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Rue Des Vetements
Fri Apr 21, 2006 09:31 (XFF:

“I think,” she said in answering Terrian’s query, “that we should. It sounds a better plan than loafing around these halls for the rest of the day, while the good Ambassador pokes in not a head to inquire after our state of affairs. Even Cairhienin tailors,” she commented darkly as she stepped off the stool and shook her long, pale hair free, “might take more notice of our Aes Sedai-ness. Shall we go, then, near-sister? Devin?” The boy stared at her for a moment, turned his liquid brown eyes towards the other Green, who urged him on with a nod, and then he dropped his melon back on the plate and prompted to scramble off his wooden seat. If Tyaoris had been here—she was oft found in introspection of what the Sei’Tar would do if he were with her—he would have looked at her with a grinning eye and said, ‘Go figure?’ Go figure indeed. With the boy darting far wide of her, the threesome exited the room, whatever it might be called—wetlanders had altogether too many chambers in a house with complicated names—, went in search of their mounts, or at the least, some sort of transportation.

Though in Menaihya’s opinion, sedan chairs and carriages were equally ludicrous as traveling by horse. They consented amongst themselves—the two of them did, anyway; the third was highly mindless of things most times—to brave the streets of Cairhien by horse, and because their own mounts were much wearied by the journey they had made here just this morning, they decided to take two of Jostayn’s among his stock. Some boy brought the saddled mounts to the gate, and in pretty much a similar arrangement they had come in, with Devin riding with Terrian, they commenced their short sojourn to town, though whether or not it would be short they would in time find out. Thus they passed through the streets once more, and Menaihya found time to once again marvel at the heights with which the famous Topless Towers of Cairhien loomed in the far distance. It was nothing to match that of the White Tower’s, of course, but impressive nonetheless. Quite statuesque.

They soon entered a street called ‘The Merchants’ Avenue’, and as the name stated it proved to be a street bustling with vendors and their patrons. Not half as disorderly as a scene in the Foregate, no—they had, in their route towards her brother’s manor, passed through the Foregate not two hours past—, but a typical market square nonetheless. Not that these Cairhienin truly knew the definition of ‘disorderly’, she could assert; in their dark raiment and primly-styled, black hair they walked and worked and went about their business full of purpose, and if there was ever something as controversial, as insensible, as raucous laughter, it was quickly quenched and quieted under the ideology of quiet fortitude. She wasn’t sure whether she liked the denizens of this land very much, but then again, she was Aiel. In this nest of treekillers, she stood out like a sore thumb.

And she was not the only one who thought so, too. Aiel were naturally regarded with wariness here, nearly to the point of straightforward hatred, and as hers and Terrian’s mounts cleaved a way through the throng, she received more than a handful of wide-eyed looks and mutters covered under a hand. Though women who held themselves with such a stately carriage were either nobility or Aes Sedai, and with this knowledge the people left them well alone. Though what harm could they have caused, really? Sighting a shop whose dangling sign of an open pair of scissors pointed it out as a seamstress’s, Menaihya pointed in its direction; Terrian nodded, and presently they threaded their way towards it. They dismounted and hobbled their mares with Air, after which they entered the cool shade of the clothesmaker’s establishment.

A woman, obviously Cairhienin in origins in noting her lacking height, darkness of eye and hair, paleness of skin, and articulate accent when she spoke, was pinning up a length of cloth against a mannequin when they entered. “Welcome,” she said, her tones cool and like small bells chiming. Her calculating gaze took them in with a glance, and she expressed no visible surprise when seeing their Great Serpent rings, if her brows raised a little. “Aes Sedai,” she said with a curtsy deep enough for what her station required, “It is an honor to have you here. What can a humble dressmaker do for you?”

Really, Menaihya admired the woman’s calmness, if anything could be said of it; it could not be everyday that two Aes Sedai, one of them an Aiel, entered upon a Cairhienin seamstress’s premises. “This child,” Terrian spoke, encouraging Devin forward, “needs some new clothes. If you can fix him a few changes of garments, we can pay you a handsome sum.”

“An honor, Aes Sedai,” the woman said, with a curtsy that was deeper than the last with the prospect of the ‘handsome sum’ of coin. “Boy, if you will come this way—”

The seamstress, they found, was sure in hand when measuring Devin’s waist and the length of his legs and arms, and the speed of her scissors as they snipped the cloth here and there was remarkable. Having not seen another seamstress other than the one who resided in the White Tower, Menaihya could not be sure as to the quality of the woman’s skill, but to her untrained eye she certainly seemed good.

Apparently her perceptions were not far from wrong. “Mistress…,” Terrian started, tactfully pausing.

“My apologies, Aes Sedai,” the seamstress said as she rose from her crouch, wiping her forehead, “My manners are worse than a country lout’s, being holed up in here every day. I’m called Elyn, Aes Sedai. Elyn Shile.”

“Mistress Elyn,” Terrian began again, “Would you care to drop in our residences sometime this week, for orders of our own? We will provide you the adequate cloth, and I’m sure a loom can be found.”

“Dresses for us, near-sister?” Menaihya asked, and Terrian gave a nod.

“Of course, Aes Sedai,” the seamstress replied, straightening, “And where do you preside?”

“The manor of one Asha’man Jostayn Roen, who works as a delegate here.”

Was it the trick of the light, or did the woman’s face blanch a shade? “I have heard of him,” Mistress Elyn said at last, and then gave herself a shake. “The appointment is set, Aes Sedai. And,” she said as she walked over to the counter to scribble something on a scrap of parchment, “I can make one pair of clothes for the boy in an hour’s time, right now, but unless you would wait all day, I can bring the rest of the garments to the manor when they are completed. Aes Sedai?”

“That sounds fine,” Terrian replied, then turned to Menaihya with a smile, “And while Devin is being fitted for his first set of clothes, how about you and I roam the shops for cloths?”

How many gowns was her near-sister planning to make? “I will go with you,” she replied carefully, wondering what this was going to entail, whether she was to be forced to buy pink silks, for example, “Lead the way, then, near-sister. I am alien to shops and the like.”

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