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Masking Emotion
Thu Apr 20, 2006 22:21 (XFF:

"Do you think he loves her?" Menaihya said, obviously referring to Jorallein. Terrian hadn't considered that half of whatever was between the Asha'man and Soldier; what Jostayn felt that was. Yet she knew for a fact, as women always did about the feelings of other women, that Jorallein had somehow fallen for Jostayn. Surely all three women sitting in that room earlier had felt the restrictive tension, and noted the manner in which the Soldier had left them? That measure of distrust and dislike that had hovered between Soldier and Aes Sedai, and to think it was all because of a man. It was silly, really it was. Terrian chose not to say anything as her near-sister seemed be puzzling things out in her own mind. "What am I saying? Of course not. Why would he, when he loves you?" She very nearly recoiled in shock from the Aiel woman. Light, but Terrian wasn't even so bold as to hope for that! No, she was quite content to spend her life wondering about might have beens; thank you very much! She wouldn't force her affection upon the Asha'man after all. She opened her mouth to say as much but though better of it at the last second. No need to provoke one of those discussions now; Terrian had tried to avoid the topic since she had been an Accepted. She had been roped into it one too many times as it was.

After the task of unpacking for their stay and making themselves more presentable was accomplished, the two Aes Sedai seemed to be agreed that an appearance was required. Besides, they wanted to see the rest of this manor Jostayn had for himself. Or at least, Terrian wanted to see more; she couldn't be sure if that was Menaihya's motive. The manor proved to be just that: a manor. Terrian, having grown up in something slightly less grand in Amador thanks to her mother's modest inheritance, was impressed. More so at the number of initiates swathed in black that the Ambassador managed to keep in this place than the place itself. Terrian made a comment along these lines to Menaihya. Softly, of course, so as not to be overheard. If he had only one decent guest room, where were all these people staying? The servants surely had their own homes to go to, the Black Tower initiates either had rooms somewhere in the manor or Cairhien itself, or they were sent back to their Tower every night. It seemed a strange system at best, but Terrian was an Aes Sedai so the idea of letting initiates out into the world was a strange one.

When the finally made their way down to the kitchens it was in a room there that they found Devin. So this was where that maid had taken him! Terrian felt a weight that she hadn't known she'd been carrying life off her shoulders now that the boy had been found again. Yes, mothering instincts were definitely present within her. It would be hard to let Devin go when the time came, but he would be better off for it. No child deserved what they would go through growing up with an active Aes Sedai. Yes, Terrian did recall that there were a few who had children, but most of them had gone in to retirement with their families long since. "You know," Menaihya was saying, "we might want to purchase him some new clothes soon. He is beginning to smell like something unpleasant." Sniffing delicately at the boy, Terrian wrinkled her nose slightly. Yes, he did seem to be in need of more than a bath. Well, a decent enough tailor could be found in Cairhien to get the boy new clothes, befitting a child traveling with two Aes Sedai. Light knew they had enough coin to do him that kindness.

"My ladies are the child's guardians?" A woman looked in and spoke brightly to the two of them. She seemed to be the cook, but Terrian had never really known any cook other than Mistress Laras at the White Tower. "Would my ladies be wanting something to drink? This do be Tessa, m'ladies. Tessa do be boasting quite the hoard. Mulled wine, punch, mint tea," Tessa winked, "Ale, if my ladies so feel obliged…" Terrian felt her lips curl in the slightest smile as she and Menaihya both responded along the lines of requesting some type of chilled drink. Mistress Tessa seemed quite happy to bring them two goblets filled with what seemed to be some sort of fruity punch until she delivered the drinks and finally noticed the twin Great Serpent rings glittering on their fingers. Well, that set her off apologizing profusely as those who suddenly realized they were in the presence of Aes Sedai seemed liable to do. For herself, Terrian simply smiled graciously and nodded as she was sure was expected until Tessa was quite done and left them again.

"Well," Menaihya said now that it was just the two of them, and of course Devin was there too, again, "What next? Did you have any plans for today, near-sister?"

"Not specifically for today," Terrian said carefully, "but I have things that need to be seen to during our visit. At some point I'll need to get some time during the Ambassador's busy schedule to see him." She caught the look on her near-sister's face and continued one before the other woman had a chance to speak. She would use the man's title when talking about her assignment; that allowed her to separate personal feeling from what needed to be done. "It's Ajah business, not personal. I suspect if I wanted to discuss anything else I wouldn't have the chance, seeing as he seems to be so busy." The last was only slightly miffed. She did have things she wanted to discuss with him. Amador for one; their talk of shared history in Amador had been cut short years ago and Terrian wanted to continue it. Aside from that she had a few things that she wanted to inquire about, but those were really part of her Ajah business as well. Or had she just worked them in with her assignment in her mind? Well, she suspected that it was important, so she would inquire. "Still, I wonder if he ever takes any time off. This place seems to run quite well and swiftly for an Ambassador's work. How much can the Black Tower possibly need to interact with Cairhien anyway? I mean, do we," By we she meant the White Tower of course, "even still have a sister as an advisor in Cairhien?"

Terrian looked at Devin, who had found himself another piece of melon to munch on quietly whist the Aes Sedai talked. "I suppose that we could go out today and see some of the city." She said, by way of creating plans for the day, "Maybe take Devin out to get some new clothes that aren't quite such a mess. You've already pointed out he needs them. Not that I fancy the idea of dealing with a Cairhienin tailor. They're probably worse to deal with than those in Tar Valon!" Still, the boy's clothing was beginning to collect a smell. "What do you think, Devin," she asked the boy, "is it time to get some new clothes?" The boy stopped eating for a moment to shrug at her before returning to the melon. She turned back to Menaihya, "Well, what do you think?"

OOC: And if anyone ever wants a prime example of why midnight is a bad time to write posts, this is it. *yawns* I'm going to go to bed now... *falls asleep with head on keyboard*

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