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Reassessing values
Sat Jun 24, 2006 10:18 (XFF:

Jonas drifted in the black emptiness that was the Void. The ever expanding nothing reached as far as his senses could reach, enveloping him in clear, blissful oblivion. Nothing could though him as long as he stayed here. His world closed down to the clear thoughts of the Void, no emotion, no worries about his family or the men in his squad. Only the hard, cold, endless Void.

Cold black eyes opened to a dark sky, small dark bleu clouds were drifting overhead. Slowly Jonas rose from the wooden crate he was sitting on. The world looked settled down, the silence after a battle, exhaustion and already the building tension of a new battle that loomed ahead. Jonas felt it, but with the Void wrapped closely about him it didnít include him. He had been in the Void a lot, but never as deep as he was now. Normally everything seemed distant, now it felt like Jonas was watching the world from the top of a mountain. When he walked, it was as if he was steering a puppet that looked like Jonas Baleshire. Though he hadnít slept for just about a day he didnít feel the least like sleeping, and when arriving at the tent his men were sleeping in he sat down and waited, watching the sky without seeing it.

When the time came he woke them up and set them on guard on the north side of the camp. His blank stare kept both watch on them as on the hillside they were keeping guard on. His movement felt fluid, to Jonas, like walking through water. His mind was calm, never since the night that his family had been killed had he felt calm, until now. Jonas wrapped the Void closely around him, ignoring the wild pull of Saidin. Without emotion even that was effortless.

That night Jonas decided to keep himself lock in the Void. His duty to the Black Tower and his duty the men under his command were completely clear to him, and he felt ready for the challenge set before him. Though he still felt responsible for his men, it was no longer a burden.

The watch ended and Jonas led his men back to their tent. They still had about two hours of sleep left to them before the army would awake and march. Jonas watched his men as they fell asleep within a few seconds. Jonas thought about it and decided he would sleep too, laying down on the first straw matt that he saw. Still wrapped inside the Void it took him only a few heartbeats to fall into a deep dreamless sleep. It had been long since he had slept like this, untroubled by his past, or worries about the future. Darkness filled his dreams, endless darkness.

The next day went by on automatic for Jonas, the Void made that he felt almost nothing of what happened. Nothing surprised him, nothing could amaze him. The world was razor sharp to Jonas, his voice cold as ice and without hesitation. Every move calculated and divisive. He almost eagerly awaited the coming battle. To see if he could deal with the chaos and confusion of it. If he could now keep the men under his command alive. In his mind he still recalled the names of the dead: Saraid, Edab and Fical. He could still see his wife and his children but the emotions that had accompanied those thought were gone. Everything was buried and only the present remained. The Ever Victorious Army was only the next obstacle in a series of events that would unfold themselves as the Pattern wanted, and Jonas went with the flow.

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    • Reassessing values — Dedicated Jonas Baleshire, Sat Jun 24 10:18
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