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Soldier Shayla al'Cazor
Entering the Raven's Nest
Mon Jun 12, 2006 10:44 (XFF:

The Asha'man never answered my question, Shayla realised as she walked through the Gateway. Oh well. It's not like I really care all that much about the others.

On the other side, Shayla looked around carefully. She was certainly near the border, as the Asha'man had told the Spies, but she wasn't sure where. Just as well. This gives me time and space to disguise myself. ... but how to begin?...Let's see...if I can Illusion myself into a semblance of that Soldier Laila, I should be able to make it into the Seanchan camp without too much trouble...

Shayla began the complicated weave of Illusion required. Um..I start with Spirit as my base...that's easy, I have no intention of changing my height...and then,...I think it was Fire for reds, Water for blues and purples, Earth for greens and browns, and Air to dilute...Laila was tanner than me, so let's use Earth to make my skin darker and my eyes a dark would be rather amusing if she were to see me...and add Fire for darker red lips...there! done. Shayla wished she had a mirror so that she could check her appearance, but there was no chance of that until she entered the Seanchan camp. The Soldier then Inverted her Illusion weaves, I wish I were better at matter. If something happens I shall simply Conceal myself and get out of the camp, and then tied off all of her weaves so that she wouldn't have to maintain them.

The now-tanned Seanchan wandered into the camp, trying to act as though she belonged. It was working for now, but Shayla wasn't going to take any chances.

"Where is the sul'dam's tent?" she asked a soldier, "I have an important message for the sul'dam from the Captain-General." The man pointed, and Shayla headed for the indicated tent, not even bothering to be polite. Her intention was to steal a sul'dam dress, to hopefully hide her better among the camp soldiers and damane. Shayla entered the tent, surprised that it was empty. Good, she thought, this makes it easier to change into one of their horrible dresses. She rummaged through a number of the trunks scattered around the tent until she found a spare dress, and put it on. Now I really look like a Seanchan...I'd probably scare Laila if she saw me like this...pity I don't have one of those collar-leashes.

...I know that there are bound to be Darkfriends within the camp, but how to find them?...Great Lord, I need your help. Show me a Friend of the Dark within the camp...I will see your name exalted during this battle, just please help me...
Shayla knew that the Great Lord was not likely to help out someone as far down the chain of command as herself, but it could never hurt to hope, even if it meant denying reality.

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