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Burdock Root and Ramblings
Tue Apr 11, 2006 17:55 (XFF:

Aaron opened his eyes slowly, taking the greatest amount of effort to let as little light as possible through. He could feel the softness of the mat beneath him and the rough wool blanket on top. His right arm had been tied to his chest in a sling and the wounds in his shoulder stitched expertly. Whoever these women were they did know something about dressing wounds. Even the small fractures in the bones of his legs were pieced together and bound tightly. As his eyes opened he rubbed away the sleep from them with his good hand and sat up. It wasn't until his eyes were clear that he began to take in his surroundings. The room itself was fairly sparse; no furniture to speak of. There was rich looking rug which covered the floor, hard to believe considering what was in the fire place. Dung from some animal had obviously been burnt there recently. Aaron had heard that some of the nomads still used camel dung as a fire source, but hadn't expected it in a town.

It must be a town Aaron thought to himself. This is a true building not a tent. The walls look as if they are made from sand stone, or some type of adobe. Though that couldn’t be, Iraqis mainly use cement for all of their buildings, and adobe mixtures aren't natural to the Middle East. He wished that he could stand so that he could look out the window and see what was below him. It was fairly obvious that he was upstairs somewhere. The window was open letting light in and he could see the top of another building just outside. Aaron's thoughts turned from the trivial nature of his surroundings to his questions about the night before. He had thought that he saw a woman with the same ageless face of the woman from his dream, but that was impossible. He must have been delirious from the pain and the shell shock; those mortar shells had been dropping rather close to him. They could have knocked his brain around a little.

That must be it, he thought laughing to himself that face has been in my mind so much of late that because of all the stress it transferred itself onto the face of that woman.

Aaron was just beginning to wonder if they had forgotten about him and whether they had sent his message to the Coalition command center in Baghdad like he had asked when he heard a knock on the door. It was one sharp tap placed on the door more to announce someone’s presence than to ask permission to enter because there was no pause between the knock and the opening of the door. As it opened he saw one of the women from the night before standing there holding a small satchel.

“I am Berys,” she said simply walking into the room and standing next to him. Aaron looked up at her for a few moments before opening his mouth to tell her who he was when she spoke again, “I am a Wise One of the Nine Valley Sept, Taardad Clan Aiel and you are very lucky to be alive.” Everything was said in a short clipped tone as she knelt beside him and began poking and prodding him along the bandages. She talked as she worked saying, “Menaihya Sedai went out with the wetlander who found you to try and figure out how you came to be here in the Three Fold Land. She will be back later Unless; now that you are awake you would care to tell us.”

Wise One? Sept? Aiel? Whatever is she talking about Aaron thought to himself. They look nothing like Middle Easterners and she talked of a…Taardad Clan. There was no such clan even among the nomads. Maybe she was the one who had hit her head

“I don’t know anything about this Three Fold Land that you talk about,” Aaron began slowly, “but I have been in country for a couple of months now. I most likely came here the same way you did on a plane. It’s one of the only ways for outsiders like us to get in country.” Aaron waited a little bit to hear what she had to say, instead of talking she put her hand to his forehead muttering about concussions and head wounds. Aaron took her hand and moved it aside, “Look, I might have hit my head, but not that hard. You don’t have the looks or accent to be an Iraqi, neither did the other women with you so stop acting like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Here, look at these.” Aaron fished out his dog tags, the one thing the insurgents hadn’t taken from him besides his clothing, “I’m Captain Aaron Lacing United States Air Force service number 622228145, you do know there was a war going on here right?”

Aaron was getting a bit worried; this woman was even more out of it than he was. She didn’t say anything, but took the tags from him anyway. “Look,” he said “don’t worry about it, if you could bring whoever is in charge here I’m sure we can straighten this out quick enough. Or better yet, if you have a radio change your frequency to 135 megahertz and give the code Lima Echo Sierra Tango Lima Charlie you can talk with Colonel Elling yourself ok.”

Berys simply felt about in her pouch for something and put it in a cup filled with hot water that she had with her. “Drink this, it is burdock root and will help your replace your lost blood and heal your bones.”

Aaron took the cup but didn’t drink, right away he said, “I’ll drink this if you promise to get me in touch with whoever can help me get back to my detachment.”

Berys looked down at him, and muttered something about the stubbornness of men, but then looked at his dog tags still in her hand and said, “I will give these to Menaihya Sedai, I don’t know if we can help you, but she is Aes Sedai and she might be able to.”

“That’s all I’m going to get isn’t it?” Aaron asked her, “might be able to help…well alright bring this Menaihya Sedai to me please.” Aaron looked back down at the cup of burdock root and water and grimaced. It looked terrible, but he upended it and drank it down. The Wise One stayed in the room a little while longer to take the cup from him and make sure he was comfortable.

“Menaihya won’t be back till late afternoon at the earliest,” she said to him. “I put some sleepwell grass in that tea as well you should try to get some sleep, it will help.” With that she was gone and Aaron was alone again. He was contemplating what she had said about Aes Sedai, Clans and Aiel when he drifted back to sleep

(OOC: That should give you a little something to work with when Menaihya and Berys talk before she sees Aaron again. Good luck!!;)

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