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Mission Incomplete: A Separate Agenda
Wed Jul 5, 2006 19:34 (XFF:

The flap on the tent fluttered open, allowing a whoosh of hot wind to catch the plump man inside unawares. In its wake a young dark woman in a sul'dam dress slipped in, to stand and stare at the quartermaster with her hands on her hips. So this is what a living Friend of the Dark looks like, though Shayla, I wonder who he serves? to start this conversation without scaring him off...I want to find out which of the Chosen he serves...

The quartermaster stood, feeling out of sorts and flustered--it was highly unusual for a sul'dam to come to him personally. "Have I done something wrong, mistress? Something to displease the sul'dam?" he asked nervously.

Uh-oh...I cannot speak like a Seanchan...Once I speak, he'll know I'm not a sul'dam and probably raise the alarm...but I need to know. "Not-us-but me." The man began to look frightened, dreading the Soldier's next words. "Bring me parchment and pen--it is too dangerous to speak aloud."

The quartermaster had gone from frightened to a mixture of terror and bewilderment. Shayla was struggling to not laugh, because the mixture of emotions on his pudgy face looked rather comical. The man had his eyebrows raised, eyes wide, and was chewing on his lower lip. While he reached into his desk to give Shayla the parchment and pen, the sul'dam imposter gazed around with interest, taking mental notes.

On the desk was a multitude of papers, among them lists of supply routes, commissions, and troop distributions. This could be really useful if I got it back, but it would probably come too late, going by the amounts of saidar I can feel being channeled...

Shayla's musing was cut short by the quartermaster. "Here, miss."

Shayla took the pen from him and began to write her message in silence, motioning for the man to move away so as to have at least a semblance of privacy. The Illusioned woman wrote two messages, one for the Seanchan quartermaster and one for whomever his master was. She folded up the message to his master and put both missives on his desk. The pudgy man looked on apprehensively, his face clearing only as she began to leave.

"That will be all," she told him perfunctorily, "Be sure to follow my instructions to the letter." Shayla imbued her voice with menace; the quartermaster's eyes darted to and fro as he imagined the applications of her unspoken "or else." Shayla laughed inwardly at the fat man's consternation upon realizing that she knew he was a Friend of the Dark.

After the sul'dam had left, the Seanchan quartermaster picked up the parchment with her instructions on it. His eyes widened more and more the further into her message he read:

I know who you are, what you are. If you compromise me in any way, there will be consequences. Do not go to the sul'dam or the Captain-General. The second message is for whichever of the Chosen you serve. Send it on to him or her with all speed--they shall know what to do with it. If the Chosen does not deign to respond in person, please convey his or her answer to me, in code, addressed to the following person:

Soldier Shayla al'Cazor
The Black Tower

I repeat, do nothing to compromise my position in any way--I shall know and find a way to punish you for it. I can promise you that.

Once the man finished reading Shayl'as missive, he picked up the folded message and hid both sheets in one of the drawers. His mistress was going to visit him in the next two days--he'd give the odd sul'dam's letter to the mistress then.

Shayla ducked into an empty tent near the edge of camp and changed out of the sul'dam dress. She folded it neatly and placed it on the cot before dropping her Illusion weaves. I was beginning to get a headache, the Soldier said to herself. Shayla envisioned her black rose and embraced saidar, channeling flows of Spirit. She began the Concealment weaves, being extra careful to make sure that none of her clothing or body parts were showing through the weave. Satisfied, Shayla exited the tent, avoiding the soldiers. The raven-haired woman began to run for the Gateway when she realized that she had forgotten t invert her weaves. I didn't complete our assigned mission, but then again...did I ever truly intend to? I don't believe I did...Oh! There's the Gateway up ahead thank the Great Lord of the Dark. Now I can return to my real mission.

Shayla stepped into the Gateway, coming out to the familiar sight of the Traveling Grounds and Traitor's Tree, with the barracks behind. She was home.

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    • Mission Incomplete: A Separate Agenda — Soldier Shayla al'Cazor, Wed Jul 5 19:34
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