Blaesius al'Asa, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah
I: Impulses
Sat Dec 9, 2006 09:35 (XFF:

Hands clasped behind his back, Blaesius paced the carpet-clad floor of his rooms. One almost expected to see a tail emerge from the beautifully tailored depths of his yellow trousers; so alike was he to a caged tiger. Discontent was etched across his sharp features as plain as a map and his blind eye glared with all the intent of a murderous eagle at darkness. The little bundle of Bond-emotions curled up in the back of his mind shivered delicately like a small cat, at the strength of his emotions. Teli knew how he felt, and why he felt it, but she was no balm for his spirit anymore. In fact, more than anything else she made it worse with her constant mood swings of black pessimism and shining optimism. The world wasn’t painted in black and white…

I cannot bear this confinement much longer. I had hoped that as Aes Sedai I might be free of the Tower’s constraints, yet I find that now I am bound more tightly than ever! Fade’s Balls, the world moves onwards while I sit idle, and there is so much that needs to be done!

It was now almost six months since Blaesius had been raised to the Yellow Ajah, and as much as he had filled his time with projects such as the learning of bladecraft and completion of his studies within the Ajah, he found himself increasingly hemmed in by his duties. He was Servant of All, yet there were so many things that needed to be done that excluded all but him. A decade or more locked up in the Tower, and now when he was finally free to leave, he found himself bound once more, in tighter and heavier chains. Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than a mountain…

Roaring his irritation, Blaesius sent a fist smashing into the nearest object- a full-length mirror. The heavy glass shattered and sliced the flesh of his arm in numerous places, yet he felt no pain. Suddenly, he couldn’t feel anything but a terrible sense of foreboding, and melancholy. Standing on a shattered plain of broken glass, he thought seven years bad luck a broken mirror…

Seizing a hold on the mercurial power of saidin, Blaesius lifted the broken shards back into place with Air and melted them back into a single sheet of glass once again with Fire and Earth. The mirror was fixed, yet he could not shake that sense of something awful soon to happen… Sighing, he examined them deep cuts on his right hand and arm. The knuckles were bloody and crimson tears spilt steadily from the largest abrasions. He did not wish to trouble the already over-worked Healers of the Infirmary with such a triviality and, as none of the wounds seemed life threatening, he would just clean and bandage them. Then…

Decisiveness settled into his lithe frame, warming his flesh like liquor. He knew what he had to do. It was no longer a case of wanting to; it was a case of having to now. He would not sit in his Tower and grow old and fat while Tarmon Gai’don approached. No, he was leaving. Tonight.

Suddenly, wreathes of saidin were thick in the air and objects began to zoom around the room at Blaesius’ direction. Ash-blond hair stirring slightly in the wind caused by his summoning of objects, Blaesius packed his clothing and personal effects in several large bags he had purchased or the very purpose months ago. Soon, the rooms that represented his newfound authority were stripped to the bleached bones. Everything was packed but the furniture, and the sheath that bore the twin Blades of his family heritage.

Flinging a Greatcoat over the yellow linen of his suit, Blaesius buckled the weapons into place and took one last look around the empty room. He had called this Home for the last six months. Now he was going to return to the place that had always been his true home: the place that had called to him for over two decades. Shienar… And before that, Andor. Grinning in a way that was utterly humourless, Blaesius summoned his packs with a flick of Air and made his way down to Teli’s rooms. He was never usually this impulsive, yet if he didn’t do this now, he never would.

A shadowy figure watched him go, also smiling in a way that had nothing to do with humour. How Blaesius would have shuddered to see that smile; and all of its’ portentous evil…

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