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Jolly Good
Wed Jul 5, 2006 19:26 (XFF:

The knotted wooden door was rugged. It wasn't a solid piece, as most would be of, in higher quality establishments in the real world. No. This one was multiple planks, thick, unadorned. Pine, he thought. Held together by black iron rivets and couplets, and hinged with equally inexpensive hardware. Locke liked the door - he liked it a lot. The dents and dings, the scratches, the uneven level of the plane across, and top to bottom - it had character. His head was still a mite foggy, but his body had been Healed by one of the best men in the Tower for such a job - one of the master Healers of that particular track. The wounds he'd sustained killing the Seanchan rearguard were nowhere to be seen, nor was the singed flesh from the errant fireball that had blasted him, as Rianyll had told it, "clear across the damn field."

Locke didn't believe he'd gone quite that far. Maybe sixteen feet.

He had been told to confine himself to bed, to await his Raising after all had been debriefed, after he'd recovered completely. Images of the dead man banners were burned into his mind, his soul - and likely, all the surviving members of that brigade of the Ever Victorious Army, as well. After he'd woken up - a full twelve hours after having been on the receiving end of the fireball - Shin and Jack and Mat, all, had told him of the outcomes of all the fighters. The Northern countries had exploded through the Gap, after news of the utter destruction of the reserves had reached their ears. Their own attack to the rearguard, coupled with the renewed vigor of Black Tower troops knowing they had reinforcements on two fronts, led to what would be known, it was sure, as one of the most horrendous losses the Seanchan had ever known.

It puzzled him, though, that the Grand General Pargarus had fled. Fled. No general with honor to match his army would flee a battle. Locke twisted his tongue within his mouth contempuously, and again went to remove himself from bed, hopefully noiselessly, so the woman who was strictly enforcing his state of seemingly eternal bedrest would not be disturbed from her book. That lady will be the death of me, and I've already been healed. She noticed. Of course she did. The young Major had a feeling that she was just pretending to read, and as such, was using him as a game. She was going to verbally chastize him again - he could tell by her face - but she was interrupted by the heavy, imperfect door being flung open.

"Major Lemain, sir!" A smart salute from a bedecked Soldier, already in armor.

"Speak, then." Locke returned the salute sharply as he spoke, curious, standing without a shirt.

"M'Hael's orders to locate Pargarus have come to fruition - the Spies we set forth have reported back through Gateways - he's moved back into the Gap, farther north, towards the ravines before the slack hills or Murandy."


"You've been selected to lead the attack force on the remnants of his unit - your orders are to bring back his head."

There was a stunning silence. A magical silence. He'd finally been recognized to lead his own army. I'm no longer a helping hand...

"Jolly good."

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