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Ghost of my Dreams
Wed Apr 19, 2006 02:38 (XFF:

OOC: Notice: This takes place before the monstrosity string took place. He’s still an ickle-Delegate.;)

The shafts of Cairhienin sun filtered through the sheets of glass fitted onto the casements of his window, the sole window of the study that served as his office, and its beams fell atop his spread documents as if to prove him with stubborn persistence that it was the Land of the Rising Sun indeed—as if he needed more reminder of that. The widow was located on the wall adjacent to his bureau, perhaps a pace away and two paces high, and had he taken leave of his chair and walked towards it to perceive the sights beyond, he would have seen a stretch of green lawn, a walk primly dividing it and leading up towards a black, unembellished gate, and past it, two horses and their riders steadily approaching it.

As it was Jostayn remained in his seat, bent over as he scratched away on various parchments, appending a clause to a certain treaty on this document while scrawling his signature in approval of a certain extradition on another; half a dozen sheaves of parchment lay sprawled out atop his desk, their blotches of wax cooling in order for him to impress the seal of the Black Tower into them. In a deft, practiced movement he unlocked a small compartment in a drawer to his left, the key drawn from the confines of an innocent pen-holder on his desktop, and from the compartment he drew out a ring whose face depicted the sinuous snake-creature with four legs that was the Black Tower’s—and the Lord Dragon’s—sigil. A replica of this creature, called the ‘dragon’, glimmered at his collar, enameled in reds and golds, the same replica that stated him as an Asha’man. Without pause he stamped the sigil onto wax of the documents, and gathering the papers together filed them away on a tray.

He was just relocking the ring’s compartment when a knock sounded on the door and it opened to admit entrance to a pale-haired secretary garbed in blacks. Her collar was devoid of pins, which marked her as a Soldier, and she delivered a crisp salute and scuttled in with a sheaf of papers in her hand, which marked her as an Envoy working under him for track requisites. On her face was a grin and she sauntered forth in a blithe manner, which also marked her out as…

“Jorallein,” Jostayn spoke without glancing up, “I have fresh papers to be delivered to the Black Tower.” He waved absently at the newly occupied tray. “There. You know the process. Get the M’Hael’s signature, and bring them back without delay.”

“Cruel,” the woman remarked, though she still sauntered forth to place the sheaf of documents before him, even as she took up the stack of sealed papers with her other hand. “I finally gain permission and build enough credits to come here, and as soon as, you find some ploy to send me back.”

“You’ve been here an entire fortnight, Jorallein,” he reminded her, looking up with a smile. With a heart-shaped face framed with sweeping lengths of pale yellow hair, large cerulean eyes and full lips that were currently constricted in a pout, he utterly adored her, the Soldier whose friendship he had shared since his own Soldier days. Jorallein al’Thammar was, ultimately, the Soldier who never was able to advance in rank. “And, if it wouldn’t be as taxing on your mind as to recall, I did say, ‘bring them back without delay’?”

“Whatever. You won’t be ridding me that easily,” Jorallein replied with a toss of her head, after which she grinned most derisively at him, “It so happens that there is a Communiqué Traveling to the headquarters soon enough. I’ll give the lot to Hera to take back home, and all’s the more convenient, isn’t it?” She saluted again and spun to exit, but at the door she turned again, a few vagabond pale strands of hair draping across her face as she blinked at him. “By the way, Ambassador, I almost forgot. Your manservant came to say you have visitors.”

“Oh? Tell him to show them in.”

“They’re already waiting for you, he says, in the parlor.” Jorallein paused. “He said they are Aes Sedai.”

What now? Crossing the ‘t’ in his name, Jostayn lay his pen down and lifted the parchment, blowing on it to dry it of the ink’s dark wetness. “I’ll be down in a second,” he said distractedly, then glanced up at the Soldier, “Would you keep them company, at least until I come?”

She made a face. “Aes Sedai?” she said with dripping dissidence, “I’d rather not.”

“Please, Jorallein?”

