Teli Telverin, Aes Sedai of the Grey Ajah
VIII: Of Brothers and Wives
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"I am her Brother," Dain said as he stared at the man, Aes Sedai, which proclaimed to be the husband of his little sister. "Aes Sedai or not, it must be something you have done to my sister. I didn't hurt her. She looks sickly. Something's wrong with her, or did you not notice? How could you call her wife, and not be by her side when she is walking around, obviously not able to take care of herself?" Dain spit these accusations out bitterly. He was about to say more, when he noticed that Teli, his little sister, had moved.

Teli moved her head slightly. She recognized two voices. Those two voices, they filled her senses. She opened her eyes, and was struck by a feeling of disorientation. It felt like the world had tipped on her. She looked up to see her Brother in the air. She looked back at Blaesius. Without thinking, Teli sat up quickly. Her stomach was disgruntled to be moved so quickly, and it took all her will not to lose the contents of her stomach in the middle of the road. With care, Teli stood slowly. She walked over to her brother. Without even looking behind her, she spoke to Blaesius.

"Blaesius, why do you have my brother bound?" Teli asked. She turned around then. "He didn't do anything to me. I was just surprised to see him. I guess it was just too much excitement." Teli gave a weak smile, and then turned back to her brother. As her brother was set back on the ground, Teli gave a smile, and then suddenly, shocking everyone, even herself, slapped her brother across the cheek. Anger flashed through her for a moment, and just as suddenly faded. "I am not a child, Dain. I do not wish to be picked up like one. I know I may still look young, but you know very well how old I am, big brother." Then, she threw her arms around him, and smiled. "I'm glad to see you. I've missed you, and Grace, and Mother. I can't believe it's been eighteen years!" Teli pulled out of the hug, and grabbed her brother's hand, and pulled him over to Blaesius. "I know you two didn't get off to a good start, but, Dain, let me introduce…."

Dain cut her off, "your husband. That's what he has claimed." He looked at his sister's red cheeks. "It's true then?" Teli nodded slowly. Dain's fists clenched slowly. Barely concealing his anger, he spoke again. "Let's go to my home to discuss this. We have drawn a large enough crowd as it is, because of your husband's display of the One Power." The word husband was filled with such malice that Teli blanched. He grabbed his sister's wrist and began to drag to her towards his home. Let that man follow them if he wished, but at the moment, he wanted to deal with his sister.

When they arrived, Dain opened the door, and led Teli inside. "Go sit down." Dain commanded. Teli did not obey. She stared at her brother.

"I don't want to sit down right now." Teli said, defying him. Dain glared at her for a moment, and then sighed.

"Fine, do whatever in Light you want." Dain said. "You just don't look well, and I'm worried about you. I'm afraid that he," Dain indicated Blaesius, "has hurt you."

Teli tried to say that she wasn't sick because of anything Blaesius had done, but when she tried to form the words, a feeling of pressure surrounded her. She couldn't tell a lie. She looked over at Blaesius with wide eyes. She mouthed to him, Why can't I say you didn't make me sick?

A woman in the doorway that led a young girl behind her, and was holding a younger child in her arms caught Teli's attention. Teli smiled at the woman. She knew who this must be. It was her brother's wife, Rynn.

"You must be Rynn." Teli said, and the woman nodded. "I've heard a lot about you."

"I've heard much about you as well," Rynn, "sister, Teli."

"But how are these two?" Teli asked, indicating the children.

"This shy one is named Laura, and this wee one is named Bryan." Rynn smiled.

Teli walked over to Laura, who quickly hid her face in her mother's skirt.

"Hello, Laura. I'm your Aunt Teli." Teli said. "Laura, do you want to see something cool?"

Laura slowly revealed her face, and nodded.

Teli held her palm flat, and channeled a weave of Fire so a ball was hovering over her hand.

Laura smiled, and went over to her.

"You must be very good with children. Laura doesn't usually go to anyone." Rynn said. Teli smiled at Rynn, and then turned back to Laura. She was about to pick her up, when her brother's hand fell on her shoulder.

"Why don't we have lunch, so we can discuss things?" Dain offered, and Teli nodded. Even though her stomach was upset, she was ravenously hungry.

When they were all settled at the table, and served, Teli just stared at her food, not wanting to risk eating something, and disturbing her stomach. Without thinking, Teli rubbed her stomach.

"Is your stomach bothering you, Teli?" Rynn asked.

"Yes, it has been for a while now." Teli said.

"I think I have just the tea!" Rynn said, as she stood. "Why don’t you follow me?"

Teli nodded and followed Rynn out of the room.

Rynn made a tea, and handed it to her.

"I know this works well for calming stomachs. I pretty much survived off of it during my pregnancy with Laura." Rynn said, and smiled. Teli looked at her for a moment, and then just put that comment on the back of her mind, and she drank the tea.

"Blaesius, I believe that's why my sister called you." Dain said. "What is wrong with my sister? I know that you did something out there on the street after you bound me. I think that you were trying to figure out what was wrong with her." Dain sighed. "I know that I haven't been very polite. I'm just worried about my sister. Do you think you could do that same thing again? I just want to know what's wrong with her." Dain pleaded with him. "I'll go get her, all right?"

Teli felt much better after drinking that tea. Now, she lay on a guest bed that was in her brother's home. Dain had told her that he wanted her to be checked over by Blaesius again, like he had in the street. She didn't know that Blaesius had Delved her before, when they were back on the street. Being Delved wasn't a problem for her. She might finally learn what was wrong with her. She looked up at Blaesius.

"What did you sense before, Blaesius? Dain says that he thinks you found something last time." Teli said. Suddenly tears filled her eyes. "Blaesius, I'm scared. I'm afraid that I have something serious. Please, just tell me what you find, no matter what it is. I know you can't lie, and I don't want you to try to comfort me if it is something bad." Teli bit her lip, and waited for Blaesius to Delve her again.

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