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Sulking Peacock
Tue Jun 20, 2006 21:01 (XFF:

Adrien-Baptiste Chandonne usually saw the sun rise over the walls of his own Black Tower. Today, the sun rose over the horizon and fell upon the youths face unimpeded, driving the daggers of its luminescence through his eyelids, and causing him to lay his forearm in its way. The deck of the ship which he rode upon had been the only safe place for him, because despite numerous location changes, there was no where below deck the Andoran could avoid sea sickness, at least on deck he could focus on the stars and largely ignore the pitching and rolling of the vessel. That he still had the Light alone knew how many more hours on the blasted boat, was not at all a thought the youth found pleasant, an neither one he mulled over too much. Instead, Adrien kept his back to the mast so he was out of the way of the crew who bustled about anxiously, and meditated.

Unlike many of the Soldiers who had been pressed into service, Adrien and the other non-channelers were combat veterans, many bearing scars which had not had time to heal completely. Neither the physical ones such as those which Adrien now wore along his own ribs, nor the psychological ones, which he bore much less publicly, but found no less real. It was after all, an event which bore great personal significance when you killed a man, and the Private called Chandonne had done his fair share of that in the Damona Mountains. It had been scarcely a week since that raid, and already word came that some nine thousand Seanchan had returned to those same mountains. More troubling, or at the very least, more pressing, was the twelve thousand strong force which moved on Illian from Altara, it was this force, comprising not only Seanchan human infantry, but also Damane and those strange beasts, like crolm and grolm which had helped spread their terror and renown across the Westlands, that Adrien and the others in this fleet which raced desperately South, sought to counter.

After navigating the Fingers of the Dragon, the fleet turned Westward, and sailing around the tip of the peninsula Illian occupied, came at last, in sight of its objective. The seacoast here about was rocky, with few points for a ship such as Full Moons Trick to put into shore. There were however, hundreds of little niches for longboats to land, and so it was that Adrien, along with his sometimes companion Carys, found themselves clinging to the coast and climbing a path to make Billy-goats gruff. There had been some good natured ribbing on the boat south about the pair’s respective sea sickness, but that was to be expected.

As the pair neared the top of the escarpment, they laid eyes on a fine peacock of a military officer, whom Adrien immediately took to be Jevin Garrald; Captain of the Golden Bees, for only such a man would wear armor with so much gilding and filigree as to show none of the functional steel. The trio saluted each other, then pleasantries summarily discarded, Adrien and Carys fell in beside the man as he turned and walked back inland. As he broke down the force elements assets, Adrien was taken slightly aback. That he and Carys had been sent to co-operate and co-ordinate with so large a force of foreign troops seemed untenable, but it was the hand they had been dealt. It took the pair from the Black Tower less than ten minutes to relieve Captain Garrald of the entirety of his infantry. After all, his strategy for combating the Seanchan had been to march straight onto the field. As if his troops, (all eighty of them) would fare better against Damane and Seanchan monsters than the Armies of Altara and Tarabon.

Garrald had been possessed of five platoons, classified Alpha through Echo (A-E in non military terminology), Carys had taken Alpha and Bravo for herself. Mainly skirmishers, they were outfitted with bucklers, short swords and long daggers, and each also carried three casting javelins. Adrien took Charlie and Delta for himself, these were the main force of the infantry, armed with swords and shields, and wearing breastplates where the skirmishers settled for mail, there were trade offs, but advantages to each as well. Echo, the archers, quilted armor and short bows, were left in their Captains dubiously capable hands. Once the peacock had ceased his squawking, after being reminded that he could still lose his Black Tower advisors, he allowed it was time to get to work, and took Adrien to his command tent to discuss tactics whilst Carys took one of her platoons of scouts and headed off in search of the enemy. Adrien watched her go from Garrald’s tent flap, only ducking inside once she had disappeared over the crest of a gently rolling hill.


It was hours later, nearly mid-day, before Adrien ducked out of his ‘commanders’ tent. The man was a total loss, and was, after being made to swallow tactics he didn’t like, sulking; for lack of a more appropriate term. Adrien chuckled a bit at the image that conjured in his mind, a sulking peacock. Running his fingers through his sweat soaked hair, (Light but the heat was unbearable this far south!) Adrien Chandonne knuckled the small of his back, trying to loosen a knot which had wrapped its self, apparently permanently, around his spine. When at last he brought his eyes back down from their panorama of the sky, Adrien was rewarded by seeing Carys approaching… at a dead run. That did not bode well… not well at all. Sticking his head back into the tent, Adrien called for the Captain to stop sulking and rally his archers, then removed his head and called for his infantry to rouse themselves. Carys, by this time, was standing almost on his toes, and he was keenly aware of her proximity, and of her scent, a mix of lavender and rose which filled his head like a fine ale. He turned back to face her, and she, in fashion typical for her, offered the information he least wanted he hear in a witty and biting manner. The Seanchan had arrived.

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          The plan worked perfectly… almost. The skirmishers rained their throwing spears down onto the charging Seanchan infantry inflicting moderate damages, for those who survived the first cast were soon... more
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