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The Hall Convenes (All!)
Fri Apr 14, 2006 22:43 (XFF:

Saleka rushed into her quarters and searched frantically for her shawl. A knot of worry was present in her stomach, and a headache was beginning to present itself right between her temples. Latching onto the prized symbol, she wrapped it around her shoulders and quickly left her quarters to quickly join Soutrik and Zhareen, both of whom were wearing their own shawls in preparation for the Hall that was about to convene. As they moved through the quarters, Saleka calmed her breathing and tried to suppress the uprising headache so she could focus on the problem at hand.

She had approached Evelyn’s office with all haste after leaving Myrth with the man, stopping back to help the two sisters weave a shield of Spirit on the man, and told the basic story to the Amyrlin Seat, advising that the woman call the Hall immediately. Evelyn had seen the problem and had done just that, sending out Avaiya to notify all the Sitters. Saleka herself had told Zhareen and Soutrik why the Hall had been called, giving them forth her opinion so that they could appear to be a united front. Unfortunately the Reds had been called also, and she could hazard a guess at how they would be react to the news. Light, the politics that would emerge today would begin to grow overwhelming she was sure. Saleka had suspicions that her headache would get much worse before it got better.

Steeling herself for those already waiting, Saleka stepped through into the Hall followed closely by her comrades, and saw that by now quite a few of the Sitters were already waiting for the rest to arrive and then for Evelyn and Avaiya to enter. Tabith and Dian were already seated, talking to each other in hushed whispers as they cut occasional glances at the Yellows who had just entered together. Quite a few Sisters were casting looks her way, and Saleka presumed that somehow word had got out that she had asked for this Hall to be called. No doubt they would all be wondering why she had called the Hall; she had held the seat for close to four decades now, but she was still the newest if not youngest Sitter in the Hall, and sometimes others would not let her forget it.

“They’ve entered,” Soutrik said, glancing across to the door where the Red Sitters had just entered. Amichai, Gizelle and Sobeit, Sobeit at their head, all walked in with their Red Shawls wrapped tightly around their shoulders, surveying the Hall already gathered. With a glance around the room, Saleka realised that now everyone was here and so the Hall would begin. Rubbing her temples just once, Saleka moved across to her seat and sat with the other two of the Yellow, wondering what this would bring.

Avaiya appeared, “She comes; she comes! The Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat. Attend you all, for she comes!”

All of the Sitters stood in silence, some of them casting glances across to Saleka al’Murne, wondering why the Yellow Sister had asked for the Hall to convene, and waited as Evelyn al’Pazi, Amyrlin Seat, Watcher of the Seals, Flame of Tar Valon, stepped into the Hall, the Amyrlin’s stole resting on her shoulders; of all Ajahs and of none. As she sat, all of the Sitters sat with her. She opened the Hall, and motioned for Saleka to step forward to the Hall and present the full story.

“I will first read out a Foretelling that Aluve Maeva had, causing her to give the following prophecy.

Flung far from home this child or ours
Flung far from our embrace
Stolen by a stone when he was just a babe
Yet through the stone shall he come home
With seeming broken mind
Yet through it all one fact is clear
He remembers our face
Women’s White and Men’s Black
Will circled there upon his back.

“Sisters, Brothers,” she said, standing from her chair for all to see and hear her, “I have asked the Amyrlin Seat to call us here today for a most pressing matter. Yesterday a peddler, Jachin Masson, found a man tied to a stone in the Aiel Waste an hour out of Rhuidean. This man was in terrible condition and so Master Jachin Masson took the man to Menaiyha of the Green, who he knew was waiting for him in Rhuidean. Utilizing the healing methods of the Wise Ones of the Taardad Aiel, Menaiyha cured the man of as many ailments as possible. At the time he appeared to be delirious due to a lack of blood. He spoke of strange things, calling himself ‘Captain Aaron Lacing United States Air Force number 622228145’ and appeared not to know what an Aes Sedai was. I’ve been told that they found many ball bearings inside his wounds.

“Today Menaiyha brought him to the Tower for proper Healing. Myrth Vendedd and I were on duty in the infirmary. His injuries were not great enough to require more than one Sister, so I went about Healing him. His wounds were very troubling; I found inside his shoulder a piece of metal like one I have never seen before. Maybe you, Azrak, Jesebel or Avril––” she named the Brown Sitters “––can shed some light on what it is later into this sitting of the Hall.” Using her Talent of Illusion, Saleka wove the elements to create a magnified version of the piece of metal and left it hanging in the middle of the Hall for all to see. “And other wounds were also troubling. They were all narrow, yet almost circular and some completely penetrated his body and reached out through his back. I know of no such weapons that could cause such a wound.

“The most troubling fact is that Menaiyha investigated the stone that this man was tied to – it was a portal stone. Because of this, Menaiyha believes and I agree with her that this man can channel. I’ve yet to approach a male Aes Sedai to ask for him to test the man. He is currently shielded under the supervision of Menaiyha and Myrth––”

“He should be under the care of a Red if he can channel!” Sobeit interjected.

“––I have calmed and subdued him with a weave of Spirit to his mind so he holds no threat!” She hurried on quickly not giving a chance for Sobeit to continue. “Looking upon his back, this man has the markings of the ancient Aes Sedai upon his back, The Flame of Tar Valon next to the Dragon’s Fang. His ramblings would almost imply that the man is mad, but myself, Menaihya and Myrth have a feeling he is not. His madness is like nothing ever know before with the taint of saidin if he truly did channel before the taint was cleansed.”

Saleka sat back in her seat and prepared herself for what was to come.

OOC: Okay, so bring on the Sitters!

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