Volume III: To Cairhien
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OOC: Continued from the Second String. I going to assume that anyone who hasn't read the first string yet can follow the link in the second string to get there if they so choose. Here we go!

Winds. This world was strangely full of winds. They swept around the tall, single spire of the white Tower and down through the streets of the sparkling city of Tar Valon. Somehow, that wind seemed to follow a particularly conspicuous trio of travelers as the traveled the road through a small town known as Terryfair and then onward toward the great city of Cairhien. The travelers, two woman of unusually self-assured bearing to be traveling without any retainers, and a young boy wouldn't have elicited much notice but for the fact that they were only three with not even a man for their own defense from the bandits that roamed the roads. Well, looking closer one might have taken notice than if they were seen to pass at a distance. One of the women, the one who still looked a bit uncomfortable on horseback, was pale of eye and hair not to mention she was taller than would be considered average. Aiel in every sense of the word but for the dress she wore. She was Menaihya of the Nine Valleys Taardad. The other had hair of a darker shade, yet still a golden color albeit much shorter than the Aiel's, with rare hazel eyes. Yet, unless she spoke no one would take notice of her. As soon as the first words were from her mouth though, one was sure to hear the accents of Amadicia lightly clinging to Terrian Dy'ner's voice. Both women, though lack the look to accompany the title, were Aes Sedai. The boy, well the boy's name was Devin. The son of a Darkfriend they had been told and they had taken him in without further question.

Terrian had chosen to wear a dress of subdued green in the Cairhienin fashion, with no slashes of color to indicate a noble position though as an Aes Sedai she held a higher rank, with her green-fringed shawl looped through her elbows for the ride into Cairhien. Was it a bold move, perhaps even too much so? Yes it was, but she had every intent of sending such a shock through the waters of the Game of Houses that the ripples would bee seen on the surface for a change. Let the nobles ponder what it meant for Aes Sedai to ride into town with a child unannounced for a while. They would do that, but only as long as it took to organize a party and have the invitation sent off to the visitors while the ink was still wet. Of course, considering who they would be staying with an invitation for the Aes Sedai meant an invitation for the Asha'man. Terrian smirked slightly at the thought, before her serene mask fell back into place. None of the Lords and Ladies would like that; reports told they were already a little fed up with the Dragon Reborn's interference in Cairhien. Then again, the nobles would always be a little fed up about something.

This was the moment Terrian had been waiting for since they left the White Tower, the arrival in Cairhien. On the other hand, this was the moment she had been dreading since they left the White Tower. Of all this missions she had been given to carry out the one in Cairhien was the one she would have most gladly forgotten about, the one she still didn't know what to do about. She certainly wasn't going to go through with it as the Ajah hoped she would, and they could send her into a lifetime of exile if they didn't like. She had integrity, of all the strange things she had once thought an Aes Sedai didn't have, and she wouldn't use her near-sister, a man she cared for as at least a friend if not more, and her own feelings just to obtain a hint of information. She had tried to say as much when presented with the assignment, but Alessandra would have none of it. Well, Terrian had to listen to orders, but she had never said she would follow them absolutely so it wouldn't be against her Oath to speak no untrue word if she didn't follow this one to the letter.

Cairhien was a well organized city, the streets aligned in precise grids. Finding the residence of a certain Asha'man Jostayn Roen wouldn't and didn’t prove difficult, especially when one was trying their damnedest to stir the currents of Daes Dae'mar. Terrian didn't know if Menaihya realized what she was doing, but Terrian wasn't exactly at liberty to say either. She might not have promised to carry out her orders to the letter, but she had sworn not to tell Menaihya about a few of them and this was one. Besides, Terrian figured it would soon be known they were here and staying with the Black Tower's Ambassador to Cairhien anyway so they might as well let it be known now. They didn't play the Game like this in Amadicia, and even if they did Terrian wasn't of such high standing for it to have made a difference, so let the Cairhienins think it was just a typical Aes Sedai show. They didn't need to know there was an ulterior motive.

"Terrian," Menaihya said quietly so as to avoid every listening ear on the street hearing, "You are still sure he said he would give us lodging? Even now that the boy is with us?"

She looked down at Devin, the young boy was riding in front of her on Dovienya. "I hadn't thought about it, but I still doubt he would turn us away." Terrian returned just as quietly as the approached what could only be the Ambassador's residence. Terrian felt that strange fluttering feeling start up in the pit of her stomach as it usually did when she was about to see Jostayn; as it had ever since those last months as an Accepted. Light, but it seemed so silly that all it took was one many to turn her back to a foolish, blushing, giggling girl. Well, she had never been a blushing, giggling girl, at least not in any relationship she cared to recall. But recall it she did, every time she thought of Jostayn, Cairhienin as he was though only half.

Once, what seemed at least an Age ago now, there had been a young man named Ian. Briefly, knowing what she did of Jostayn's colorful past, Terrian had to wonder if Jostayn had ever known Ian back when they had shared the same career. Well, Ian was Cairhienin too. A Child of the Light now, and a man Terrian had once fallen very deeply in love with. They were to be engaged before Terrian discovered she could channel and was forced to leave Amador. It almost hurt to think of those days; she had been so happy yet so ignorant. Light, but to be young and in love! Well, Terrian still had that chance she supposed. She would be young until she was a century old, not even middle aged yet. Ian, well whatever Ian Leci was doing with his life he was fast approaching middle aged at nearly forty years. Some part of her still loved that man in a strange way, and she had to suppose that some part of her always would. One couldn't simply take back their love once it had been given; it wasn't a tangible thing like that. Ian Leci would always hold sway over Terrian Dy'ner, right to the day he died, because she had loved him once. To Terrian, that made him the most dangerous man currently alive.

Not for the first time, Terrian was glad for the Aes Sedai mask that hid her thoughts behind a veil of serenity. She thought that perhaps she should ask Jostayn if he had every known Child Ian Leci. Maybe that would help her in some strange way. Or if nothing else it provided her a reason to continue a conversation that had begun when she was an Accepted that had been interrupted by her near-sister. Terrian had enjoyed being able to talk to someone who understood about the way things were in Amador. She couldn't say she had ever encountered anyone else who knew more than the myth of Amadicia. In that sense, the Children of the Light had made Amador like Tar Valon, an air of mystery surrounded the both of the because of the secretive groups that called them home. Not that any of that had any bearing on seeing Jostayn for the first time in a while, it was just Terrian's childish attempts to keep her mind off the task at hand, and she was growing tired of it herself.

Riding up to where it was told the Delegate to Cairhien, Jostayn Roen resided, Terrian took a deep breath and ran through a calming novice exercise in her mind in a feeble attempt to settle the feeling of her stomach doing those nervous flops. She was an Aes Sedai, not a girl who was infatuated! There was a time and a place for such feelings and this wasn't it. After announcing who they were for the benefit of the house servants, Terrian waited for their arrival to be announced to Jostayn. There was nothing to do now but wait in fact.

OOC: So, I took a break from my fever pitch writing of the MRP and decided it was time for this. I needed something different and I was overtaken by a sudden urge to write for Terrian and get this thing going again. Here we go with Volume Three!

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