She rolled her eyes at him. “The things I do for you—!” she remarked, and then disappeared around the door.

After he had ensured the parchment was duly dried, he shook it out, meticulously creased it in half, creased that in half, then slipped the bulk of it in an envelope he fished from among his shelf of blank stationary. That he placed it in a drawer, and then finally rose, grabbing one of the books that had been lying open on his desk; shutting the leather-bound volume, he took it to a room conjoining the office, in which narrow shelves of books lined the walls. He fitted the book into an empty nook and returned to his study, upon which he abandoned dalliance and made his way into the hall and towards the stairs. His mind didn’t return to mulling over the arrival of the Aes Sedai until he was halfway down. Sisters traversed through Cairhien all the time, but most chose to stay clear of his manor, as was expected of an Aes Sedai broaching on an encounter with an Asha’man. Why would they choose to come to him now? What did they want?

As his steps neared the wide door to the parlor, he was aware that no conversation or even the hint of one, drifted to his hearing. Had Jorallein truly seen to them, or had her notions of ‘keeping company’ differed from what he had surmised? Fully expecting a long day to follow, Jostayn entered without expression marring his visage. What he saw stirred shock in amplitude. Of course, Jorallein was there, seated across the two visitors—as it turned out, they were that in number—with her booted feet planted rigidly on the floor, a gesture to speak of visible tension, and to further the apparent sentiment, her arms were sprawled out over the arms of her couch, with her hands gripping the edges in tightness. Her face was a stony blank.

He was not, however, observing the Soldier. His dark-eyed gaze first latched onto that of a certain Amadician, whose fair-skinned face stared up at him in all of Aes Sedai tranquility, whose expression was one he could not make out, whose halcyon eyes of captivating sorrel hue held his gaze, unblinking. If you only knew how much your face plagues me in my dreams—! He turned his head to regard the second Aes Sedai who had been as kind as to pay him a visit, his kin and half-sister who went by the name of Menaihya of the Nine Valleys sept of the Taardad Aiel. Her face was just as serene in the dogged Aes Sedai fashion, albeit hers was marred in a sense by a hint of wryness around the mouth.

“It is a nice place you have here, brother,” she observed, raising a hand to indicate his house, and even as she did so Jorallein stood from her seat.

“I’ll return to my duties, Ambassador,” she said stiffly with a salute, and if he didn’t know her any better he might have said she looked unusually sedate. Yet he nodded and she exited the room on silent feet.

“Kind of you to say so,” he said by reply of Menaihya’s comment, and sank to the couch Jorallein had recently vacated to face Menaihya, but not Terrian. The placement of the seats were so that at best she had a side-view of his face, and this way he wouldn’t have to direct a look at her. As things went, he didn’t look at her again after that first. “If I may ask, what brings you here?”

“We were….passing by, Jostayn, and my near-sister recalled your once so cordial invitation for our stay in your residences, and so we thought to drop by. I, for one, wanted to see whether the invitation still held.” Ah. In his initial surprise of things, he had forgotten that extended hand of promised hospitality; it seemed like such a while ago since that swords lesson he had taught Terrian, but such was no excuse for him to have forgotten.

“How could I refuse my own blood kin and her…friend?” he said at last, and rose from his seat, “Of course. You’re more than welcome. Both of you. I’ll send a maid to show you where you can stay—though it’s only one bedroom that you’ll have to share, I’m afraid,” he said apologetically, “My manor doesn’t hold more than one decent guestroom, and the others have been made into studies. Naori!” he called out towards the open door, and presently a young woman frocked in an apron came in a curtsied, “Show our guests to their chambers, please. Get someone to carry their bags up.” He turned back towards Menaihya and summoned a smile…directed at both of them. “Welcome to Cairhien. If you’ll excuse me, I have business to attend.” Which was true.

He sketched a bow and left the room, though not so fast as to miss hearing Menaihya’s indignant, “Well!”

He returned to his study.

OOC: Erg, this is harder than I thought-writing him back in time!;) Very funny. He feels inanely awkward as of now, which makes me all the more amused.

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