pause and explain the meanings of the simplest things... more
              • As it Once Was. . .Runaway Soradrelle, Wed Mar 22 18:18
                The first several days after he regained his memory, Soradrelle simply drank in the moment, thinking of neither future nor past. He knew he would return to the White Tower, eventually, but for now it ... more
                • There's no place like homeAllael al'Cantar, Thu Mar 23 16:52
                  Allael woke up that morning feeling refreshed, and glad to be home. She'd given Sora her bed, so she'd slept on the floor-but for a person who was used to sleeping out of doors for the last few... more
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