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A Torrential Downpour
Wed Jul 5, 2006 20:57 (XFF:

It had grown misty and gray - cool, a persuasive, if totally misleading, calm had settled across the mountains they were trenched in. The clouds were spinning, thundering. No doubt Pargarus knew something was afoot, but he couldn't know it was anything more than a massive storm system. The Cloud Dancers were hard at work - the huge strati would burst at any moment, letting a deluge of water hammer down upon the enemy, without stopping - not stopping for anything. From here, so high, Locke could see how the land would play into such a maneuver. Most water would fan out across the mouth and move southwest, along the downward path, but some, some, would flow into the ravine. Some would cumulate, given time, given help. They would all drown. Well, some. The southwestern path, where the water would flow, was being built up with a gigantic rampart by the men gifted with Earth - the dam would cause the diverted flows to rise... pushing it right back down the ravine. Those with brains would scramble into the mountains, where they would be met by the entrenched Black Tower men, and slaughtered. Those who didn't seek high ground...

"The rock wall is in place, Major."

"Then add your weaves to the flow of Water. I don't want it to rain drops. I want it to rain oceans."

At that, he too let the Power do more than boil inside his stomach. Seizing the immense fire, forcing it, Locke channeled the thickest weave of water he could muster, letting it release in the sky as a waterfall, coming from nowhere. Others did the same, others, others, more and more... the view hadn't changed, but the state of the camp had. The rivulets that were forming in the neatly organized walkways were becoming more than rivulets. Slowly.

"Tell the reserves in the Southwest to begin their weaves as well." At that, the runner made off, legs shaky and unstable on the tilted, uneven ground. He'd better be more cautious that quick - on these cliffs, if he fell, he'd die.

Soon thereafter, perhaps half an hour of rain into the game, the southwestern path was filled with water as well, the channelers there filling the basin made by the rockwall to the brim. As the water level broke even with the drop in the land's play, it trickled downward, into the already drenched ravine. And as the reserved channelers increased their efforts, it trickled, then spilled, then sloshed, and soon, cascaded. It was cooler in these mountains, come night. The troops would be shivering, cold, annoyed. They all would die - they'd pay for their arrogance.

"Prepare the assault force - have them lay in wait nigh some hundred paces from the foot of the steppes there, at the widest form of the rock. That's where I suspect they'll run to." Locke gestured. "I'll meet them there, after I write off special orders for Shin's group." Locke readied his own rope, as the men left over from the two divisions of Water-Channelers did the same. It was a dangerous way down, but it was also the fastest. The aim was a ledge that became a twisted, tiny, mountain path, that Locke suspected had started as a goat's grazing trail. A very treacherous looking embarkment, but it would be the only thing the Seanchan could run to, once they understood the ruination of staying in the ravine. They would have to abandon their arms, their armor, and climb. Defenseless, one at a time - like bobbing for apples.

  • Not So Aptly NamedMajor Lemain, Wed Jul 5 20:08
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    • A Torrential Downpour — Major Lemain, Wed Jul 5 20:57
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          Hannibal was one of the first in line at the summit - he'd started climbing first, after all. Those with him were dealt with quickly, blazing fireballs charring them to mere skeletons, still others... more
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