Shopping Spree
Fri Apr 21, 2006 20:44 (XFF:

For a brief moment, Terrian wondered what had suddenly come over her that could possibly have driven her to ask the seamstress to come to the Asha'man's residence for herself and her near-sister to order some things. What had possessed her to do that? It wasn't even something she had been thinking about. She was getting rather flighty it seemed, since their arrival in Cairhien; never something that was a good sign for an Aes Sedai. She couldn't afford to let herself get all giddy and girl like now. Right now in fact was the worst possible timing for this. However, she did suppose that ordering dresses made would keep them in Cairhien for a decent amount of time, depending on how many they ordered. The best seamstress took a few days at least to create a selection of dresses appropriate the station of an Aes Sedai. That was a good thing for them; it provided a logical excuse as to why they would need to spend more than just a few days roaming about the city. They had to wait for Mistress Elyn to come and get her measurements in the next few days, then to finish at least one dress for each of them for final fitting purposes. If they wanted to take the garments with them right away they would have to wait even longer. Besides, what was done was done; there was no changing it now.

"I can make one pair of clothes for the boy in an hour's time, right now, but unless you would wait all day, I can bring the rest of the garments to the manor when they are completed. Aes Sedai?"

"That sounds fine," Terrian said with the slightest nod before smiling and turning to Menaihya, "And while Devin is being fitted for his first set of clothes, how about you and I roam the shops for cloths?" Well, at least they could make the best of Jostayn seeming to be too busy to pay them much mind for the time being. Oh, at this rate his manor would be buzzing with activity before two days were up. Not to mention the number of servants who had probably already been sent with gracious invitations to dinners or small gatherings which would inevitably be turned into grand affairs. Now that all the nobles knew they would be staying for a while, why not invite them to a welcoming soiree. Yet, they, along with Jostayn's help hopefully, would have to pick and choose whose invitations to accept carefully so as to avoid throwing the Great Game completely off balance while not seeming to have any ulterior motives to their actions. For the first time, Terrian was glad to have an Aes Sedai's education in the world of politics and Daes Dae'mar.

"I will go with you," Menaihya answered, sounding to Terrian for all the world as if she had just asked her to go to the Blight and fight the Dark One alone as opposed to just a simple shopping trip, "Lead the way, then, near-sister. I am alien to shops and the like." Terrian laughed lightly. She suspected that her near-sister could live for all the hundreds of years of her life and never become used to the idea of shopping. Eventually she would have to. After all, what else was one supposed to do with all that coin the Tower allotted them? Yes, a good sum could be put back into work for the Tower, but if one never shopped and even larger sum would begin to accumulate in the bank account. As a young woman, well, yes that was the right term but she felt so different now that it might as well have been her childhood. Anyway, as a young woman in Amador, she had had enough money that shopping such as this was not entirely foreign to her, though sums large enough for a new dress or two were usually only given directly to her on her nameday. She always had some pocket change to spend though. Her mother, Creator shelter her dearly departed soul, had inherited a decent enough sum from her own father for Terrian to lead a good life. She supposed that money would have been left to her and her father when Adia had been killed. Yet, seeing as she was a Tar Valon witch now she supposed her father had claimed the lot. Actually, considering the manner of her mother's death all her property had likely been confiscated.

Thinking on her mother always made Terrian sad. The woman hadn't survived long enough to know her daughter had forgiven her for letting the Children of the Light drive her from Amador; she hadn't survived to learn that Terrian had gone on to lead a very good life. Raising a hand to her eyes, she wiped the traces of tears away before they could fall and quickly pushed thoughts of her mother away. She couldn't allow herself to cry here; Aes Sedai didn't cry after all. She had mourned years ago and moved on, that was that. The shops of Cairhien were not the best place for this reminiscing anyway. She was supposed to be the guide in the ever treacherous journey of fabric selection now. Mistress Elyn's shop had a very fine selection of fabrics on its own, most seamstresses did, and Terrian found herself hard-pressed to find better as she fingered a bolt of fine, red silk. Red, now there was a shocking enough color. Yet, with Terrian's fair skin and light hair she knew red was a good color. Though, to wear it in the Tower, especially for a Green, was like asking to be ridiculed these days. It seemed to imply that one had Red Ajah sympathies, and as the Green found itself generally allied with the Blue against the Red, it didn't go over well in their wing of the Tower. Add to that the fact that Red sisters had a severe tendency to wear the color of their Ajah and it was a recipe for problems. Was that going to stop Terrian from having a dress made from the red fabric? Probably not.

Moving on the next shop along the way, Terrian smiled as she saw Menaihya frown in the direction of the lighter shades of pinks and lavenders and all those other rather frilly, girlish colors. Terrian, herself not being partial to those colors, couldn't agree more with her near-sister's appraisal of colors. Come to think of it, they both would likely look good in similar colors. The Amadician woman liked to think she had an eye for such things as this. Some fabrics were altogether too frilly and lacy for her, while others were just the entirely wrong color. A lightweight yellow fabric caught her attention, and for a moment she considered calling Menaihya over to see if she would like it. Though she quickly realized the fabric was perhaps a little too pale, and a bit too lightweight. Somewhat more suited to a Domani dress than anything that would be appropriate in Cairhien. "What to you think of this one, near-sister?" Terrian called to Menaihya, indicating a middling hue of blue silk.

"A fine choice milady," said a high-pitched, squeaky, yet masculine voice from around Terrian's shoulder, "it would be beautiful with your skin tone. Though if I might suggest something with more of a golden hue, it would bring out your eyes." The Aes Sedai turned quickly on her heel as Menaihya approached from the other direction. "Ah," the shopkeeper, a short, balding man who was clearly well into his middle years, said quickly as he sighted the ring on her finger. "I see an Aes Sedai," He looked at Menaihya with a look of concealed distrust yet noted her ring as well and amend his statement, "two Aes Sedai, have seen fit to grace my shop. How might Master Lewin be of assistance?"

Terrian glanced at Menaihya and lifted an eyebrow ever so slightly. "We are just browsing for today, Master Lewin." Terrian said carefully as she trained her hazel gaze on the man again. Well, he certainly hadn't seemed surprised to find they were Aes Sedai. In fact, he seemed suspicious to Terrian, but that might just have been her overly cautious side showing itself. The White Tower tended to train one in her position to see suspicious things well though, and she had rarely been wrong about a gut feeling.

"Oh, nonsense Aes Sedai." Master Lewin said in a matter-of-fact tone. "No one is ever just browsing." He swept past her toward Menaihya, drawing the Aiel woman toward some of the earth tone fabrics and smiling a little too warmly. Terrian frowned and wondered what exactly the man was up to. "Wouldn't this look just splendid on you?" The question was addressed to Menaihya as the man drew her attention to a fabric. Terrian winced slightly and shrugged helplessly as Menaihya looked at her. Something felt wrong here, Terrian simply wasn't sure what.

OOC: Oh, Polyjuice Potion! I've always wondered what that would be like. Does it have reviving properties as well? I thought it just made Harry and Ron turn into Crabbe and Goyle... Well, okay. Aren't we random tonight. I don't know what, if anything is going on with this Master Lewin character, but I figured I'd shake things up a little. After all, a little excitement never hurt anyone.

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