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Blaesius al'Asa, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah
III: I Must Out
Sat Dec 9, 2006 09:37 (XFF:

Blaesius’ eyes shimmered with a sheen of cold fervour as he led Teli down the corridors of the White Tower for the last time. Not the Last time, maybe; but it would certainly be a suitably long while before their feet tapped the cold marble walkways of Tar Valon again. He smiled. Change was a necessity sometimes. Without it, humanity would wither and die. Maybe that was what Tarmon Gai’don brought… Change. Blaesius wrenched his thoughts from such dire subjects as these and concentrated on the conversation he had partaken in with Pietro earlier, after meeting Teli.

“You are leaving, Blaesius.” It wasn’t a question, it was a regret.

“Aye. I’m sorry, Pietro.” Blaesius tried to move past the bulky form of his one-time tutor, but Pietro was a deliberate obstruction. It seemed he still had things to say.

“I swear no good shall come by this. Lad, I have listened to the wind and ill storms blow in your paths. Would it not be wiser to stay? As it is we have few of the Yellow within the Tower, without others leaving on a whim…” Blaesius’ anger flared unexpectedly.

“Pietro, my affairs are my own and I shall carry them out with zealousness, without your interference. You know all too well the strain of being locked up within Tar Valon for so many decades. I, must, out!”

Pietro held his gaze with eyes that could have pierced Cuendillar. Tension was thick in the air, and passing Initiates gave the two Aes Sedai a wide berth. Ever since the days of Mesaana’s infiltration to the office of Mistress of novices, many Initiates of the White Tower had been wary of quarrelling Aes Sedai… Finally, after moments that stretched into hours, Pietro stepped aside.

“I like this foolhardy sojourn not, yet if yer mind be set then all I can do is warn ye and wish for yer safe return. There is an ill foreboding to the air around ye. Avoid conflict. A safe journey Home to both of ye and may the Creator smile upon ye.” Anger was writ in his every line as he turned on heel and strode away- velvet cloak swirling in the breeze. Blaesius sighed.

Reaching the Travelling Yards, with all their ill-kept muck and churned dirt, Blaesius gave Teli a quick and mercurial kiss upon the lips before summoning the services of saidin. Spirit and Fire opened a Gateway, to that empty field he had played in as a boy; outside the walls of Caemlyn. Apprehension broke upon him like a wave, bringing all the terrible memories of his departure. May the Creator smile upon us indeed… He smiled boyishly, exhultation dispelling the foreboding thoughts brought on by his conversation with Pietro, and looked to the future; in expectation of adventure.

“To Andor, then, my love.”

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