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I'm no Apparition
Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:07 (XFF:

The tension in the room was tangible as Soldier Jorallein sat with them before Jostayn chose to show his face. Terrian was quiet, aside from exchanging the obligatory pleasantries with the Soldier, sensing that nothing she said could create even a casually cordial acquaintance between the two of them. There was the silent understanding of two women who would simply never like each other, for reasons that should always go unspoken, and that was that. Terrian, able to call upon the well learned Aes Sedai nature that Jorallein could not, sat calmly in a picture of perfect serenity as she marveled at the two women who sat with her. They did have a remarkably similar look to them, as Terrian had noticed before, but now that she saw them in the same room there was also a marked difference. They held themselves differently for one; Menaihya had more of a regal yet still dangerous grace about her than Jorallein. It was a mark of different lives, very different lives, but Terrian saw it. She hadn't ever bothered to notice the differences between females of the Black Tower and those of the White, but now that she did she understood that they awed people in two very different ways. Interesting the things her mind latched onto while trying to avoid other topics of thought.

Of course, then those other topics of thought just had to walk in, causing Terrian's hazel eyes to skip up to take in the man who had entered the room. Thank the Light for Aes Sedai masks of calm or she might have just shown every emotion that ran through her mind on her face at that moment. Her gaze drank in the sight Asha'man like a woman dying of thirst would water before she was able to reassert total control of herself though. Oh, how she cursed womanly feelings sometimes! That she could find herself attracted to the tan, dark-haired Jostayn Roen was not within the realm of her understanding. She had always been under the impression that but for a rare few, Aes Sedai led solitary lives. Drawing her gaze to meet his dark eyes, Terrian schooled her expression to hide what she thought. For once she believed that her even her eyes had not given away her feelings. She held the Asha'man's gaze calmly, all that was instinct within her screaming that she should say something while all that was logical Aes Sedai fought it down to the shadows of her mind. Finally, Jostayn looked away to turn his gaze on his sister. Terrian allowed her gaze to fall as well, never having realized how hard this would be until now. If only he knew.

Terrian's mind really wasn't on the brief conversation that followed Jorallein's exit and Jostayn's prompt claiming of her now vacant spot. What she did note was that the Asha'man had chosen a spot where she saw nothing more than a view of his face in profile. In fact, he seemed to purposely avoid looking at her as he asked Menaihya what had brought the two of them here. Terrian resisted an urge to sniff indignantly in the man's general direction; firmly reminding herself once again that she was an Aes Sedai, not a lovesick girl. Beside that, she did have a job to be done here, one involving a certain Ambassador, so she had to be able to keep a clear head around him. She trained her thoughts to listen to what was being said, not to wander aimlessly as they had a tendency to do when it came to Jostayn. Well, aimlessly was perhaps the wrong word. Her thoughts wandered in a very definite direction, but that wasn't the point. "We were… passing by, Jostayn," Menaihya was saying, "and my near-sister recalled your once so cordial invitation for our stay in you residences and so we thought to drop by. I, for one, wanted to see whether the invitation still held."

"How could I refuse my own blood kin and her… friend?" Jostayn's reply came slowly. Terrian raised an eyebrow slightly. Well, if that was the only recognition she got she was beginning to wonder why she cared so much. "Of course. You're more than welcome. Both of you. I'll send a maid to show you where you can stay – though it's only one bedroom that you'll have to share, I'm afraid," That wasn't anything new at least, though Jostayn seemed apologetic, "My manor doesn't hold more than one decent guestroom, and the others have been made into studies. Naori!" The young maid, whom Terrian could only assume was Naori, appeared and curtseyed properly. To think that Terrian had thought to escape all the bowing and scraping for a while. "Show our guests to their chambers, please. Get someone to carry their bags up." He smiled at them, though he did seem to be purposefully avoiding her gaze again. "Welcome to Cairhien. If you'll excuse me, I have business to attend."

He bowed and was out of the room as a rather annoyed, "Well!" escaped her near-sister's lips. Strangely enough, Terrian found a small smile playing on her lips. Yes, underneath there was an equal measure of irritation, but something amused her as well. She simply couldn't place her finger on it, although Menaihya's indignant exclamation might have been a good place to start.

"Aes Sedai," That was the girl, Naori. "If you wouldn't mind following me, I'll show you to the guest room?" It was a question as all such servant comments tended to be. Terrian looked at Menaihya and nodded absently with a wave of her hand indicating that the maid should lead on. She was quiet along the way, her mind turning events over, planning and calculating now that it could work properly out of the Asha'man's presence. Briefly her thoughts drifted to Devin. What had become of the boy? A servant had come and whisked him off when they arrived and she'd not seen him since. She knew he'd turn up, after all, that maid would have to bring him back eventually, but he had barely been out of her sight since that first day on the road. She supposed that there was a bit of motherly instinct in her after all.

When they arrived at the guest room, the maid showed them in and after inquiring if there was anything they had need of quickly left. The room was well furnished, certainly enough to accommodate the two of them plus Devin. Especially after the nights at inns with smaller rooms in towns too small to get many with higher standing than a peddler passing through. All in all, Terrian was pleased. Turning to look at Menaihya, Terrian embraced saidar and covered the room with a ward against eavesdropping. This was Cairhien after all. The very walls had ears. That done, it was finally safe to speak. "Was it just me, Menaihya, or did he not look at me but once through that entire conversation?" At the look she got in response, Terrian was almost instantly sorry she had voiced the question. "It's just that it seemed strange, that's all." She continued ineffectually. Not that it really mattered; Menaihya would know the motive behind the question regardless. Terrian would just bat something back at her about Tyaoris if she said anything truly irksome. After all, that was what good friends did, was it not? Light, but the number of ways she felt childish seemed to grow by the moment.

OOC: I think I've been writing Terrian all over in time lately, so I know what you mean! Man, what am I going to do when it comes time for me to start writing for Ian?

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