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A Mission of Importance
Fri Jun 9, 2006 10:25 (XFF:

Shayla saw the notice on the boards about a Seanchan invasion. This will get interesting, she thought, especially if that Seanchan woman....Laila, was it?...gets involved...hehehe....time to have fun.... The Soldier reported to the appropriate classroom and waited with the other Soldiers and Dedicated to be given their mission. The room itself was huge compared to some of the other classrooms, and Shayla was surprised at how many asha'man there were in the room.

An Asha'man, whom Shayla had never seen before, walked into the room, looking around at the assembled channelers. After assessing the Spies in the room, the woman went and stood in front of the desk. The room went completely silent as everyone, Shayla included, awaited the assignment. The Asha'man gave them a run-down of what the situation was and what they were expected to do, then told the Soldiers and Dedicated to follow her to the Traveling grounds.

Wow. That's a lot of people to invade with....and how in the world did eight Asha'man, who are supposed to be the best, manage to get themselves captured??....and now us Soldiers and Dedicated are expected to help them? How are we going to manage to succeed where the best could not?...but then again, if I can find a fellow Darkfriend within the camp to contact, I can help pass information about the Black Tower's plans to them....

Shayla, her raven hair wrapped up tightly in its customary bun, followed the other Spies and the Asha'man out to the Travelin grounds.Now what, she thought sourly. I hope this Asha'man knows how to make Gateways, because otherwise I don't see how this is going to work.... And there's one thing I must know... Shayla half-ran, half-walked to catch up to the Asha'man.

"Asha'man," she said respectfully, "What happens if we get captured as well?"

  • The Duty of the SpyAsha'man Niamh, MuC, Wed Jun 7 15:10
    Niamh looked around the room, idly folding and refolding a piece of paper in her slim fingers. This classroom was one of the largest, but it was nevertheless filled to the point where several of the... more
    • Into the Field, Ready or NotSoldier Toren Swain, Fri Jun 16 11:54
      It was a cool summer evening. It had been hot during the day, particularly if you happened to be wearing black and practicing sword forms under the afternoon sun, but the temperature had dropped... more
      • Watching and WaitingSoldier Toren Swain, Sun Jun 18 15:31
        The cool night air served to clear Toren's head after his short night of restless sleep. That was good because his mind was racing, trying to cover all the scenarios he might encounter. How am I... more
        • The Way InSoldier Toren Swain, Mon Jun 19 14:25
          When Toren awoke, it was dark and he was stiff and sore from sleeping on the rocky ground. But he was alive, and he wasn't shielded by some woman on a leash. All things considered, it could have been ... more
          • A Plan, in TheorySoldier Toren Swain, Thu Jun 22 11:54
            Toren found it surprisingly easy to blend in around the camp. So long as he avoided lingering too long in one place, nobody seemed to notice that he didn’t belong and he just kept helping out with... more
            • A Plan, in PracticeSoldier Toren Swain, Thu Jun 22 12:05
              Toren flitted around the camp until nightfall, avoiding contact with the groups of soldiers as they gathered to eat their evening meal. Partly, he didn't want to intrude on a group who might... more
              • I'll Fly AwaySoldier Toren Swain, Wed Jun 28 10:24
                Toren and the Asha’man, who had introduced himself as Lars, stood at the base of the cliff, looking up. The sentries at the bottom were relatively lax, even now they stood chatting with one another... more
                • Tying Off Loose EndsSoldier Toren Swain, Thu Jun 29 10:20
                  Toren had deliberately ordered the Seanchan woman to land some distance away from the rendezvous point. He started to angle through the woods south and west, knowing that he would eventually cut... more
    • A Mission of Importance — Soldier Shayla al'Cazor, Fri Jun 9 10:25
      • Entering the Raven's NestSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Mon Jun 12 10:44
        The Asha'man never answered my question , Shayla realised as she walked through the Gateway. Oh well. It's not like I really care all that much about the others. On the other side, Shayla looked... more
        • Fellow FriendsSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Wed Jun 21 14:15
          The imposter sul’dam exited the tent, beginning the search for the captive Asha’man. And once I’ve let one of them go, provided I manage to find them, I’ll come back and look for a Friend of the... more
          • Mission Incomplete: A Separate AgendaSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Wed Jul 5 19:34
            The flap on the tent fluttered open, allowing a whoosh of hot wind to catch the plump man inside unawares. In its wake a young dark woman in a sul'dam dress slipped in, to stand and stare at the... more
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