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Fellow Friends
Wed Jun 21, 2006 14:15 (XFF:

The imposter sul’dam exited the tent, beginning the search for the captive Asha’man. And once I’ve let one of them go, provided I manage to find them, I’ll come back and look for a Friend of the Dark….Hopefully, the Asha’man won’t insist that I go back to the Tower with him or her, Shayla thought as she walked around the camp, searching for the captives. Her weave was holding so far, and the Soldier could only hope that no one would look at her twice. Most of the people she passed got out of her way, the dress doing a wonderful job of concealing her. She could sense saidar being woven in the distance furiously, and wondered what was happening. Not that it really makes that much of a difference to me…my job is to get one of the prisoners out, and if possible make contact with a Darkfriend within the camp. Again, though, the question is how to identify one…

The quartermaster sat in the supply tent, sweating in the gathered heat. He opened the drawer to his ‘desk’ and pulled out a missive he had received only two days ago from his Mistress.

“Make havoc wherever possible. Do nothing to reveal yourself. Contact me regularly with reports. Let the Lord of Chaos reign.”

The Mistress never left a name, nor did he ask her. She was almost certainly one of the Forsaken, but he did not wish to offend her by seeming to question her orders. The Mistress had appeared to him the first time, informing him of his change in status, and giving him new instructions.

Shayla ducked into an empty tent, the third since leaving the sul’dam’s tent, intent on finding a Darkfriend. This particular tent probably belonged to one of the common soldiers, going by the starkness of it. She rifled through the papers left lying out, not expecting to find anything significant. There was nothing of interest, the sheets speaking mostly of home matters and wartime politics. The Soldier turned to the small chest also in the tent, hoping that it wasn’t locked. She was in luck; the chest opened easily. More papers could be found inside it, which Shayla began to search through eagerly. The previous two tents had not had chests with papers, suggesting that this particular soldier had something he wished to keep hidden from his superiors. One letter in particular caught her attention:

“Make havoc wherever possible. Do nothing to reveal yourself. Give your reports to the army quartermaster regurlarly. Let the Lord of Chaos reign.”

Finally, thought Shayla, a Darkfriend! I shall have to find this quartermaster and corner him. Now the question becomes, what to tell and what to ask? I’ve only made contact through carrier pigeon, this will be the first time meeting another Friend in person since the one in Whitebridge…Whatever I do, though, I can’t let him find out that I can channel…that would mean capture for certain…thinking about it now, I believe that this quartermaster might be the person to ask about the location of the captive Asha’man…

Shayla exited the tent quickly; no one thought to question her about what she was doing—after all, as far as the encampment knew, she was sul’dam. The Seachan imposter made her way, after a few careful questions, to the supply tent. With luck, the quartermaster would be inside.

OOC: Miriam-chan, I know you read my posts. I think it would be interesting if Laila saw Shayla while she was Illusioned, and then was talking about it later, after the battle...Let me know somehow what you think.

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