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The Water Castle Tactic
Thu Jul 6, 2006 12:41 (XFF:

With the waters rising, the swells created by spearheads of air soon sucked men into the mud and muck past their ankles, past their knees. The Seanchan waded, each following very specifically given commands, from a very obviously specific assemblage of Second-Lieutenants. The sky was nearly black, a fragmented solid structure of darkness, pierced only by two stars and a fingernail moon, through the eerie shouds of unnatural clouds. Through his looking glass, Locke could not find Pargarus. It doesn't matter. He'll come into his own, soon enough. Behind him, Locke could hear cursing, and a slight clatter. Rocks falling, being chipped by someone's feet. He turned over from his belly to his back in a whirl, seeing almost immediately a Soldier who'd lost his hold on the rope he was climbing onto the steppes from. Seven layers of hardened Air, interspersed by intervals of nine feet, roughly equivalent to the distance to the ground, each of increasing density, came into being in an instant - the young man's fall was broken as he shattered through each layer, slowing him, slowing him, and then allowing him to impact the jagged crags with more of a "tripped and fell" feel than a "I just fell ten spans" one.

"Be bloody careful!" Locke hissed angrily, signalling the others with a balled fist that if they fell, they'd better not scream. He'd kill someone, if he screamed! Back to it, then. The men assembled in a defensive line, arched in a zigzag alone the narrow embarkment, waiting for the Seanchan to come. They hadn't felt it yet, none of them had. Soon.

Over southwest, at the rock wall, those with Earth were still hard at work, building a matrix that delved deep into the ignious rock that made up the entirety of the area around them. Under the water, through the basin they'd created, they Delved - not looking for anything in particular, but creating a net around as much earth as they could, strengthening that net, preparing all the crust of the world to be moved. Soon. It would be a simplistic chain reaction - displacement was a curious thing. With the bottom of the basin being pulled up into a dome, the water would be pushed up and out - right into the ravine. A flash flood of, to the tiny force camped there, epic proportions. They would be overrun not with soldiers, as the carefully chosen staging area protected them from, but with a tsunami.

"It is like the olden days."

"Come again, Major?"

"The Battle of the Black Hills, many many Ages ago." Locke gestured with his hands. "Some three thousand, by our current reckoning. There was, in a valley, rich in all things, a castle, which was thought to be unbesiegable. The Warrior-King who was lord of the realm has chosen a spot in the valley where the natural defenses were impossibly strong - two rivers, and mountains, and in the front, clear meadows. All attacks on the place failed, and so, none looked to it any longer."


"There was a strategist from the neighboring kingdom - he said he would need three thousand men to annihilate it entirely. His plan was simple - divert the two rivers into the valley, and flood it entirely. The castle was half-submerged in a month; the Warrior King was forced to surrender. In the Books, this is called the Unmanned Battle of Water Castle." There it was. A deafening whoosh, the sound of a great wave taking shape. Everything started to tremble, ever so slightly, letting Locke know that it had been done. Having had no river to divert, he'd taken the liberty of creating one, and here it was, his plan come to fruition. The tremble begat tremors - the roar of white, foamy water was audible now. Locke smiled. The Seanchan below were started to scramble, all of them, towards the peaks of the mountains that had once been refuge, which were now the aquifer in which they knew they would drown.

Near the front of the harried troops, was the man Locke knew he was looking for. Lacquered armor, burnished and shining, all multicolored and sectioned off, each plate a deep, deep green, outlined with reds and blues, yellows and purples, his helmet styled like an insect, the innumerable plumes indicating his pride, his rank. He and his bodyguards escaped first, out the back of a tent Locke could discern only one corner of, even with the Power in him. They yelled no orders, gave no commands. He truly was leaving his men to perish! The pleasure of killing you will be all mine!

"The irreverent pig." Locke spat in his outright distaste; the troops on the ropes had all filtered down, and they were watching, all of them, holding the Power, waiting. And then it came. The dull roar of the oncoming waves became a tumultuous riot, as the white-capped maelstrom thundered into view - the shrieks and screams down below were gratifying. The water convulsed and shimmered, seemingly static for just a moment, as it crested the great hill that it soon would travel down to drown the enemy, and then, it fell. Foam and debris rocketed downward, crashing into the camp and flattening it outright - sheer power. The troops that didn't die instantaneously could be seen, floating dazedly to the top, not knowing which was was up. Still others broke the surface screaming, crying, flailing, as the current that hadn't killed them - yet - dragged them under, and into the studded crags of the mountain walls. More and more surfaced, each man paddling in a frenzied panic, no arms, no armor, all fear, pure, cold, shivering, useless fear, caged up in flesh and bone. They were not men anymore - they were just a statistic, to be recorded as casualties, later in the evening.

"NOW!" Locke erupted in a violent scream, standing full up, allowing those Seanchan who had decided to climb see that death was their fate - He was their fate.

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