Blaesius al'Asa, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah
VII: The Memories of Tomorrow
Sat Dec 9, 2006 09:40 (XFF:

That eve, Blaesius lay awake, staring at the cracked plaster of the ceiling. Teli was silent, head pillowed in his bare chest; save for the occasional groans and rumbles of the unconscious. He preferred it so. He had always liked to think things through thoroughly, and he couldn't do so with Teli's usual eclectic personality amplifying his woes. Time and again, his single eye traced those intricate cracks in the powdery white plaster, as though they were threads upon his weave; he thought of the past, the present, and the future... He was lost in time.

Finally, as the sun threw thick shadows on the wall opposite the window, Teli stirred, and Blaesius shook off the glamour of deep thought for the realities of the day. Rising, he donned his tunic and weaponry...

Walking down unfamiliar Caemlyn roads, Blaesius played Warder to Teli. With one hand upon the hilt of his right-hand blade, he scanned the crowded roads for threats to his bondmate. It was difficult, but necessary. After all, Teli seemed in no state to be looking after herself in this treacherous city. Light, but he was worried about her. She was thin already, and barely ate during the day any more. He hoped it wasn't depression kicking in again.

Damn! Lost her! Concentrating on the crowd around him, he had neglected to follow Teli's exact path, and a wall of people had closed between them. A reverberation of shock echoed down his bond to her, and he was suddenly filled with a terrible desperation.


He shoved people around him away and, ignoring their angry retorts and challenges, ran in that towards that psychic sense of her. Suddenly, the throng parted, and he could see a solidly built man leaning over the prone form of Teli.

'Get away from my wife, Whoreson!' A flash of anger, swallowed in the Void, and saidin lashed out to bind the man with Air and Fire. He rushed to Teli’s side.

'Teli, can you hear me? What happened?' No response. With the tendons standing out on his neck from the effort of holding the viciously struggling bound and gagged man, he formed another weave and sank it into her body.

Surrounded by liquid.

Warm, quiet, safe... Blind, but safe...

Home as much as home had ever been known.


Blaesius let out a tremulous breath- halfway between a sigh and a cry. That had been unexpected. What…? Teli shifted a bit, and he leaned in close.


'What?' But it was no use. There was nothing particularly wrong with her, apart from whatever it was the Delving had picked up. Perhaps a reason for her prolonged sickness but... no, he didn't want to think about that now. In any case, it seemed she had just fainted. Turning to his captive, it came to his notice that his obvious use of the Power had drawn a ring of onlookers.

'I am Aes Sedai. Be about your business, or face the wrath of the White Tower.' Scared, they scattered. Yellows weren't known for their diplomacy, thank the Light. Now...

'You, boy! Who are you and what have you done to my wife?' The irony of his own age in comparison to his captives’ was lost on him within the Void. He released the gag of Air but still held him suspended in bonds above the ground. 'Speak now, before I lose my temper!' The broad man grimaced and frowned thunderously down on Blaesius. There was silence for a moment, stretching thinly upon the tension of the air. Then…

'I am her Brother.'

Blaesius flinched.


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