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A Storm on the Horizon...
Wed Jun 7, 2006 15:50 (XFF:

Zander rounded one of the very many corners that he had raced around in his mad flight around the Tower, on what he liked to call 'Zander's Suicide Run'. Smiling to himself, he knew the name was an over-exaggeration that had been thrown out as a flippant remark by one of the newer Soldiers, who had not got used to what the Black Tower demanded of every single recruit. But the name had stuck and he now completed the run every morning.

It didn't stick until you started to add those stupid stunts into the Light blinded run did it?

He pushed the little niggling voice to the back of his mind, concentrating instead on the inhalation of air and the fiery sensation that seemed to sweep across his ribcage with every exhalation. Sweat had started to soak through his clothes in a tidal wave hours ago, and now his shirt was stuck to him like a second skin, making movement difficult. But the voice in his head was correct nonetheless. Until Zander had started to add handsprings, somersaults and eventually running up walls and landing on wooden bars into his daily routine, the name hadn't been given a second thought. Now, whenever the other Soldiers saw him midway through the run they held their breath for his safety.

You stupid show off! What the hell did you start doing it for anyways? Attention?
You never know when this stuff may become useful. Especially given my career at the Tower
That isn't an answer and you know it!

Zander was prepared to continue the debate with his own thoughts, but as he rounded the last corner before his quarters, he had to stop suddenly for fear of running into a crowd of milling Soldiers and Dedicated. He was perplexed; looking through the crowd, trying vainly to recognise anyone he knew so that he could ask what was going on. After five or so minutes of this he gave up and fought his way through the endless sea of black to his quarters. Muttering to himself, he threw the door open and almost slammed it closed into the nose of Karen. Zander had come to doubt that Karen was his real name, but he hadn't pressed the man to tell him. Truth be told, he didn't really know him at all, same as no one at the Black Tower really knew Zander. Instead they merely knew the front that he put to the world to let them think they knew him. Walking over to his washstand he began to wash and shave quickly.

"So what the hell is going on Karen? The entire bloody Black Tower has just appeared outside my quarters." he inquired whilst making smooth strokes across his chin and cheeks with his sharpest dagger.
"You know as much as I Zander. Everyone was just pulled out of bed near and hour ago. The Asha'man were asking where you were, but when they were told you had gone for a run they just cursed and said something about needing everybody" Karen replied deadpanned
"Well they better bloody tell us soon or I will personally march up to that new M'Hael and kick his shiny behind" he replied acidly.

Karen shrugged and rejoined the mass outside whilst Zander towelled himself dry and put on his uniform quickly. Zander had never liked the new M’Hael. Lysander had seemed too aloof and arrogant for Zander to like him. But he would follow him to death itself if he was M'Hael, as much as it annoyed him.

This just better not be a little game to him, or I bloody well will kick him up and down the Training Grounds


Zander's head snapped around in an instant. Although he did not want to give up his track to his fellow Soldiers and Dedicated, he had to respond. The order was given with such authority. So Zander strolled casually to the area from which he had heard the call originate, not appearing to have responded to that particular call. He saw a group of men marching off and ran to catch up with them. When he got there, the obvious leader was just starting to speak.

“There are two camps–a southern camp invading the city and a northern camp near the Murandian border to parry any aid from Murandy or Andor. We’re going to the northern camp. I am told there are ten Captains. What we must do is infiltrate the camp. You will each disguise yourself as a Seanchan soldier . . . I have brought supplies for disguising ourselves if you already are not proficient in Illusion. We will enter the camp, probe around to determine who the Captains are, and you will assassinate one. Understood?”

Zander saw a ripple of nods expand from her, very much like a wave.

“It is a small hike north through the mountains to find the Seanchan camp, nestled in a pass. It is an individual’s mission, meaning that you only are to report to me if you need. Understood? We pass through. The hands of the Creator shelter you.”

Zander stepped through and appeared on the other side instantly. Against all of his instincts, he shivered. No matter how many times he had passed through a Gateway as he had just done, he never got used to the sensation that came with it. It was always as if icy tendrils pierced his skin and flowed along his veins until they were melted by his exiting on the other side. He turned around and others were following suit, some dragging the various disguises and accoutrements that they could use in their personal endeavour. Zander smiled a cold, thin lipped smile, baring his teeth slightly. He then turned and considered the surroundings, before bursting out into laughter that had the others that had come through the now sealed Gateway looking at him askance. Zander didn't care.

This is what I do. It is what I was made for was his thought as he turned and took in all of their faces each in turn.

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