By All Means!
Thu Apr 20, 2006 10:36 (XFF:

Terrian made the room safe, which was splendid because her thrice-bloodied brother may just as well have been trying to eavesdrop! Since when had he gotten so discourteous, so impudent, in short, saucy? It had been a while since she had sighted him, much less shared a word, but she felt like she could hardly recognize the man! Well. Perhaps she was overexcited on the matter, which could be accredited to her mind being a bit on the unsteady side, considering she had recently seen an embodiment of herself walk into the room they had just withdrawn from. It had been a spook, at best; peering into her bedroom mirror might have produced a less identical result! Though now that she thought of it, how many times per month did she actually peer into the mirror? “Was it just me, Menaihya,” her near-sister spoke, scattering her ruminations, “or did he not look at me but once through that entire conversation?” Oh, swell. It was a wry, pressed-lip smile she directed the woman. “It’s just that it seemed strange, that’s all,” she added swiftly, her face as innocuous as a day-born fawn to anyone but Menaihya.

“Strange, yes,” she agreed as she walked over to one of the canopied beds and lifted a fringe of lace, “But not so untypical. Do you not think? Men are all the same,” she stated adamantly, “They all try to hide what emotion is going to catch up to them sooner or later. He looked at you all of once, yes, but did you see that look?” She shook her head as she let the lace drop and poked the pillow that looked, scarily enough, as if it were to burst if another feather was inserted past its seams. “Of course you saw that look. You saw nothing else while you two were gazing at each other like infatuated deer—Why, near-sister, could you be blushing?”

A knock sounded on the door and Menaihya dropped the pillow, gliding over to it to answer it. A rugged head with decidedly rugged features—she could think of no other word that better fit—blinked up at her, and he made a queer little bow that she realized was supposed to take place of knuckling his forehead. Considering he was carrying in his bulky arms a bundle of bags that belonged to her and Terrian, she figured he thought it would suit; which it did, more than half. Though she didn’t mind their presence so much anymore, it didn’t mean that she had to like servants’ fawning. “Your bundles, Aes Sedai,” he said, and she nodded and stepped aside for him to set it in the chamber for them. Backing out, the man made a full show of bows and whatnot.

“The woman, though,” Menaihya continued as if no interruption had occurred, crouching to retrieve her things, “Did you see the woman?”

“Jorallein?” came the unexpected answer as Terrian heaved her own bags atop her bed to sort through them. Menaihya turned her head towards her in surprise.

“You know her name?”

“Mhm. She… She was the Soldier who sparred with me when I went to the Black Tower—”

“—For sword practice, yes, I see.” Menaihya completed for her. She had never fully approved of the idea, but what Aiel would? She supposed she had expressed resignation to the idea a while ago, knowing that her brother used the sword, her near-sister was now learning the sword, and her future-Warder would claim the sword as his weapon, why not pitch in. The world was full of swords. “It is like….,” she said as she held up a creamy blouse and shook it, “we had the same mother or something.” More than just that, she found herself slipping into disquiet from the disturbing spiral of thought that suddenly overtook her.

A long, long time ago, decades ago even, she and Jostayn had loved each other. Obviously, they hadn’t known they were blood kin, otherwise the feelings they felt for each other wouldn’t have sprung the way they had, but theirs had been an ardent love, which brought her now to think somewhat….wary of the fact that her near-twin resided within the very bowels of his house… “Do you think he loves her?” she spoke aloud, though it had not been her primary intent to do so. She needn’t say more; Terrian knew what she was talking about, and why. A moment later, however, she shook herself. “What am I saying? Of course not. Why would he, when he loves you?” Resolute upon her own argument, she continued upon unfolding her articles of clothing, after a moment gathering the bunch and walking over to the capacious wardrobe to hang it up. In a short while they were both done with their tidying up, and after freshening themselves a bit—Menaihya shed her traveling silks to traipse about in the dress of fine verdant wool—they decided to make their appearance downstairs, whatever would be found there.

As they exited the chambers and swept down the hall, Menaihya was alarmed at how many people garbed in blacks and otherwise intercepted their path. “Quite a full house he has, here,” Terrian commented softly, and Menaihya silently agreed. Perhaps he was as busy as he made himself out to be. They ghosted down the staircase and peered into the parlor, which they found empty and tranquil with the late morning’s sun shifting through the high windows. They walked further, and entered a room conjoining the kitchen; in it was a narrow, high table, which, if seated at it, would allow a full view of the kitchens by the wide window that holed out next to it. Little Devin was seated there at present.

“Why, there he is,” Menaihya said wryly as they approached him, and he started, dropping the fragment of melon he had been eating. “You know,” Menaihya said towards her near-sister, “we might want to purchase him some new clothes soon. He is beginning to smell like something unpleasant.” That certainly didn’t help redeem the fear factor the boy seemed to feel towards her, but—she sighed—she hadn’t been intending to make peace with him right this moment anyhow.

A woman with a seemingly pleasant disposition—being in the wetlands as long as she had, she was becoming able to figure out such things at first sight—suddenly popped her head at the window. By her apron and gray bun, she was clearly the cook or something of the sort. “My ladies are the child’s guardians?” she said delightedly, “Would my ladies be wanting something to drink?” She had obviously not received word that they were Aes Sedai. “This do be Tessa, m’ladies. Tessa do be boasting quite the hoard. Mulled wine, punch, mint tea,” she winked, “Ale, if my ladies so feel obliged…”

“Anything cool if possible…Mistress Tessa,” Menaihya replied, and her near-sister said something similar. The woman Tessa was back but a few seconds later, pushing two wine-goblets of hammered silver full of something that smelled like fruit before them. Menaihya took a sip, and found the taste not disagreeable; as she did so, the eyes of the cook seemed to widen, and it was a moment before she realized that the woman had taken notice of hers and her companion’s rings. After a while of curtsies and fervent apologies the said Tessa left them to themselves once again. “Well,” she said as she looked up at Terrian, “What next? Did you have any plans for today, near-sister?”

OOC: Had Mena and Jorallein met before? I can’t recall for the life of me. Oh well.:)

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