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Re: Lima Echo Sierra Tango…
Wed Apr 12, 2006 19:17 (XFF:

When Aaron's eyes fluttered open, the first thing he saw was that the sun was well into the sky. By the amount of daylight in the room, he could well believe it to be around two or three o'clock. The woman...Berys, she had said that she someone named Menaihya Sedai would come by to see him. But all of that could wait, he felt like he was starving. More so than he should be considering that he had eaten just the other day. Always being out on patrol you sometimes have to skip a few meals so he was no stranger to hunger, but this was unnatural. He was just about to call to see if anyone was out there when he heard someone say, "What is your name?".

Aaron couldn't place the voice, it wasn't that of Berys, besides, he had already told Berys his name. This was some one new. He lifted his head and saw a woman sitting crosslegged on the ground. He might have been surprised about this considering she was wearing a silk dress, but something in the way she sat made it the most natural thing in the world. Her hands had a fairer complection than the other woman, but he could see that if she was living out here she would soon have the same skin tone. Her long golden hair reminded him of the woman from last night, the one whom he had thought had the same face as the woman from his dreams. Which was impossible of course Aaron opened his mouth to tell her who he was when he looked into her face. Her eyes shone back at him with a knowing look, one which did not go with the rest of her face which seemed too young for such a knowing gaze. Startled he blinked and she...changed.

Changed isn't the right word, no, but it was the best Aaron could think of. When he looked at her again it wasn't the same face, it was older, but at the same time young. Aaron wanted to run, or to scream, but instead he just became green in the face and felt like he was about to sick up. This woman really did have the same face as the woman in his dreams. I had to sit there for a moment staring at her watching her grow somewhat impatient before he could speak.

"I'm sorry Miss...Sedai, did I pronounce that right. Berys told me your name earlier. I didn't mean to stare like that, but your face is...familiar. I've seen one like it before in a dream..." Aaron sort of tapered off as the unamused look grew on her face. He was a Captain in the Air Force, in one of the toughest divisions, but her stare was like ice picks. "So, I am Captain Aaron Lacing United States Air Force service number 622228145. You should know that I gave Berys my identification tags she was suppose to give them to you."

Menaihya Sedai looked a bit startled but then held up his dog tags which were in his hand, "these..." she said examining them, "yes, I see your name here and the numbers. Well then Master Lacing I have a few questions for you. Do you know where you are?"

"Somewhere in Iraq, my patrol was just fifteen kilometers outside of Baghdad when we spotted that stone column you must have found me at."

Menaihya Sedai stared at him with a calm face, but he could see something behind her eyes and she nodded as if confirming something in her mind. "So how did you come to be tied to that stone and what is the last thing you remember before we found you?"

"I was dumb enough to stand up in full sight of the insurgents when I saw the stone. I had seen it in my dreams for awhile and was startled to see it in real life. The same as with your face, I saw it in the same dreams. As to what we were doing there...I can't really tell you that it is classified information that I am not allowed to talk about." Aaron stopped to think for a minute, "the last thing I remember is seeing mortar shells begin to fall around me. I began to panic, but I couldn't feel anything really, it was as if my mind was the calm center of the universe and every emotion was being burned away. I wasn't afraidI just didn't want to die out there. It was amazing I felt like I was dipping myself into a pool of fire and ice. At the same time I felt it leaving me, I don't really know what it was, but it was going into the stone column. I shouted something and the whole world swriled and spun around me. When everything stopped I blacked out."

Aarons voice had gained strength in the telling of it. In truth it had been thrilling, walking that knife's edge in the midst of fire and ice. He was in the moment when he was about to die and at that time had never felt more alive. "You must think I'm crazy," he said looking at the woman.

She seemed to struggle a minute as if looking for the right words when she finally said, "it was a good story." That wasn't really an answer, more of a deflection, but Aaron let it pass. "At least now I have a better understanding of what happend. Just rest here for now. I'll be going to make some arangments because I know you can't walk. We'll be leaving in the hour so we can get you some Healing. I know you're hungry, so I'll send some one with some food. I heard that Berys' apprentice caught a gara."

With that she stood up and walked out before Aaron could say anything else. I didn't get to ask her about the radio and whether she was able to contact the detachment. Oh well, if we're finally going to a doctor, every hospital is required to have a short wave radio. I should be able to contact them from there. Leaning back Aaron put his good arm behind his head and he began wondering what this gara was and if it would taste good.

(OOC: Alright, I'll e-mail Mark and Jeremy and let them know that their part is coming up!!!)

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