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The Talent of Healing
Fri Apr 14, 2006 03:49 (XFF:

Bending over the parchment, Saleka read it back over once before signing the bottom with her neat signature. Gently pushing a stray strand of her coppery red hair behind and ear, the Yellow Sister handed the inventory list to the novice waiting to take them off so that the order could be filled. With a curtsey, the novice took off out the infirmary door only to be replaced by another two, male this time. They looked frantically around and Saleka stepped forward making her presence obvious to them.

“What’s wrong, child?” Saleka addressed one of them.

“A-A-Aes Sedai,” he said, stopping to gape for breath, “M-M-Menaihya Sedai sent us with haste! She has pressing matters that she needs two Yellow Sisters to see to! She told us to bring you back with haste.”

“What is it, do you know?”

“There is a man, on a stretcher, and he’s bandaged and bleeding in so many places”

“Wait here,” Saleka said curtly and stepped away. She imagined the novices were worried about not bringing her back with haste, but she had to collect the proper things she would need – and another Sister. Light, what injuries could be so bad that the Healing would require more than one Yellow to work it? Searching through the infirmary Saleka latched onto the first Yellow Sister that she found––


Myrth Vendedd was a Yellow Aes Sedai that Saleka had not had much to do with since the woman had been raised to the shawl. She and Saleka had shared pleasantries, and had shared shifts often in the infirmary, but they had not really gotten to know each other properly. Maybe this would be their chance to get to know each other. In a hurried yet calm voice, Saleka told Myrth the situation and asked her to accompany Saleka down to the patient Menaihya Sedai – hadn’t she been off in the Aiel Waste? – had found. Returning back to the novices, Saleka was almost tempted to bring with them another Sister just in case the Healing required that beyond two sisters, but she didn’t find any spare Sisters out of the infirmary, so that was that.

“Lead the way.”

The novices led Saleka and Myrth down a series of stairs and ramps so that they descended quite a few floors of the White Tower until they were just above the ground floor, or at most only a few floors above it. The novices scurried along, trying to move as quickly as possible and Saleka and Myrth glided behind, the image of Aes Sedai serenity (at least to the novices) showing no outward signs of haste or worry. She wasn’t sure how Myrth was feeling, but Saleka felt like a battle of curiosity and worry was taking place, all because of the fact that two sisters had been requested.

The battle was forgotten as they arrived though, Saleka bade the novices away and stepped into the room followed by Myrth. Immediately her eyes latched onto a man lying on a stretched placed upon a table, blood beginning to show through his bandages. There were cuts and wounds all over his visible skin and Saleka quickly embraced saidar and wove threads of Spirit in delving to dive into his wounds. The intensity of them was amazing, but not enough that she thought she couldn’t handle them on her own. Turning to Myrth, she quickly took charge of the situation. She had been the Sister in Charge at the infirmary, and that authority still remained here.

“I don’t think that his wounds are enough I cannot Heal them alone, Myrth.” She turned and saw Menaihya standing there too, and almost gave a start – she’d forgotten about her. “Menaihya, maybe you could tell Myrth what happened and I’ll listen while I Heal.”

Saleka turned her back to the two of them and moved forward to the man, realising that he was still awake.

“I am Saleka Sedai, sir.”

“I am Captain Aaron Lacing United States Air Force service number 622228145––”

His title, whatever it meant, was not important the entire Healing process so she cut him short before his wounds lapsed him into unconsciousness.

“I am going to Heal you now, your injuries are great so you will feel a big shiver when I am done. I am going to remove your bandages first, I will use the One Power to do it, so do not fear.”

“The One Power? What about an anesthetic?”

“I need you to be quiet and still to make the process easier.”

Saleka looked at the man’s eyes and saw obvious panic rising along with the pain so she changed her mind and quickly wove two threads of Spirit together and placed them in his mind. Such a weave was not commonplace, but she felt there was something…well, something odd about this man and so she used the weave to calm him somewhat so what happened next would pass in a daze. His eyes unfocused and a blank look crossed over onto his face as he stared up at the ceiling. Taking a sharp thread of Air, Saleka progressively worked it under all the bandages to cut them neatly off and remove them so they rested at his side.

One thing she had noticed in her delving had been quite shocking and required to be the first thing attended to. Pulling apart the stitches on his shoulder with another thread of Air, Saleka put another thread of Spirit into the wound and found that the piece of metal was still there. Very gently, with threads of Air bound with threads of Fire and Spirit to burn away any infection, she eased it out of his flesh and onto the table beside it. It was glistening red with blood and had been made with acute attention to detail so that it was very smooth. The tip was almost conical, but the bottom half of it was cylindrical in a way that bemused her – she had no idea what it was.

Pushing the odd piece of metal aside, Saleka returned her attention to the patient and began to progressively Heal his wounds. The one at his shoulder was quite deep, the metal piece had been resting against bone, and required all five of the elements; Fire was needed to burn away infection and Earth had been needed to help the bone grow back. Luckily, it was not wide so it wasn’t a huge area. A few more wounds like that on his chest needed attending to in a similar manner – there were no pieces of metal in those – and there was one wound at his side that was similar that seemed to go straight through his flesh through to his back. She laced plenty of Fire through the weave for that wound, as it was heavily plagued with infection.

Slowly she moved her way down his body, him giving a loud gasp as each weave sunk it, until she made it to his leg. Delving into that showed that his leg was broken in several places, and even completely shattered in one place. Her weave of Healing for that contained a lot of Earth to give the bone strength as it reformed and it took her some time to properly weave it so that the bone Healed in the correct way. When she was finally done, the man giving one last huge gasp before collapsing back onto the table to ragged breaths, Saleka turned to her companions.

“It is done. I’ve left a weave of Spirit there to calm him quite a lot until we work out what to do with him. That story you told Menaihya is a troubling one, it sounds as if he truly may be mad. Although some of those wounds I’ve never seen before – such a small wound that seemed to go through his entire body, it wasn’t a spear, I’m sure of that – and that odd piece of metal I pulled out is odd. Those tags you mention may need a Brown to look at them. What do you think, Myrth?”

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