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Styr Tai'Sei, Soldier
Prologue: Even A Devil May Cry (Repost.)
Sat Dec 9, 2006 09:34 (XFF:

Styrrrrrrrr… Styrrrrrrrr…

Styr lay silent, with his fingers locked behind his head, completely at ease upon the rough mattress of his bed. Stripped of his uniform black he was, perhaps, a less formidable figure than one could see striding the training grounds of the Black Tower, yet the bunching of ropy muscle caused by his posture, coupled with the ferocious bestiality of his dark gaze, was enough to make anyone wary.

“Yes, Master.”

As he spoke, the movement of his jaw shifted his gaunt fringe into a rough side parting. Months of gruelling instruction had taken their toll on his physique, and he was a very different person from the softening lad who had left the manipulations of the Aes Sedai’ halls. Every line of him was developing into a harshness that went beyond what a woman might find attractive, into complete intimidation. Any one of his peers would have told a new Soldier to beware of Styr Tai’Sei. It was a known fact among those same peers that the reason behind his lack of promotion was his furious violence, inability to respect his tutors and complete his disciplines…

His hair too, had been changed by the months he had spent in training. For convenience, it was no longer dyed and cut to his shoulders, but instead shorn short around his ears in a dark-grey tangle of curls.

Styrrrrrr… You have been spared grief thus far as you developed in your training here. Yet I am most sorry to say that you will soon have to make… a great sacrifice.

Styr’s melodic laughter rang through the empty hall of his barracks. All the other Soldiers were occupied with some task or another, but he had several night duties today, and so had taken to his bed for an hours rest.

“Master, I have made many sacrifices in the Great Lord’s name, and you have my word as a Servant of the Chosen that I will continue thus. All I have is His…”

The disembodied voice chuckled appreciatively within the darkness of the Barracks. Ever since this new Master had contacted Styr, he had been unable to discern his, or her, identity. This one was weaker than Pravus Magister had been, surely or he would not have hidden himself so; but he was crafty and sly. It sounded like a man, but everything was deceiving when it came to Friends of the Dark… For now, Styr was content to serve; until his ‘Master’ slipped up. Then, he would begin his vengeance. But for now, it was the long game…

That is as well, True Eyes .For you know how the Great Lord deals with traitors. However, I think that this request will not be as much to your liking as ever before. A time is coming when you will have to make a decision between the Past and the Future. Tarmon Gai’don is coming, and you have chosen where to throw in your lot. Yet the Great Lord’s enemies must be crippled so that there is not even the spark of hope remaining to them. One such enemy will soon be yours to dispose of… You know of whom I speak.

Even as the ironic laughter of his Master echoed away with the fading of his Presence, Styr felt a gelatinous mass of dread dribble down through the marrow of his bones. Oh aye. He knew exactly of whom his Master spoke. Quietly, Styr turned his broad back on the darkness of the Barracks, and wept.

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