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Teli Telverin, Aes Sedai of the Grey Ajah
IV: Fools
Sat Dec 9, 2006 09:37 (XFF:

ďYes, to Andor,Ē Teli replied as she looked through the Gateway. A vice placed itself upon her heart. She forced a smile as she looked over at Blaesius. Her feet wouldnít obey her. She could just stare ahead of her; at the Gateway that led to the town where she had lived for the life she had before the White Tower. She couldnít move; fear held her in place. Gathering herself, she took the step through the Gateway. The process had taken mere seconds, but it had felt like days. She was going home, and she didnít know what to fear more; how her mother would react, or what she was to find of her family.

Teli gazed at the walls of Caemlyn, and her unease grew. She could lie to herself and say that she didnít have a want to be here, but she knew that wasnít true. It was also true that she couldnít lie, because of the oaths that bound her. So, she stared at the place that she had dreaded to come back to all these years, and yet was waiting for the opportunity to come here. She had been back once since she had been at the White Tower, but that had been a lesson, and she had had no chance to see her family, and that was the point behind this trip. She looked over at Blaesius with frightened eyes. She didnít want to walk, but it was the only thing that she did want. It was confusing, even to her, but she had no better way to explain it.

She looked back at the walls of Caemlyn. Inside those walls were the memories that she had tried to get rid of took place. Inside those walls was her family. Inside those walls there was pain. Inside those walls there was sadness. Inside those walls there was love.

Gathering herself once again, she started to walk towards the gate. She didnít know what gave her the strength to move. She was so frightened that she just wanted to walk back through the Gateway, and hide in her quarters, but she didnít do it. Blaesius knew how much of a toll this was taking on her, but at the moment, she couldnít take his comfort, even if he had offered it. She was alone in this, at this moment, and no one could help her.

She stopped, and turned to look at Blaesius with her scared eyes once again.

ďAre we staying at an inn today? I donít think I could face my family today. Maybe Iím just a fool, and Iím frightened about what might happen, but if that is the case, then I will be a fool. I just canít make myself see them today, no matter how much I want to. Please, can we wait until tomorrow?Ē Teliís eyes pleaded with him. She didnít know what else to do. She just stood there, looking at him, awaiting his answer. He knew how she felt, but if he said that they were going now, then she would do it.

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