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The Anguish Intangible
Thu Jul 6, 2006 13:45 (XFF:

Hannibal was one of the first in line at the summit - he'd started climbing first, after all. Those with him were dealt with quickly, blazing fireballs charring them to mere skeletons, still others being blown apart from inside. The blood and guts of his men splattered his armor, his face, and Pargarus bellowed angrily, pushing forward. Locke whipped his face savagely with a whip of Air, splitting his cheeks, his forehead, his lips, before wrapping it around his waist and whipping him up and over the steppe wall, ensaring him, squeezing until he turned blue. "You, Nemisis, Shikuteki, will watch as the rest of your unit perishes. You will see what you have done. You will see the lives you cost your Empire - lives that now are shouldered by you, and you alone!" Locke held him by his bloodied face, snatching him forcibly by the black hair on his head, pushing him to the dirt, his head hanging over the edge, so as to see the carnage.

Men surfacing were being harpooned by lighted spears of Air - lit so that those throwing them could see how accurate they were, and better judge secondary and following vollies. Fireballs and jagged rocks flew from the hands of Locke's men, annihilating all the defenseless Seanchan trying desperately to climb the wall, those trying to swim, and even the floating bodies. Locke pushed Pargarus down further, grinding his neck into the jagged edge of the steppes, forcing him to watch as one of his bodyguards, who was less than two feet awat from him, at this point, had his skin peeled back from the muscle, tearing it cleanly away from his face, his neck. The tortured screams of the insufferable pain resounded loudly in the general's ears, for be vomited, shaking, as the muscles on the skull of his bodyguard peeled back as well, before the lifeless body, dead from the pain, fell back limp from the rock face.

"You let him die! All things these men feel, these men hate, all the suffering! A leader abandoning his post! A general! You are the leader of the Van! Look what your Van has become! Lifeless! You are the only one left! And you, coward, you too will suffer for your own inaction! I will make your anguish so enormous it becomes a part of your soul!!" Locke was driven to the brink of barbarism, stomach full of the acid and hate, the contempt, he felt for the man. Anger and resentment filled him to his brim, and he lashed out with the Power, flinging his Nemisis back against the wall, pushing, harder, harder, but slowly. The sectioned armor dented backwards, the pressure forcing it slowly into the man's soft flesh, bruising his tissue. Harder.

Hannibal shrieked, begging for his life, pleading, crying to anyone - but nobody paid him heed.

"Do not beg to be spared the fate your soldiers suffered! It is the first responsibility of the generalship of an army to shoulder the burden of his men! Do not be a coward! Do not fear this death, Low Blood, for it is ONLY DEATH!" Locke inverted his pressurized weave and let Pargarus fall to his knees, weeping silently. He vomited blood, his organs compacted and crushed. Locke swung Prodigy once, a vicious semicircle. The black blade passed through the base of Hannibal's neck, severing from the rest of his body. The blood spewed forth in a disgusting geyser, then slowed to a trickle, leaving a dark pool around the severed stump, that spread slowly, like a viscous oil.

Locke exhaled, the red draining from his eyes, the haze fading. Turning he saw that his special orders for Shin had been realized - a single captive. Locke pointed at the decimated body of the Seanchan general.

"We are sending you back to your base of operations, the country from whence this attack originated. You will tell your superiors what happened - you will tell them how Pargarus died. You will show them his body, for it will be going with you - mention to the Blood he shares rank with that he cried and begged, knowing no shame. My name is Locke Lemain, and tell them never, never to forget what unspeakable atrocities I am capable of!"

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