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Why me! (attn: Menaihya Sedai)
Wed Apr 5, 2006 19:15 (XFF:

Jachin Masson had been a peddler for many years. He had travled from one side of this world to the other and seen many things. The White Bridge in Andor was beautiful, the Stone of Tear filled him with awe, he was even in Illian when the Hunt for the Horn had started. Jachin had seen many beautiful things in his time. Along side of those however, were memories that were...less than pleasant. His partner of ten years being killed on a trading expedition. He could remember him falling, slowly out of the wagon clutching his throat where a brigand's arrow protruded from either side. His sister being denounced for a darkfriend and the mob who lynched her without knowing the truth. His own father who he watched waste away withering with age and sorrow over losing his daughter.

Yes, he had seen many things which could be called beautiful and many which he tried to forget every night. Yet the sight before him was easily one of the worst. He leaned to the side and reched on the ground trying not to look, but knowing all the while that he would have to, if he was going to help him. Steeling himself agains the sight Jachin pulled out a blanket from his wagon and layed it down in front of the man. Then using his belt knife he cut away the bonds holding him to the stone easing him as gently as possible onto the blanket. No reason to get more sand in his wounds than there already is. It wasn't until he was lifting the man onto the wagon that he began to worry.

Light, Creator forsaken Light. What am I doing. He was tied up and beaten out here in the Waste, the Aiel Waste. The Aiel treat theives with only a little less contempt than this. What could he have done...Light what have I done!!!! Jachin very nearly dropped him thinking about it. It was very possible that this man had been beaten and tied here by the Aiel for some reason. The wounds on him were not fresh, he must have been there for hours, the Aiel wouldn't leave someone tied to a stone in this condition if he hadn't done anything...would they? Light, why me I didn't ask for this. Why couldn't I have just kept going, why couldn't I have thought of it before. The Aiel did this to him, it's the only thing that makes sense. Oh, what will they do to me if they find out I freed him...oh Light, why me why me. Jachin cursed himself throughly for even looking sideways when he had heard the man calling out.

The night slowly began to black out the rest of the sky as Jachin stood there holding the man, unable to decide what to do. Blood was soaking through the blanket and began to wet his chest and arms as he stood there unable to think to come to a decision. The blood had just began to soak through his coat when he remembered the letter he was suppose to deliever to Menaihya Sedai. It was in his coat, and if he didn't put the man down it would get blood on it. Placing he man back on the ground he pulled out the letter examining, making sure that it was undamaged or stained. It would never do to deliver it with the blood of this criminal on it. The letter was still fine, seal unbroken with no signs of blood. Holding the letter he looked toward the city. It would soon be full bloody night and he was late in getting there. Yet he couldn't leave, not when he had rescued this man the Aiel had beaten and tied up. He tucked the letter back into his coat thinking what Menaihya Sedai would say to him for showing up so late when an idea occured to him. The Aes Sedai!!! Yes, she could help him, she could expalin to the Aiel that he hadn't known, that he never would have cut him down if he had realized. Yes, she could help

Feeling much better Jachin loaded the man onto his wagon and began the last part of the drive to Rhuidean. It was fully dark now and dangerous going if he wanted to get there without maiming his horses, but it would be worth it to get rid of this man. Already he was feeling better.

The last leg of the journey took a little over an hour but he had finally reached the fountain outside of Rhuidean. He tied up his wagon and started to take the man down when he heard something behind him.

He turned and there was a woman, "Finally you decided to show up," she said not bothering to hide the exacerbatio in her voice.

(OOC: Alright! Sweet! Hope you have fun with this Amy, e-mail me if you need/want anymore information about what is going to be happening.)

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