Lima Echo Sierra Tango…
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“He is out of his mind,” was the first thing the Wise One said upon joining her in the walk from the city gates, “No, did I say he is out of his mind? He has lost his mind.”

“What are you talking about, Berys?”

“The man. The wetlander you brought here for us to patch up.” The older woman blew the strand of red-grey hair that fell in her eyes, and shifted her shawl that wrapped around her upper torso; all signs of her aggravation. “He was up this morning when I went to check on his bandages,” Berys explained, “sweating as a wetlander unused to this heat ought to. The bandages were fine, but…” At this point the woman took out something from a pouch hanging from her belt, a metallic chain with other metallic-looking objects hanging at the end. “Here,” she said, handing it to her, “You will want to look at these.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“I do not know myself. There are…numerical things and words written on it, but I do not understand any of it.” Menaihya could understand the hiatus before the word ‘numerical’; Aiel were none much into mathematics or that sort of line of reasoning. As well they weren’t. What use did they have of it here?

She took the part that looked like thin, metallic plates in her hands, letting the chain part coil down in hanging. Berys was right; there was something inscribed on there, but she could make no more sense out of it than the Wise One claimed to. Was the man’s name on there? If so, how could she distinguish it from all the other words? Perhaps ‘Lacing’ and ‘Air’ in once sentence implied something to do with the One Power. But the numbers clearly befuddled her. “I have never seen such a thing,” she said, flipping the plate to see if there was anything written on the back, “But I can keep it for further inspection. There must be someone in the Tower who recognizes it.” She looked towards Berys. “He gave this to you? He said nothing else?”

“Is that a wetlandish joke, Menaihya?” Berys said incredulously, “All he did was talk. I do not even care to remember what. Something about ‘Lima Tango Ch-Char-lie Tango’…”

Menaihya stared. “Alright. Well, I will go see him now. Did you give him any food?”

“No, but I gave him burdock root, that and some sleeping herbs, which will keep him indisposed until noon, at best.” Berys leaned in closer. “Yes, you make sure you go talk to him, Menaihya. He might be a man long parted with his mind, but he did sound sincere when he said he needed help. Which he does, I will not deny. I told him you would aid him.”

Aid, she thought, but not exactly aid. “I will do what I can, Berys.” The situation had been worse than she had thought. When the sky had still been a uniform grey she had slipped out of the house she was staying at, and had met the peddler and Raul at the gates. Master Jachin Masson had been yawning when he arrived, but he wasn’t so hazy of consciousness that he couldn’t point them in the right direction. And she had Raul. As an Aes Sedai she was by no means biased, but an Aielman was always the more reliable over a wetlander, she found.

As the sun slowly advanced over the horizon its red glare transformed the earlier dark, swarthy sands to a vivid shade of yellow-orange, and by the time they reached the stone—after numerous times of doubling back, due to the peddler’s lack of remembrance—the wetlander was sweltering from head down. Menaihya channeled a shield of Air to ward off the more piercing of the sun’s rays, but the man was still panting and fanning himself with a handkerchief. Taking this from him, she wetted it with Water and returned it to him, who took it eagerly. The important part of the trip, however, was the find itself: the stone. It was half-buried in the sand, perhaps more than half if the size of the thing were to be believed, and it was worn down by generations of unrelenting sun and desert winds; she suspected that it was only thus uncovered at certain periods of the annum, when the sands were exceptionally slow-moving or much of it was elsewhere. Hence the reason not all Aielmen had noticed this relic in the past or chose to ignore it or whatever; it was not always in sight.

She was able to make more than one conclusion from this short excursion: it was, indeed, a Portal Stone to which this outlander had been tied, and if so, there had to be only one thing to make of it—the man could channel. Now as she climbed the stairs that led to the said man’s room, she came to yet another conjecture. All evidences of the man’s ramblings bespoke of him being mad, and if he was a man who could channel, a novice could have put two and two together in connecting the two facts. Everyone knew the taint was now gone and saidin cleansed, but there were men who had used the One Power before it had been purified, and therefore was still susceptible to madness. This outlander was clearly one of those. There was only one option remaining open to her, not that she had even considered doing otherwise: she would bring him to the White Tower.

But she had been planning to do that anyway, really, because according to Berys he had lost more blood than she had thought, and if he wasn’t Healed within a few days he would not have hopes of surviving; the Wise One channelers here did not know how to Heal. It was with utter calmness, her Aes Sedai shawl wrapped around her shoulders with the green fringes draping down her arms, that she opened the door and entered into the chamber where the man rested. Before she opened up that gateway to transport him to the Shining Walls, however, she would ask him a few questions.

“What is your name?” was the first thing she asked upon the opening of the outlander’s eyes, which wasn’t until a good half-hour had passed since her entrance, due to the sleeping herb Berys had spoken of. It was all fine, however, because Menaihya made good use of the observing she executed during then.

OOC: Alright, after this we’re off to Tar Valon, where Aaron can meet the rest of the crew. *grin*

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