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Iron clad death came thundering down the shiny sands
Mon Jun 19, 2006 09:03 (XFF:

As the men of the Black Tower and their allies rushed onto the beach the Seanchan horses came thundering down on them. A cavalry charge, iron clad horses ridden by iron clad men swinging axes and swords. Their speed was great enough to drive the Black Tower back into the murky waters. Not that the channelers did not hit back, soon columns of Fire and sword of Lightning danced through Seanchan, unhorsing riders and killing indiscriminately among them.

Jonas checked if all his men were still with him. The small retreat had been a bit messy. They were all still there though. The boat were gone, the only way out of this mess was across the deadly sands. The cavalry was circling around ready for another charge, they had to keep moving so they were not sitting ducks for the Power wrought destruction that came from the waves.

The only way out of this was through those horsemen. They were lucky it were only horses the Seanchan had sent. To all sides the men of the Tower were gathering their momentum, the beach would be theirs. The riders came for their second run along the beach. The men of the Tower formed ranks again, throwing their weaves against the charge. Death erupted again among the horsemen but they had enough speed to lock with the men of the Tower. The small advantage of the Power was lost now. Swords were drawn as men closed with the enemy. The Seanchan cut down the first ranks of men with ease, their height giving them the upperhand. The Black Tower in all it wisdom never had fought without its backup troops of archers and pike men. The Legion was not present at this battle though.

It was funny, Jonas though, how men would say they couldn’t wait for a battle to begin when they were waiting. Men would boast about their prowess with weapons, about how they had trained with them. Tacticians would read the field, try and outthink the enemy. Hand would tremble, though men would say it was mere excitement at the coming bloodshed. It all changed when the actual battle began though, you could train until the end of time but in the chaos that was warfare even the lowliest soldier could kill a general if he was at the right place at the right time.

Asha’man were shouting from the back. ‘Squads form squares and take down these horsemen before the ground troops can close with us, we need to get up onto the beach.’

Jonas started blowing again to. ‘Form square, Nior and Ingmar to the centre, Trainees to the outside with rest of the Soldiers. You two are going to do the range work the rest is going to keep out everyone that is Seanchan.’

Within a heartbeat shields locked and the two Soldiers were in the centre throwing Fireballs and dagger of Air at the riders. Jonas took up a space in the middle watching the battle rage on, Weaving razor sharp Air. The archers on the dunes had vanished as soon as the cavalry closed with the Black Tower, but through the dunes now came the foot men. Amadician and Altaren, though their numbers matched those of the Black Tower they had not Channelers.

Suddenly a horseman rode down one of the Trainees, iron hooves dancing into the square. One hoof landed strait on the unfortunate Trainee’s head, a sickening crunch ending his young life. Inside the Void Jonas screamed, outside he was calm. A black smoking sword formed in his right hand, Woven from Fire, Air and Earth. Jonas crouched low and cut away the horse’s front legs. Launching the rider head first into the red waves, Jonas picked up the boy as the square closed again. A gray mass was hanging out of his head, Jonas pushed it back flapping the hair back over it. A dented helm floated past back to sea. ‘Saraid, get up and take your position.’ Jonas growled. The Trainee did not respond.

‘Sir, we need to get out of here.’ Ingmar shouted. Jonas still held the lifeless form of the Saraid. ‘Sir if we don’t go now we will all be killed.’

A punch in the head woke him up. Jonas looked up, scowling. Ingmar looked down, guilt spreading across his face. ‘Sorry sir, but you have to snap out of it.’ Jonas looked around. They were at the edge of a fierce pool of fighting. The Seanchan were pressing the Black Tower hard, the infantry was only about a hundred paces away now. The Soldier was right. Jonas let the body slide into the sea.

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