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A Move for Action
Wed Apr 26, 2006 05:59 (XFF:

OOC: Given that response for Sitters has been slow, I figured I'd gloss over the arguments and move on to a reasonable motion. =)

Ilaria sat quiet as discussions raged through the entire Hall, Sasha shouting his own opinions across the room to the Reds sitting with icy indignation. Of course the Red Ajah would demand that he be turned over to them, from all accounts this strange man was raving as a madman and he'd marked himself in his madness with a tattoo. It wasn't that tattoos themselves were unheard of, one of the Yellow Sitters was covered along her face with them, it was more his words and actions that were cause for concern. The Whites began to interject with cool logic that he should be studied and observed to determine the full extent of his madness. Ilaria concealed her irritation, somewhat unsurprised to hear the Whites siding with the Reds in this matter, if only because the logic of Mahon Aubin spoke with only the truth as he could see it.

The Yellows insisted on their try at him, to see if there was any sort of mind illness that needed to be Healed, which was then hotly overrode by the Reds, claiming that if it were madness from the taint that it should be left to them to study the man and determine how far his madness went.

"You can't know for certain that his madness is caused by the taint!" Soutrik called out above the din of discussion and dissention. "For all we know, his mind is merely fogged by using the Portal Stones."

Azrak nodded his head, stern face impassive. "We don't know what effects Portal Stones have on channelers given that there hasn't been someone strong enough to use them since the Age of Legends." he supported.

Ilaria finally stood, one of only two other Sitters standing in order to make their point. The groups quieted under Ilaria's presence, her long white hair indicative of how long she'd held her position within the White Tower. She and Ava had shared a wall in their Novices quarters so long ago that she sometimes wondered if she were even the same woman. "It seems to me that regardless of what this man's mental condition is, that he is most likely a male channeler and we'll need to confirm this. If he has the ability, then he must be placed in the Novice books and given proper training."

The Hall again erupted momentarily in agreement and dissention before the Keeper banged her gavel for silence, allowing Ilaria to continue. "We have verified over the years, with the support of Red and Brown documentation, that those male channelers who learn to seize since the Dragon has cleansed the taint are not affected. Interrogate him to find out when his first touching was and move on and train him. If he suffers from delusions caused by the Portal Stone, then the Yellows should be allowed to try and Heal that sickness of his mind. If he suffers from the effects of the taint because he touched the Source before it was cleansed for him, then evaluate the extent of his madness and determine to gentle him."

She shook her head. "In the meantime, keeping him close and training him to use the One Power if he's able, will allow us to further study the anomalies that we've encountered with his trip through the Portal Stone, his strange language and possible madness, as well as the tattoo that is on his back in the form of the ancient Aes Sedai sign. Great generals throughout history have always said to keep your friends close, your enemies closer. If he is an enemy then we'll know where he is at all times and if he's simply a man caught up in the weaving of the Pattern, then we'll have sheltered him."

She glanced down to Sasha and Karelin who both nodded their support. "The Green Ajah moves to test him for the ability and enter him into the Novice books if he can channel, and allow further study by the Brown Ajah and Yellow Ajah to determine where he has come from, if he suffers any madness and what these anomalies are."

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