Dreams Come True
Sun Apr 9, 2006 22:46 (XFF:

Pain shot through him like a bolt of lightning. If Aaron was able to think about it, he might realize it came from larger portion of his knees which were grinding against the smaller broken chips of his shin bones which were puncturing his skin in multiple places exposing his skeleton to the night air. Yet all thought was impossible as the sharp and stabbing shot through his system faster and harder than anything he had ever felt before in his life. Pain, was the only thing which he understood for that moment. He screamed out as instinct took over. Instinct, every creature has a natural fight or flight response when stimulated with pain, humans are no different. How you react depends on what type of person you are, Aaron is a fighter. His left hand shot up quickly grabbing the person hovering above him his right came up a split second later causing him to let go and scream again. The searing pain was from the shrapnel of one of an Iraqi’s grenade tore through muscles and ligaments from where it was lodged in his shoulder.

“Do not try to move again,” a voice from above said to him. “I have never seen wounds such as these and I do not want you doing more harm to yourself than is possible.” The voice held the tone of command which Aaron knew well. Colonel Elling spoke in the same way; this was a woman who was used to giving a command and expecting it to be done exactly as she said. Opening his eyes he saw a stony looking woman wearing a white cotton blouse, brown skirt and a shawl over her head. It wasn’t the clothing which surprised him that was something which a person might see in any Middle Eastern village. No, what surprised him was the hair, golden and shinning like the sun under the pale illumination of...a hanging ball of light?

He brought his left arm over to rub his eyes when the woman grabbed it and put it back down. “I told you not to move, now stay still so we can work,” she said again gruffly

“Fine,” he said hoarsely “I won’t move anymore. But if you have never seen shrapnel and gunshot wounds before maybe you should leave them alone for now. You’re not insurgents or Iraqis, not with that hair, so I know I must have been rescued. Who are you with, Red Cross? Peace Corps?” The woman didn’t say anything she just kept staring down at him, it was beginning to freak him out. “No…I guess not, well whatever the case you need to take me to the nearest United States military base. Once I get back to my detachment the doctors there should be able to patch me up just…” Aaron cut of quickly as another shearing pain shot through his leg as they pulled a ball bearing out of his shinbone protruding from his skin. The pain was so great that he was unable to talk for several minutes. When he could he gasped out “God damn it woman look, you already said you don’t know what you’re doing so leave it alone. Just get me a phone or a radio so I can get in contact with my detachment. If you have a map and a car we could drive there right now and get this all sorted out. Plus it would be safer than being out here in the desert at night; you should all be on base or the embassy right now anyway.”

Aaron knew he was beginning to babble, but the severe pain emanating from his wounds kept him from focusing on much anything else. He began talking about his first car, an El Camino, really a beater but all that a sixteen year old could afford. He talked of his computer system back home, how he had wired it through his stereo for better sound. He talked of anything and everything he could think of just to escape the pain. He kept babbling till the woman put her hand to his forehead and muttered something about fevers and delusions. He was just conscious enough to try and say that he wasn’t delusional, when she moved away he saw another woman, who must have been standing there all along just looking down at him. His mouth stopped working as he looked at her face. It’s her! was his first thought, the woman I’ve been dreaming about. But then he realized she didn’t have dark hair or eyes. Her hair was pale yellow and eyes were green. She was not the woman from his dreams, yet she did have the same face.

I know that face, neither young nor old. It was too much of a coincidence, how many women in the world could have such a face.

He lifted his good arm again pointing toward the woman he whispered, “I’ve seen a face like yours before, ageless and beautiful. Ha, who would have thought dreams could be true a stone column to send me home if he ever got back to the detachment these types of wounds were sure to send him home to his wife and the ageless woman to find me” The woman looked as if she was about to say something when Aaron felt a grinding pain in his other leg as the other women adjusted it setting it back in it’s place. The agony was too much for him and slipped once again into the velvety black of unconsciousness.

(OOC: Well then, it took me awhile to figure how I was going to run this, whether he would talk directly to Menaihya or not. I figured it would be better for Menaihya to just stay back while Aaron babbled on about things they don’t know about or understand. I left it open for Menaihya to have an interesting conversation with the Wise Ones about this, but however you want to run it is fine with me. *wink* Hope this works well for what you have planned)

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