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A Definitely Eventful Journey...
Fri Jun 9, 2006 13:35 (XFF:

As it turned out, although Zander had indeed been extremely annoyed by the various weeds and vines that threatened to trip him, and had tripped him, along the hike towards the Seanchan camp, he was thankful for their activities in decreasing his usual walking speed to a slow shuffle through the wildlife around him. He was also thankful that the trees and mountains around him swept an ever-deepening shade around the hiking grounds. Zander had had to walk through to many exposed places in his life, and he had always learned that to do so was a very bad idea. But here among the trees he was a ghost, a spirit of the undergrowth. He couldn’t be spotted very easily by any Seanchan scouts or guards that had possibly been placed in the general vicinity of the camp. It was not that he was particularly fearful of them; after all, he would merely be confused as one of their number and escorted back to the camp. It was just that he didn’t want to enter the camp until he thought it was absolutely necessary for him to do so.

Once I’m in there, there will be little opportunity for me to think things through or get out easily. I will be too committed to it to turn back, even if it turns out to be suicide half-way through. And to be honest, I would rather walk away and live rather than to enter this camp and die at the behest of an idiot called Lysander who thinks it’s okay to send cannon fodder in to delay a serious attack he turned in this head until another creep snared his ankle and caused him to lurch sideways in its grip, and into the path of a giant oak trunk.

Zander cursed under his breath and stamped on the creeper, knowing it would do no good but still taking an unmerited feeling of well-being from the act. Zander glanced upwards as he leaned against the giant tree trunk. The canopy cover was impenetrable and so interlocking that it made his eyes feel uncomfortable as he tried to distinguish where one leaf ended and another began in the throws of boredom. Deciding that he was probably merely another 200 meters from the Seanchan encampment, Zander unshouldered a small bag that each of the participants of the ‘mission, had been given to carry but told to secrete outside the camp to minimize suspicions. He un-strung the opening and inspected the contents. He was faintly pleased to see what appeared to be marching rations, tinder, a sheet for cover from bad weather and a canister of water. Zander slid down the tree trunk into a squatting position and took out a small portion of the rations and ate them slowly, mulling over his situation in his head. He washed it down with the cool water, which was far more refreshing than he had anticipated to his parched throat. He refastened the leather thong straps of the small bag and deposited it once more upon his shoulder as he raised himself back up from the ground. He peered around, his eyes piercing into the smallest shadows as best they could. He had seen little signs of his fellow Soldiers and Dedicated, but he had managed to catch a few glimpses through the thick shrubbery. None of them were in the slightest bit cautious in their walks, which appeared to be a stroll, as if they were out for a little walk. Seeing nothing new present itself, he shrugged, and carried onwards in the direction of the encampment.

As Zander progressed, he considered the canopy of the forest once more, deeply thankful that it had kept out the beating of the Sun’s warmth during his journey. Zander had began to sweat as soon as he had put the Seanchan armour on, and had gained new respect for those who wore armour, like the suit he was wearing, for most of their time at the Black Tower. It weighed down on his back, forcing it down, as if a huge force was pushing him into the ground. And the heat inside had made Zander sure that his skin must’ve been cooked to a crisp by now. If a man or woman has to endure this for their entire career, then in my mind they deserve some major recognition for their struggles! he thought as he rounded yet another tree. But his thoughts were interrupted as a subconscious message permeated its way into his thoughts, taking control of his mind processes, refusing to go away until it had been acknowledged properly. Zander stopped in his tracks at this frustrating obstruction to his thoughts. But he still dropped down into a low, squatting position, his knees almost touching the ground. He had learned at a very early stage in his ‘career’ that he should trust his instincts as they were often correct and had saved his life more than once as they had told him to duck for a reason that only became apparent as an arrow shaft flew over his head where his body had been seconds ago. His almost pre-cognitive instincts had scared him when he had first discovered them, but now he held to them closely like to a true friend.

Slipping the two daggers which he had secreted up his sleeves with a smooth, silent motion of his wrist and forearm, he held them loosely in his hands, ready to strike like a viper at the slightest movement. As he did so, he caught a flicker of movement out of his periphery vision and a rustle as of leaves against clothing. He turned his head, judging the sped of his opponent’s movements and also their directions. He moved his head around to the left, trying to follow the unknown assailant. The snapping of a twig from behind him had told him that he had been wrong. His assailant had wrong-footed him and changed direction as soon as Zander had noticed them. As the snapping sound reached him, a figure-obviously female- burst out of the bushes and sprang towards him, low to the ground. Zander saw the flash of steel and reacted instantly, mostly unconscious instincts blended with a streak of survival than any conscious decision. As the woman was upon him, he fell flat to the ground, her dagger flying above his head, and his legs entwined around hers, using her own momentum to fell her in her tracks. Her dagger went flying as the reflex to use her hands to stop her fall kicked in. As she used her hands to take the impact against the grounds, Zander was straddling her back, grabbing both of her arms and pulling them behind her back, twisting them sharply upwards. She reared upwards, trying to break free, thrashing her legs around and using her heels to kick out at his back like a child. Zander bore these small responses and merely pushed her arms up towards her neck a bit more, increasing the pain until her arms were almost at the point of being dislocated. She gave a yelp of pain and stopped her struggle. Once she had calmed down, Zander decreased the pressure on her shoulders slightly.

“Now, tell me who the hell you are or I will kill you right here and now” Zander stated with in a calm, strong and above all believable tone.
“I will tell you nothing you Seanchan bastard, so you will have to just kill me won’t you!” she spat at him with obvious venom
“Seanchan?” Zander asked, suddenly perplexed. Then realisation dawned as he recognised the face through the helmet from the group of people that had stepped through the Gateway, “You were sent from the Tower weren’t you?”

She was silent at his questioning; obviously thinking he was merely trying to extract information. But as soon as he stood up and released her, he took off his helmet and she sagged with relief at not having to die. He helped her up and she took her own helmet off, holding it at her waist. She was quite beautiful he noticed, even amongst the roar of adrenalin and the mists of plans about his mission. He walked off towards the Seanchan encampment again and before he had got ten paces away, she was at his side.

“What? No questions? No outbursts about my attempt to kill you?” she asked him. Her face perplexed.
“There is no need. We will both probably be dead before the end of this mission anyway. Although, I must say that I would rather have died taking out some of the Seanchan that at your hands.”, her face had grown more perplexed as he had spoken until it was almost funny in its own way, “as it is, you failed, I won, and we are both alive and kicking to take on this suicide mission” he ended with in a dull, emotionless voice.
She considered him for a minute before speaking once more.

“What makes you think-”
“That this is a suicide mission? The people involved. With great respect to you, some of them have obviously not had any experience, perhaps any training even. If they get caught, which is quite likely considering, and then the Seanchan will suddenly start thinking that there are a few faces that they haven’t seen before and we will be deader than dead in minutes.”

She walked in silence next to him, until he stopped short a few paces ahead. They had arrived at the Seanchan encampment, and Zander lead her into the trees, where they wouldn’t be seen as the wildlife was too dense. He closed his eyes and muttered o himself under his breath,
“And so it begins”
“What?” the woman asked him
“Nothing” he replied, whilst turning events around in his head.

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