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Salt, sand and death
Mon Jun 19, 2006 08:34 (XFF:


Jonas wasn’t the only one shouting now, other officers had noticed the line of bowmen forming on the sandy dunes.

‘Keep those Air shields in place.’ Jonas shouted at one of the Soldiers, Ingmar he thought after a second. You have to remember their names, someone has to. Jonas pulled in more of the Power, and started weaving more Concealment weaves. He threw them around his group, the ones that were his were the ones that needed his protection. His fourth weave, or was it his fifth, formed the familiar Earthfire threads. Jonas punched it deep into the earth, seeking the molten rock that was hidden inside the bowels of the earth.

The first wave of arrows came down like a flock of deadly ravens. ‘Woanil, keep that bow out of the water and save your arrows for when were in range.’ Jonas stopped his attempt at finding the molten rock, it sat to deep here to be of use. The dunes now rages with fire and spattering earth as the men of the Black Tower used their talents to sow destruction. Limbs were flying through the air as the sands collard red, but no less then the sea as arrows rained down on into the pack of black clad men. Soldiers and Trainees raised their shields and locked into ranks. Asha’man and Dedicated rushed them towards the beach. The small squads formed squares. Only those that were newest to the Tower wandered lost and died quickly.

Lightning struck near his squad as they rushed forward. The Trainees and Soldiers locked their shield, Jonas kept to the back, directing the ones that looked lost, shouting orders to keep them on track, Weaving a large shield of Air to keep them alive. The five Soldiers in front of him were all holding the Power, three of them throwing everything they had against the Seanchan the other two also holding shields above the rest.

Jonas looked to the sand, still more than two hundred paces away. The water around his knees was colored a deep red, the smell of lost entrails and running bowels filled his nostrils. His men were still alive though, and that was all that mattered.

On the beach only the bowmen were visible, could it be that the they had only stumbled onto a small group, or was it plain luck. The left flank, the one in which Jonas and his squad were running, was the first to reach the beach. The right flank not to far behind. The middle, where most of the regular troop had been, had slightly fallen back. They had taken the most casualties, with the fewest channeler they had been the prime target for the archers.

Red slime and mucus clung to their clothes as the marched upon the beach. Their thousand was now about eight hundred, the centre had lost about twice that Jonas thought. The Void crushed all emotions, tough it could not take away the senselessness of it all. Jonas looked forward again, those were the ones he had to keep alive. The first ones of his flank reached the sure footing of hard packed sand. The beach was not made of the soft sands Jonas knew, this was made like a rampart. As Jonas wondered why they had chosen this beach, he also heard the thundering of death coming for them.

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