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Not So Aptly Named
Wed Jul 5, 2006 20:08 (XFF:

"I will not need to take along the number of men you prescribe, Lieutenant." Locke shook his head deftly, pointing simply at the location of Pargarus's camp. "We have a terrible advantage over them, as they are now."

"What are you talking about? They're camped in a ravine! It's one of the most defensible natural strongholds they could've possibly come across!" The naysayer was a redhead, slim, not slender, with gray eyes and a strong sense of his own intelligence. Not a bad idea at all, but a problem when the issue was pressed to the point of not considering all possibilities.

"For a traditional army, yes."


"Men who move across the Earth on their feet." Locke laughed, purely joyful. It wasn't condescending at all - Locke just loved this part of the game. The planning, the knowing, the power that came with knowledge. "We don't have to attack them from the only place normal men can. The mouth of the ravine is impossibly hard to press, yes, but we're not going to attack them there. We're going to use gateways, and end up here," Locke pointed with a tapered rod, "right in the peaks of the mountains around them, the ones that make the place they're camped so incredibly strong."

"There's no way we can charge from there!"

"We won't have to."


Locke was seated atop Sim, his cleansed, burnished armor all flat black, neutral, imposing. The smooth helmet was newly refreshed, all the blood and other debris having been cleaned whilst he slept. Someone wanted him to look good for his troops - there was a single stud on the forehead that had been added - apparently it was an indication of his new rank, unofficial as it may be. Prodigy, too, had been recovered. He owed someone greatly for finding his spear. The thing was not just a weapon - it was part of him. Sim whickered, seemingly impatient to begin this new expedition. Locke was as well, but no general would leave to do battle without first addressing the troops. Imperiously white skin contrasting his midnight armor and mail, Locke raised a gauntleted fist.

"We ride today, ladies and gentlemen." There were a few snickers - he was glad of it. "This is the last mission regarding the Seanchan incursion to Illian - our scouts have located Pargarus, and as such, we have been beckoned to summarily crush him, as we did his incredibly poorly named Ever Victorious Army." More laughs. "More to the point, he's not wanted alive, and a handsome reward." He smirked. "This is to be a relatively simplistic encursion - so I ask only that you all listen, and when the time comes, show no mercy!"


The craggy footing was nearly impassible. That was alright - they'd only be there a few hours. Seventy Soldiers and fifty Dedicated, plus himself and Shin. "Have the ones we hand-picked, powerful in Earth, start the impasse." Locke smiled thoughtfully and raised his feathered fan, a signal for the others. The Soldiers and Dedicated scrambled, Earth and Water in equal numbers. They would have all the time in the world to do their duties - there were no scouts this high, in the peaks of the mountains. Through his looking glass, Locke could see the Seanchan camp. It was... so far down. The view was almost like cheating. Not even bothering to cup his hand over the lens to shield a reflection from the sun, he observed casually, placidly, as the activity around him began to take shape. The shape of a basin, the shape of a massive, massive flood.

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