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A Startling Discovery...
Fri Jun 9, 2006 16:27 (XFF:

Zander was torn between what he should do. He did not want to leave his camp site and enter the antís nest that was the Seanchan encampment as it would mean that he would not be able to get out until darkness had descended upon the valley to cover his flight into the woods and past the guards. In the end, Zander decided to stay in his vantage point for a count of 2000. If the Seanchan officers did not exit the central tent or make any appearance of leaving at all, then Zander would make his way down from the tree and into the encampment, even if it was for one afternoon. He knew it was merely putting off the inevitable. The officers had been in the central tent from the time Zander had began his watch of the encampment until well after the setting of the Sun and the descent of the veil of night so that Zander had to give up on watching the encampment and instead traversing the outside of it, marking the guard positioning. It was clearly a matter of routine, and that the officers would stay in the tent until after dark. Still, Zander began to count.

He looked around the rest of the encampment, but his eyes never truly left the central tent and his hope that the officers would break with routine this time. But his eyes were drawn to two tents, almost as large as the central tent when they were taken in combination. They were in the north-western part of the camp, opposite one of the food storages, directly across the road from it.

431 counts

As he watched it, he pondered what it could possibly be used for. He first thought that it was an armoury, as he could catch glimpses of silvery reflections from the entrance of the tent which was open. However, he dismissed this notion when his thoughts told him that the troops would most probably keep their weapons to hand, with spares too, just in the eventuality of an attack on the encampment. He then thought it may be a forge, but dismissed that thought too within seconds as stupid. The forge flames would surely have burned down the fabric of the tent if it was indeed a forge. He the thought that they could possibly be used to enclose the picket lines that would contain the horses of the encampment. That notion too was pushed out of his head as incorrect when his eyes saw that the picket lines followed the two roads that ranged from the Southern part of the encampment to the northern part of the encampment, between the road and the lines of tents, on either side of the road. His thoughts were blasted out of his head and he knew exactly what the tents were used for when a woman with a leash around her neck exited the tent, another woman with the other end of the leash fastened around her wrist following shortly after. He could see the Aídam from his vantage point, a glittering silver line between them, causing fear to course through his veins for the first time in two years. Shuddering, he vainly held onto the count of numbers as the rest of his thoughts tumbled down around it.

1569 counts

He regulated his breathing and un-tensed his limbs before he fell out of the tree in his shock and onto the ground below. The fall would not have injured him seriously, it was not far and the ground was very soft, but he needed to stay in the vantage point. He held onto a branch with both hands, his grip becoming tighter as he saw another two pairs of women exit the on the tent. His knuckles became white as circulation decreased, and eventually cracked, which caused Zander to suddenly realise what he was doing and loosen his grip. The three pairs of women disappeared into the central tent, and even then Zander did not completely get over his initial shock.

2000 counts his numbed mind told him benignly

He hung down from the lowest branch and let go, allowing himself to fall the last 13 paces to the soft soil below. Rolling to absorb the impact and avoid any injury, he came up running quickly towards his campsite. His thoughts were a blur of fright. He was quickly and violently reassessing his initial plans.

I thought that being able to channel would be my advantage, but thatís just been swept out of the window hasnít it? Now if I channel, the entire bloody encampment will be down on me faster than a hungry pack of wolves!! Iím just lucky that I brought a crossbow, as it is my only form of long-range attack and defence now. Damn you Lysander! You must have known. Why didnít you tell us? Unless that woman who rounded us up forgot to mention it. Or thought that it was merely a moot point! A MOOT point!! Light blind you all!

As he reached his campsite, he grabbed his bag and began to empty it of anything he would need. He grabbed the remaining food and secreted it in an inside pocket of his cloak, keeping it inside its wrappings so as to keep it fresh. The water canister he merely fastened to his belt with itís thong that ran along the side of it. He then took the kindling and channelled a small amount of Saidin, an amount that even if the Damane had special sensors that picked up the use of Saidin wouldnít pick up He prayed

He set fire to his bag so as to leave no trace of his being there except for his footprints, which he scrubbed out with a leafy branch that he tore from a nearby bush. Once the campsite was clean enough for his liking, Zander set off towards the edge of the woods, where he would hopefully be able to sip into the Seanchan encampment unnoticed.

OOC: Okay, it was never explicitly stated in character that there were Damane, so I assumed that Zander didn't know till now. And hey, I'm starting to build up quite a detailed lay-out of the encampment aren't i? ;)

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