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These Shining Walls (Myrth, Saleka)
Thu Apr 13, 2006 09:08 (XFF:

She stepped out of the establishment, feeling the warm rays of the sun on the top of her head as she passed in one step from shade to exterior, and she was surprised at the small wish that wormed into her head that the atmosphere be a little less hot. Adaptation, she thought, though without much remorse, or the lack thereof, has caught me off-guard. But there had been too much she had earned in its stead, and if given the choice, she would choose her current status by far. Too much I have earned in the wetlands. Catching sight of a gai’shain standing near, her hands folded and head bowed in all of meek submission, Menaihya motioned her near. “Is the wetlander’s repast ready?” she asked.

“As you say, Aes Sedai.”

“Then bring it up to him immediately. After he has eaten I want him readied for transport on a stretcher.”

“As you say, Aes Sedai.”

Had she looked back she would have seen the woman garbed in white rush in with a tray in her hands, a tray that contained an earthenware bowl of gara-soup, another of a meal of zemai and t’mat, which was tasty if bland-looking. There should have been a plate of a flat loaf of bread of zemai-flour, and a generous leg of goat that had been roasted in piquant spices. She would have caught a glance of this had she looked back, but as things went she didn’t. Menaihya had pressing business at hand; to specify, she had a discourse to share with the Clan-chief and Wise Ones, and when she passed through the doorway that lead into the spacious room that had been designed as a conference chamber—maps were spread out on the floor to one side, and large, tasseled cushions littered the floor in arrangements—she found them there, waiting for her. Ceremonious as her people were, what she had to say didn’t take long, which was, ultimately, “I have come and I must leave with the wetlander I have found; rest assured, he is not Aiel business but entirely the Tower’s, and therefore do not take offense that I am spiriting away in such an abrupt manner. Water and shade be with you, farewell.”

Of course, it had been in a far more eloquent wording than that, and longer, with many an interjection from the Clan-chief and Wise Ones alike. But in the end she was done and the ceremony completed (“Water and shade be with you, Aes Sedai”), and she found herself making her way to the wetlander’s chamber once more, with haste in her mind but never looking so. The bell in the White Tower should have rung for Trine by the time she reentered the chamber, and when she did so she saw that the gai’shain had kept to her orders and had laid Aaron Lacing on a stretcher of sturdy algode cloth. She had never once considered the gai’shain to not keep to the orders, of course; Aiel integrity, she thought as she nodded acknowledgement to the wetlander—who was awake—, was something she had direly missed in the wetlands yonder. At her direction the gai’shain and another—one at either end—hoisted the stretcher between them.

“Miss Sedai,” the man who had named himself Aaron Lacing spoke up as she embraced saidar, “How far away is the hospital that we’re going to? Because,” he said as he shifted one of his arms, “these bandages…I think they’re slipping from the blood again.”

“We will get there soon enough, Master Aaron Lacing,” she replied smoothly as she let the last weave fall into place and channeled, and before them appeared a blazing, crackling vertical line that slowly opened wide into a gateway. The gai’shain hardly even looked up, of course, but Master Aaron Lacing ejaculated a cry of alarm. Without further ado Menaihya motioned the gai’shain to walk through the square hole of the gateway with the stretcher, and wait on the platform hovering there, in the unending, enclosing darkness. She followed, and presently the gateway snapped shut behind them. “We are heading to Tar Valon, Master Aaron Lacing,” she said calmly as their platform began to Skim through the darkness; she could not sense its movement any more than she could see it, of course, but she knew they were approaching their destination without fail. “To the White Tower. There you will receive Healing for your injuries, and then perhaps a sitting of the Hall will be called to decide what will be done.” She left it at that.

And soon the platform stopped, though again, there was no tangible slowing or halting. Another sliver in the air opened into a gateway, and Menaihya stepped through, letting the gai’shain and their patient to follow behind her. The Shining Walls and the White Tower, in all their splendor and glory, met them and hailed her home. Finding two male novices who had the capacity of strength, she let them and the gai’shain switch places, relieving the latter of their posts. Channeling a gateway that opened straight into the Aiel Waste—she was familiar enough with the Traveling Yards of the White Tower to be able to create thus—she sent the gai’shain back home. She and the novices carrying the stretcher mounted the broad steps that led into the White Tower, and entered within its pristine encompassments.

She was swift in making the short passage down a series of ramps, rounded a corner, and reaching a plain room empty save a table and a few chairs. With the man Aaron Lacing stretched out on the table—what exactly his reaction to the journey had been, she could not fathom—, she instructed one of the novices on an errand. “Get me two Yellow sisters, child,” she said, “Say Menaihya Sedai has pressing matters they should see to. With haste!” The child ran off, and she stood near the patient with a small relief washing over her. She had brought him to the White Tower. Here, answers would be found. In a pouch hanging from her belt, she fingered a certain metallic chain and a rustling parchment with a certain prophecy scrawled over it.

OOC: Whether you want to squeeze another post in here, Stephen, is up to you, but afterwards we’ll have the Yellows come in.;)

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