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On Remembrances
Thu Nov 23, 2006 21:19 (XFF:

"Terrian," she nearly stopped just from that single utterance of her name. What she thought she heard in his tone was too much though, she couldn't allow that hope to well up inside her again. Rather, she wouldn't allow it to as she struggled internally to push it down and keep moving away from him. She wanted him to stop her, yes, but a part of her wanted to be done with it as well. No matter what happened, she would be done with it tonight. She would either discover if she had reason to hold on to hope or if it was time to move on. "Wait." Strangely she did as he commanded at the same moment she felt his hand close firmly around her wrist. She was couldn't help but remember a similar situation. It took only an instant for Terrian to realize that the hand that was firmly gripping her wrist belonged to Jostayn. Large, rough, and calloused; in short it was a swordsman's hand. Despite her best efforts, Terrian's eyes widened in surprise as the hand remained tightly around her wrist. "No you don't," Jostayn's voice was soft behind her, "You're not running away, not now when you would be leaving me alone with my sister. Light knows what sort of scheme she would plant into my head. And burn me for all the glares she's sending towards me just this moment." Terrian smiled slightly at the memory. He had stopped her again. Somehow that made it all worthwhile.

Pain abruptly blossomed in her wrist as she was quickly spun to face Jostayn. She nearly lost her balance, catching herself with against his shoulder with her free hand and brining another memory unbidden to her mind. Terrian didn't have time to consider this any more than she already had though because the Asha'man's hand suddenly shot out and encircled her wrist once again. She looked at him in confusion for a moment before he pulled her to him in a motion that caused Terrian to lose her balance for a moment. Reaching a hand out she caught herself by grabbing his shoulder, though Jostayn seemed not to notice. "Look, sister. Yes, look. I could stand this close to her, and we don't feel a thing for each other." Yet, this was different than that day when she had still been and Accepted. This time she looked up at his face and what she saw there confirmed that her hopes were not unfounded. She saw the barely contained emotion and knew the amount of effort he put into keep it contained was about equal to the effort she exerted to not react as she had those years ago. She very nearly closed the short distance between them, but finely honed control stopped her.

He closed his eyes, seeming to check his emotions and give Terrian a chance to do the same before he opened his eyes again looked at her. Light! After so long to know that her hope had basis was almost unbelievable. Still, she pushed all that down below the surface. She had had her dreams crushed before. "No," Terrian looked up at Jostayn's face again, confused. "No, don't say sorry to me. Don't." She opened her mouth to reply, but Jostayn plowed on. "You have done nothing wrong in my eyes, and in truth, I am the one to beg your forgiveness." Her jaw nearly dropped. Damn him! He couldn't even let her apologize properly! She opened her mouth to tell him as much but was cut off again. "I…" He trailed off, leaving Terrian watching his features expectantly. "I wish there was a way to rid this distance between us." She almost sighed. This was what she got for allowing hope to bloom in her heart.

"Burn you, Jostayn Roen." The words were quiet, and more resignedly irritated than angry and were delivered with a weary smile, "Don't you go all noble on me and try to take the blame for this. You got an Aes Sedai to apologize to you; can't you just accept graciously? The fault is mine. I shouldn't have accepted the mission when I knew my feelings wouldn't allow me to be objective." She paused, realizing what she had just said and that it was too late to take it back. "I purposely hurt you, knowing full well what I was doing and why I was doing it. There is no possible way you can take fault for that and no reason for you to try." He opened his mouth as if to reply, but Terrian cut him off. "That's the last I want to hear of it." Light! What part of a man's pride prevented him from allowing a woman to take the blame?

"As to closing this distance between us…" She grinned, only slightly mischievously, "We might want to begin by creating one." He looked confused, raising a brow quizzically before Terrian leaned in closer and spoke in a voice just above a whisper. "My wrist, Jostayn?" She felt not so much as saw that his confusion persisted. "Might you be so good as to let go of it?" He did so quickly, apparently having forgotten that he had grabbed her and had yet to release her. On the same token, Terrian had forgotten the pain that had been born there when Jostayn had spun her. Now that he had let go it came quickly back to mind. Gingerly, she held it out, still smiling. "Unless my memory is flawed, you and I have a matching set of Talents. Seeing as you caused the pain, I think it's only proper that you Heal it as well." She hesitated only slightly before adding, "Please."

He nodded, hands lighting on her wrist at the same moment she embraced saidar to supply some of the energy required by even such a minor Healing. "I'm sorry," Jostayn said as Terrian felt the invisible weave of saidin sink into her wrist and the soreness lift. She merely continued smiling as she dropped the Source.

"Don't be." She replied to his apology as he lifted his hand away. "It was well worth the pain." Gently, she rotated her wrist, testing it to see how it felt. "Thank you." She studied him closely for a moment, working to memorize the look on his face as something she could point to in her mind as why she kept dreaming that someday they would finally get things right. Finally, she allowed her hazel eyes to meet his gaze with sincerity. "In all seriousness, I think we both know that there is a way to be rid of the distance between us. After all, there must be some reason we can hardly ever see each other without the meeting ending in an argument. I suppose, that if we could just talk for a change that might be a good start." She shrugged, "After all, have we ever really just talked about nothing in particular without being interrupted?" Terrian couldn't recall a single time, not once since they had met. "I suppose that just based on that it's no wonder we fight so much." A small laugh escaped her lips before she could cut it off.

"So, what do you think?"

OOC: Look! A post! Anyway, I agree that we have to wait until a later time (at least for them, maybe not for us) to develop this too much more. Otherwise it would just be a big hassle of a timeline twister. Still, considering Mena's Bonded now, that leaves Terrian as the only active, un-Bonded Green. She's gonna feel left out soon! Anyway, you get to take this wherever and if/when they talk Jostayn gets to pick the first topic of discussion.

By the way, if it wasn't evident, Terrian's finally come to a decision about what she wants. Even if he wanted to, Jostayn couldn't get rid of her now!

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