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Teli Telverin, Aes Sedai of the Grey Ajah
V: Surprises
Sat Dec 9, 2006 09:38 (XFF:

When Teli heard Blaesius say that it was fine with him that they stay at an inn for the night, she felt her heart lift. She smiled at him, turned around, and then began walking towards the city. She was going back to the city that held so many memories. Back to the city where all of her pain had begun. Back to the city where her family lived. She walked towards the city as the clamp around her heart tightened. She refused to react to the feeling, and just kept walking. She wouldn't let that stop her, not now. As she got closer, she began to worry about the fact that maybe someone would recognize her. Of course, it had been sixteen years since she had been to Caemlyn, but she hardly looked any different then she had then. She had hardly aged over all those years because of the effect of saidar. She hoped that she wouldn't be recognized. She didn't know how people would act after all these years. Of course, she also didn't know if it was safe to use her real name. She knew that Telverin was not a very common name, nor was Teli. What could she use, though, to hide her identity? She knew she could use the nickname Li, because she had been called that many times. She knew they would ask for a last name though, at the inn. She didn't know what she could use. She didn't want to announce herself as an Aes Sedai, but she didn't want to use the name Telverin.

Teli didn't even notice how much she had been thinking about it, until she realized that they were now in the midst of the city. She was actually in Caemlyn, and she hadn't even noticed. She looked back at Blaesius for a moment, and then her eyes were on the sides of the road, looking for an inn where they could stay. She didn't need anything fancy. She wasn't one for wanting the better things in life. She was pretty simple in her needs, and wants. She didn't need any special treatment. She finally spotted one that looked decent enough. It was named the Silver Cup. She looked back at Blaesius for a moment, and then ducked into the door. This was a part of town that she vaguely remembered. She knew that she wasn't that close to her old home, but that was probably for the best. It would be less likely for her to run into anyone she knew this way.

She went up to the bar to the innkeeper. She smiled at him kindly. She didn't have to look behind her to know that Blaesius was behind her.

"Hello, I would like to use a room for the night." Teli said.

"What's the name?" The innkeeper asked.

"Li Verin," Teli said. She wasn't lying; all she did was cut out part of her name when she had said it.

"How many for the room?" The innkeeper asked.

"Two, please. One bed would do fine." Teli said, never losing her smile. The innkeeper nodded.

"Would you like meals as well?" The innkeeper asked.

"Yes, meals would be appreciated." Teli said. "We will only be staying one night." The innkeeper nodded once again, told her the price, and Teli pulled out her moneybag, and handed the required amount to the innkeeper. He then led them to their room.

After the innkeeper had left, Teli was hit by a sudden spell of tiredness. She sat down for a moment, confused. She had hardly done anything today. It made no sense for her to be tired like she was. Maybe it was because of her lack of sleep for the last few nights. That had to be it. Without a word, Teli fell asleep.

She awoke when the knocking came for their dinner. She looked around the room, but Blaesius wasn't there. The grogginess had made her forget for a moment that she wasn't in the Tower any longer. Teli opened the door, and took the tray from the person. She took one look at it, and even though she liked the food on it, her stomach began to turn. Not knowing when Blaesius would come back, Teli placed a Keeping weave over the food to keep it warm, and fell back asleep.

She was awoken a second time to Blaesius coming back to the room. From what she could tell, it was early in the morning. They would be leaving in a few hours to go and see her family. She smiled up at Blaesius. Then, the smell of the food overwhelmed her, and her stomach began to churn again. She whimpered, and curled her legs up to her torso. She didn't know why her stomach had been acting up, but she wished it would just go away. Maybe the smells were just too much for her today.

She looked up at Blaesius for a moment, and then she moved over so that he could lie down if he wished. Before she was able to tell if he had lain down or not, she was already asleep again.

It was finally about mid-morning when she awoke once again. Her stomach wasn't bothering her as much as it had. She got out of bed, and got ready to leave. Blaesius was awake as well, and they left. For breakfast, Teli worked on a piece of bread, but even that was hard for her to keep down. Then, they left the inn.

Teli began walking towards the road she remembered from her childhood. Suddenly, Teli heard her name called out, and then someone picked her up. Shock, and fear filled her. She didn't even think to use saidar. She didn't know who it was. She looked at the face of her capturer. For a moment, there was no recognition, but then it hit her. She looked at her brother, unable to speak for a moment. Finally, she got her voice back.

"Dain?" Teli whispered, and then everything went black. From the surprise, Teli had fainted.

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